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Happy Ever After?

Edward and Bella have been in some tough times. When someone recognizes the Cullens don't age, what happens? Go along their journey of their life after Breaking Dawn.

This story was on Fanfiction.net, but i deleted that account a while ago. I decided to post this story here :) OH, and by the way...if you are a Jonas Brothers fan check me out at Jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.com. I use the same name. I would love reviews on my stories there, too.

1. Introduction

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Bella’s POV

Finally, Edward and I have a happy life together, forever. I couldn’t help but to put a big smile on my face.

Edward seemed to notice. “Why are you smiling?” He, of course, asked me this because he was not able to read my mind unless I allowed him to.

“Edward, I’m just excited for the life we have together.” I told him smiling even bigger than before.

Just then he came closer to me and held me in his arms, and he smelled better than before. “I’m excited, too.”

All of a sudden, I had a craving, a craving for blood. Like all other vampires, I had to hunt in order to quench my thirst. Unlike most vampires, I and the rest of the Cullen family were vegetarians, or vampires who only hunt animals. “Edward, can we go hunt soon?” I asked hoping that he would say yes.

Edward looked at me and he put on a very attractive smile. “Of course, How about we go this Saturday with some of the family?”

I wanted to go alone with him, but since we got forever I didn’t mind if we could use one Saturday with the family hunting. “Sure…I guess that’s fine with me.”

Edward noticed, by the tone of my voice that I wanted to go alone together. He was a pretty good guesser because I was like an “open book” that he could easily read. “If you really want to go alone, then just tell me because we haven’t even planned it with the family.”

I was happy that Edward saw it my way, but I was set on going with the family already. “Edward, its fine, I actually changed my mind and I want to go with the family.”

Edward immediately changed his expression to a serious one. “What will we do about Nessie? Where will she be?” He asked in a sort-of panicked way.

I was calm and I knew that Jacob could watch her while we hunt. “Edward, remember Jacob? He could easily watch her while we are away. He would take any opportunity to just be near her.”

“You are right.” Edward agreed with me and walked across to the other side of the room.

At that moment, Alice came running in. “I can’t believe we are going to go hunting together! You guys are so great! Don’t worry, I have already told everyone about it and they seemed ok and pretty excited about it.” She rambled on with a huge smile on her face.

Edward gave a small chuckle. “It’s so great to know that you already figured out the plans before we told you.”

Edward’s POV

I started to read through Alice’s mind and I noticed that she just got a vision.

(Vision) “Edward! How could you!” Bella shouted then slapped my arm

It was a strange vision and I immediately stopped reading Alice’s mind.

Alice returned back to normal and she looked at me with a glare. “Did you read my mind again?”

I was caught red-handed so I had to tell the truth. “Well…yes.”

Of course you always read my mind. Why can’t you just give me a break? Alice had a face that was between annoyed and mad.

Bella, suddenly, rushed to me. “Edward! How could you!” Bella shouted then slapped my arm.

“I saw that coming!” I said with a loud voice.

Bella smiled. “Let me guess, Alice had a vision about me slapping you?” she guessed very intelligently.

Alice looked at me like she was going to tell me something. OK, Edward. Let’s go. Tell Bella that she could spend some time with Jacob before we move.

“No.” I said with a very serious face on. "Not right now because she-"

Let me guess, she doesn't know! Edward, its either you tell her now, or I do. She needs to know so she could say goodbye to her friends and family. Also, you need to work something out with Jacob because of Nessy. You better handle this the right way and right now.

I didn’t want to tell Bella that we would have to move in a week because I knew she was going to be mad at me. It was wonderful that I had to leave this at last second. I looked up at Bella and she was staring at me again, like always. “Bella, we have to talk about something that is very serious.”

Bella had a confused face on so she probably meant ‘what?’ “What, Edward?” she asked.

“Let’s go talk in a different room. I think I would feel better if there was no negative influence in this room. ” I said with the most polite expression I could make without insulting Alice.

Negative Influence? Hah, Bella would still be angry at you for leaving this whole thing at last second. Whatever, I’m gone and you better make sure that you don’t hurt Bella while you do this! Even if se gets mad! Then Alice left the room.

