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Happy Ever After?

Edward and Bella have been in some tough times. When someone recognizes the Cullens don't age, what happens? Go along their journey of their life after Breaking Dawn.

This story was on Fanfiction.net, but i deleted that account a while ago. I decided to post this story here :) OH, and by the way...if you are a Jonas Brothers fan check me out at Jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.com. I use the same name. I would love reviews on my stories there, too.

2. The Talk

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Jacob’s POV

It was dark outside. I was guessing that it was time to head over to the forest. I wasn’t sure if I had to phase into my wolf form for this or if I didn’t have to. I had to trust the better judgment of my instincts which was to phase, but knowing Bella, she would not like me to do it this way. So my decision to phase was overrun by a memory of Bella.

I exited my house and started to walk over to the forest. I was in no hurry to get there. By the time I reached the forest, I decided to go faster. I was dodging the trees that were coming closer to me as I ran. When I saw Edward in view, I immediately stopped. He was motionless, and he was staring at me. He could probably read what I was thinking so I just decided to tell him something through my thoughts. Edward, what is the reason of pulling me out of my house and making us talk?

He came closer to me and I was in defense form, just in case. “There’s no need for that.” Edward said noticing what I just did. He came even closer and then stopped. “Jacob, this is something serious and we have to work it out.” Edward told me making no sense at all.

I came to a decision which was to just think, for now, and Edward would easily read my mind. “No, that’s not a good idea. I want to talk to you the normal way.” Edward spoke up reading what I just thought.

I looked at him. Why. Then he gave me a stare which I regret of ever thinking that. “Fine, what do you have to tell me that is so important?” I asked even though I thought my plan was way better than his.

Edward looked the other way and took a few steps. “It’s about my whole family. We have to move.” He said and then paused.

I was shocked. I didn’t expect that to come out of his mouth. But, everyone has to move? “Yes, Jacob, everyone in the family is going to move in a week.” Edward answered me after reading my mind.

I couldn’t believe that they were actually going to move and take Renesmee with them. I mean, Renesmee takes up most of my life. She is, practically, my life. I couldn’t bear it. I didn’t want to lose her.

Edward turned to me and it looked like he felt sorry for me. He walked a little closer to me and we were only about six feet away from each other. Then he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Jacob, I’m sorry that this whole thing had to come up. You can visit us if you want.”

That would be ok if I visited them but where would they move to? My pack would probably not even approve of me frequently leaving La Push just to visit Renesmee.

“Yes, they would, Jacob. Some of them know how it’s like to imprint on someone. They would understand your case.”

The thing is I didn’t want her to move. I didn’t want to just visit her every so often. I wanted to be with her all the time, or most of the time. I wanted to protect her, hold her, and make her happy. She moving away would not make this easier for me. Edward seemed to be listening to my thoughts again because I saw him fully concentrated on me.

Edward gave a sigh and started to pace back and forth like he was thinking hard or like he was about to tell me something. He was doing that for a couple of minutes then he suddenly stopped and looked at me. “Jacob, why don’t you come with us? If you want to stay with Renesmee, then come with us.” Edward suggested and then he kept staring at me for an answer or reply.

I was happy and a little bit scared of what he just offered. I was happy because then I would spend my whole time with Renesmee. I was scared because my pack would be very furious if I wanted to move. “Jacob, go discuss it with your pack, while I discuss it with my family.” Edward said and left immediately. I couldn’t help but to wonder how this would all turn out.

Edward’s POV

I reached the house in a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure how the family was going to react to what I just did. I was positive that Renesmee would gladly accept me doing this, but would the rest of them do the same?

When I entered the house, I saw Renesmee, Bella, and Rosalie. Renesmee put on an immense smile when she saw me. “Daddy, I’m so glad that you are home.” She said running to me and giving me a hug.

I stroked her head and picked her up in my arms. “Want to see what we did while you were gone?” Renesmee asked me with the cutest voice I have ever heard. I nodded my head and she put her hand on my cheek and I started to see visions. Rosalie, Bella, and Renesmee playing hide and seek, all of them making homemade jewelry, and last, but not least, every one of them was watching a movie.

After that, Renesmee took her hand off and put yet, another grin on her face. I was so blessed and happy to have a child exactly like her. I put Renesmee down and she ran to her mother. It was the time I had to tell everyone that Jacob could be coming with us. “I need everyone in the family room, right now.” I said loudly enough so that everyone in the house could hear me.

Everyone seemed to react so fast that in the next minute because they were all in the family room. They’re thoughts were filling the room. What is it Edward? What do you want? Is it important? Why now? Can this wait? I had to tell them right now without any interruptions. “You know how we are moving. I told Jacob that he could come with us if he wanted to stay with Renesmee. What do you guys think of that?” I told them wishing that they would be fine with it.

Every single person was nodding their head in approval, except for Rosalie, who put on a nasty frown. She really looked angry that I did that. I knew that she wasn’t too fond of Jacob, but for the sake of Renesmee, I had to go through with this.

Suddenly, Rosalie stood up and she was about to leave the room. Carlisle noticed and stopped her, by running in front of her. “Carlisle, can you please step aside. I wish to go to my room.” Rosalie asked him but he still didn’t move. Instead he put a hand on her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. NO, Carlisle. I want to be in my room, for crying out loud!

I was confused; Carlisle couldn’t read minds, unless Rosalie didn’t want him to hear it. I walked over to Rosalie, and she looked at me with a glare. “How could you do this?” Rosalie spat at me with a furious face on.

I gave a small sigh. “Rosalie, just give it a try. He doesn’t have to be in the same side of the house with you. You will learn to like and accept him like I did.” I told her trying to make her think it over and give Jacob a second chance.

Rosalie gave a huff and she walked away. I’ll think it over in my room. At least, I tried and that’s all that mattered to me.

I turned back to see Renesmee confused. “Dad, we are moving, and Jacob might come with us?” she said in a way that was a question.

Before I was about to answer, Bella did. “Yes, honey, we are going to move. Jacob will come with us if he wants to.” Bella told Renesmee trying to explain everything that happened in a couple of sentences.

Renesmee ran around the room rejoicing. “Jacob’s going to live with us! Jacob’s going to live with us!” she shouted joyfully.

“I just hope it went well with Jacob and his pack.” I told everyone.

“But, I don’t get this. Who found out about us?” Bella asked out of the blue.

“The Newtons. They were keeping a very close eye on us for a while. Too bad we underestimated them. They would spill our secret if we didn’t leave. We can’t risk ourselves saying goodbye to them.” I answered Bella. She seemed a little sad that her friend would turn on her.