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Happy Ever After?

Edward and Bella have been in some tough times. When someone recognizes the Cullens don't age, what happens? Go along their journey of their life after Breaking Dawn.

This story was on Fanfiction.net, but i deleted that account a while ago. I decided to post this story here :) OH, and by the way...if you are a Jonas Brothers fan check me out at Jonasbrothersfanfictionarchive.com. I use the same name. I would love reviews on my stories there, too.

3. Informed

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Jacob’s POV

It was the following morning. I had plans to go and meet Sam. The only way to ask him about moving with the Cullens was to do it face to face. He would probably disagree with the entire arrangement, but I had no way of knowing unless I actually asked him.

It was around noon, and it was pretty close to the time that we had set. Billy was watching TV, again, in the living room, but this time he did not have Charlie to accompany him.

I felt bad for leaving Billy all alone, but it was time Rachel would have to take care of him. I knew that she would be fine to do it, but would my dad approve of me leaving? Would he truly accept the fact that I would be moving?

I knew that I didn’t have to worry about this because I wasn’t exactly sure that I was parting my ways with him. I had to have Sam’s approval first. As I was about to walk through the door, Billy shouted out, “Jacob, where are you going?”

I was so close to getting out of the house without telling him anything. I knew that my father would be anticipating an answer so I had to go to the living to tell him.

“I am going to meet up with Sam.”

My father put on a confused face and he scratched his head. “What for?”

“It’s strictly between the both of us for now. I could tell you about it after, when I come back.” I responded to him.

“Oh, then you best be off. You don’t want to miss your thing with Sam.” Billy said and then he turned his head back to the TV.

I was grateful that he didn’t entirely ask questions about my plans. I, quickly, got out of the house and started to walk over to the place Sam and I both had agreed to meet. I didn’t want to phase into my wolf form because I was afraid if I leaked information about moving with the Cullens. This whole thing would be much easier if Sam didn’t know until I told him about it. The problem was that he might get too shocked and take it the wrong way but it was worth a shot to have a chance to stay with Renesmee.

As I was getting closer and closer to the destination, I was thinking over what I was going to tell Sam and how I was going to calm him down if he overreacted. When I saw Sam in my view, I knew that I had arrived.

We both froze at the sight of each other. Neither of us wanted to be the first to move. I decided that nothing was going to be accomplished if I just stood there, so I walked over to Sam, slowly.

As I was about to reach Sam, he walked the rest of the way to me. “What is it, Jacob?”

“It’s about the Cullens, me, and the pack.” I responded quickly watching my words

Suddenly Sam put on a curious face on and seemed to be paying more attention to me. “What about it?”

I didn’t know how to word it out because I was nervous. My decision was to just say whatever came to my head and hope for the best. “You know how I imprinted on Renesmee, well, the Cullens have to…move…and they are taking Nessie with them. I want to be with her at all times. The only way to do that is to…”

“Move with them.” Sam finished with a blank expression on his face that didn’t give off what emotion he was feeling at the moment.

I was scared of what he was going to do next. Of course, I didn’t know what to expect while he his face was expressionless. All I had to do is wait for his answer.

Sam walked around in a circle two times and then he paused, and did the same thing again. After he was done going into circles, he came over to me. “We will have a poll with everyone in the pack. This way, everyone gets a say in this big decision. That’s settled then. The poll will be tomorrow. I have to go right now, Goodbye Jacob.”

Immediately Sam ran into the darkness and he left me alone. I was confused. Sam didn’t kill me and he left it all on the whole pack to decide. This time, I was positive that I wasn’t sure if I was going to move. It could go either way for me; either I stay and have some of the pack be angry at me for considering leaving, or I go and have some of the pack angry that I left. It was a two-way loss.

Bella’s POV

“Right now, do I, actually have to go and do this right now?” I complained.

“Yes, Bella, Charlie deserves to know that we are moving. If you do this now, then, you would have it over and done with. So, get up to it and leave, now.” Edward told me.

I didn’t want to do it, but, like always, Edward seemed to convince me to go through with almost anything. I nodded my head and left the house. I ran all the way to Charlie’s house. It only took me less than a couple of minutes to reach there. I stood on the front step for what seemed like five minutes, and then I knocked on the door three times.

“Who’s there?” Charlie called out in response

“It’s me, Bella. We need to talk.” I answered him

Charlie didn’t hesitate to open the door because, in an instant, the door flung open. Charlie appeared to be happy to see me because he came over to me and gave me a hug. This made me feel even worse knowing that I would have to bring him bad news. After he finished hugging me, he walked back into the house.

“Come in, Bella, and take a seat on the couch.” He insisted

I walked in the house and I noticed that nothing really changed except the pictures of Renée. Instead of him having pictures of Renee, he had pictures of his current girlfriend, Paula. I was thought Paula was a great person. She made my dad feel better about him, and they had great times together. The day Charlie and Paula met, which was a few months ago, seemed like the day Charlie finally moved on from loving Renée.

Charlie came over and sat in his chair while I went to sit on the couch. When we were both settled in, I knew that I had to tell him now before he got too happy with my stay here.

“Charlie, it came the time where my family and Edward’s family had to move in order to protect our secret.” I told him

Charlie looked hurt, but not as much as I thought. He was a little more understanding than I had imagined him to be. It was strange, but at least he wasn’t too miserable.

“I knew this day was coming. I was dreading it, but I didn’t think that it would come this fast.”

“I’m so sorry dad…”

“No, no, no, you don’t have to be sorry. I understand that if you don’t leave your life might be at stake. All of your lives may be at stake. I just wish that we would have spend a little more time together before this happened.”

I was happy that he was aware of the consequences that were to happen if we didn’t move, however I was still upset for leaving him like this.