“Ok, now since she’s gone. What did you want, Edward?” Bella asked with the most adorable face I have seen. I didn’t want that face to be replaced so easily with an angered face, but I knew that I had to do this.

“Bella, something came up and well, we have to move out of forks.” I told her trying to not make her cry.

Bella’s POV

We have to move! God that’s great! “Why do we have to move?” I asked very confused and curious at the same time.

Edward had a disappointed smile on his face. “It had come into account that some people have been noticing that we do not age. You can say goodbye to your father and your other friends, but we really have to go. The sooner we leave, the bigger the chance our secret will stay a secret.”

Ok…Jacob would kill me. If he didn’t, then Renesme would. I was so confused. I had to tell Jacob something. He would definitely notice if we just left spontaneously. “Edward, what will I tell Jacob? You know that he imprinted on her. Well, everyone knows, but he won’t like it when we move and take Nessy with us. I won’t like it when we move and don’t take Nessy with us. This is a bad situation.” I rambled on to Edward hoping he would catch every word I just said.

Edward slowly came closer to me. “It will be all right. I will try to work something out with Jacob. Just tell him to meet up with me in the forest, tonight. If he tries to do anything bad to me, we will just leave immediately. Tell him that.”

I looked at Edwards’s face which was the most beautiful thing I have seen other than Renesme. “Do I have to go right now?” I asked wondering why he would send me to deliver a message when he could so easily do it himself.

“Yes, Bella, please go now.” Edward said with a face that convinced me to go.

I left the room and started to head over to Jacob’s place. I just hope he would be in a good mood and, at least, consider what Edward had planned to do.

Jacob’s POV

“Jacob! Jacob, get me and Charlie another beer.” Billy shouted at me. He seemed to be really enjoying the new TV that the Cullens gave to us. I told them that we didn’t need it, but Billy seemed to be persistent and he gladly accepted it. I think it was to make Billy approve of them more and it definitely worked.

“All right, all right, I’m coming.” I called out to them grabbing two cans of beer and going to the living room with it. “Here.” I said handing them each a can of beer.

Charlie seemed to be really quiet today, and he just mumbled when I gave him his can. I had to wonder if something was wrong. I was confused, but I decided to go outside, so I could avoid whatever they were going to do next. I was lonely and all I was doing was looking at the road just expecting something to come.

Suddenly, a very fast figure approached and stopped dead in front of me. It was Bella. “Bella, what are you doing here?” I asked confused but happy because she hasn’t been at my house for a while now.

Bella looked disappointed. “Jacob, I have news. Edward wants to have a talk with you in the forest.”

I was really confused. Why would Edward suddenly want to talk to me? Why now? I had to figure out why. “What? Tell me when, and why.” I demanded wanting to know.

Bella sighed and then she said, “Tonight, at twilight.” Then she immediately ran off before I could even take a second chance to hear what she said. All I could make out was twilight. It probably meant tonight.

Edward’s POV

“Where is she? Did Jacob do something to her? Cause if he did, that would have been the last thing he ever did.” I said panicking and pacing back and forth.

“Edward” someone called out and I immediately put my head up. It’s just me, Emmett. Anyway you need to calm down about Bella. You know that Jacob won’t even dare to lay a finger on Bella if he knew he was going to hurt her. If you don’t calm down now, I will make Jasper calm you down.

At that moment, I stopped panicking. I was still worried but I tried to not show it so that Emmett won't have to bring Jasper in this situation. Tonight was going to be an interesting night, and I had to figure out what to tell Jacob. I looked at Rosalie and she was having fun and playing with Renesme. Renesmee looked like she was about eight or nine years old. Then Renesmee saw me looking at her. "Dad, do you want to join me and Auntie Rose?" She asked.

I didn't want to join them because I had things to do. I had to let her down easy so that she won't be too sad. "Sorry Nessy, Daddy has to do something when your mother gets back which will be in a few minutes." I said like a very responsible father figure.

Nessie just smiled and returned to playing with complaining one bit. She probably understood what I meant. A few seconds later, Bella appeared right in front of my eyes. "Edward, I told him, I would have stayed a little bit longer, but I could smell my dad's scent there and I didn't want to tell him while he was with Jacob."

"Ok, everything is settled, now. I have to go get ready for tonight." I said leaving the room to head to my bedroom. I had some time to think of what I was going to say.