“I know, dad, I know…”

We were both silent and motionless for a while and it looked like neither one of us wanted to change what we were doing. After quite some time Charlie fidgeted and then he put on a strange face.

“What if…you come visit me from time to time? We could stay in touch and I really don’t want to lose my baby girl.” Charlie suggested with a very persuasive face.

It made me feel uncomfortable that he asked me this out of the blue, and that he called me his baby girl. I didn’t know how to respond to this. I wanted him to be happy and the only way as to say ‘yes.’

“I think, if we could, that would be a good idea.” I answered him hoping he would not catch my little white lie.

Charlie’s face instantly, changed to a more cheerful expression. He jumped off the chair and ran to me to give me another hug, so I stood up.

“Thank you very much, Bella, you made my day.”

He kept on hugging me and I could feel his joy running through his veins. I could smell that delicious blood. It smelled good, and I wanted to taste it. Right before I bit Charlie on the neck, I realized what I was doing and I ran away from him. I ran as fast as I could. I ran all the way to the Cullen house and I walked inside. Immediately Alice ran to me when she saw me.

“Bella, I had a vision about you.”

I was curious of what that vision was. “What is it about?”

“It was about Charlie…turning into a vampire.” Alice said surprisingly

At the moment Alice finished her sentence, everyone in the room froze.

“Bella, in the vision, you turned Charlie into a vampire.” Alice told me.

After she said that, I was scared. How could I turn my own father into a vampire? I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Suddenly, Carlisle ran up to me. “Did you really turn your father into one of us?” he asked concerned.

“No, that’s absurd, but I was about to bite him at his house. Right before my teeth dove into his skin, I ran off. I was afraid and I didn’t know what to do except come back here. Charlie is still probably at his home wondering why I left unexpectedly.” I explained to all of them hoping that they would believe everything I said.

They all looked relieved by the expression on their faces. Everyone in the house, except for me, was calm. I was worried that Alice’s vision predicted something that would happen later on. I walked over to the bench and I sat on it. A few moments later, Edward came over and sat next to me. He looked at me with his perfect face.

“How did Charlie take the news?” He asked casually like nothing happened.

“He was fine with it. He wanted us to visit him every so often, so we could stay in touch.” I told him.

Edward put on a perplexed expression that looked very attractive to me. “What? We can’t visit him.”

“Why not?” I asked wondering what his answer could be and if it was good enough.

“Because if we show our faces again in this town, it would cause some unwanted attention for us and for Charlie. I am doing this out of the safety for us and him.”

It was a good enough answer for me, for now. I started to think about where we would be moving. The more I though about it, the more I began to realize that I had absolutely no clue where we were moving in the first place. It made me feel much uninformed.

“Edward, by the way, where exactly are we moving to?” I asked.

Instead of answering me, he just sat there puzzled. Because he wasn’t giving me a response, I asked him the same question again. After asking the second time, he didn’t answer me, and he stood up and walked out of the room. It made me feel confused. I didn’t know what was happening. I had to know the answer, so I walked over to Alice. When I reached her and I was about to ask her, she, also, left the room. I tried to ask Rosalie, Emmet, and Jasper, but they were still doing the same thing. Finally, when I walked over to Esme, she didn’t leave me.

“Esme, do you know where we are moving?” I asked quickly before she could move any part of her body. In a surprise, Esme actually answered me. “Yes, I do know where we are going.”

I was so happy and thankful that she didn’t just walk out on me. “Well, where exactly is it?” I asked hoping that she would answer me.

“Mobile, Alabama. It’s a very rainy town and that’s a very resourceful thing about it.” Esme told me.

I had no knowledge of that city. I didn’t even know where it was on the map. I didn’t know if it was a big city, or a small city, like forks. I wasn’t sure if there was a park or some kind of forest so we could all hunt. Most likely, everyone, except for me, knew everything there was to know about Mobile.

“Esme, can you care to explain everything to me? I want to know everything about the move.”

Esme walked over to me and she put her hand on my shoulder. It looked like she was trying to figure something out in her head before she spoke. Out of the blue, she gave a sigh.

“Ok, I will tell you. Edward wanted to do this, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to do it soon. Since it seems that you want to know everything about Mobile and the move right now, there is no choice left nut to tell you.”

Esme walked over to the other side of the room and she took a seat on the couch and looked at me. She looked like she regretted what she had done, but I was pleased with myself that I would finally get to know something.

“Mobile is one of the rainiest cities in the country. Some of us wanted to move out of the country to be safer, but Edward seemed to want to stay in the U.S. The family and I didn’t know his reason but we agreed to stay in the country. Well, like I told you before, mobile is one of the rainiest cities in the country and that’s where we all decided to go. Alice, Edward and you would go to your second year of high school, while Rosalie, Emmet, and Jasper would go to their third year. We all wanted to start at early ages so that we could stay even longer. Carlisle got a job as a local doctor, which wasn’t that hard to do. Renesmee will stay in the house all the time until her frequent aging has stopped. If Jacob does come, he will do as he wishes.”

I was not only amazed that Esme explained everything to me, but that she gave an extremely long speech. I was delighted that I have learned everything to know about the move and I was going to make sure to know why Edward avoided telling me this.

“Thank you, Esme. That was very generous of you. By the way, do you know where Renesmee is?”

“She is the TV room upstairs.” Esme told me, and then she left the room and she entered a different room.

I stood up and I headed up to the room Renesmee was in. When I entered it, I saw her and Jacob sitting on the couch watching T.V.

“Jacob? When did you get here?” I asked being very confused. Renesmee was quick and she answered before he did. “Mommy, he snuck in. Don’t tell daddy, it’s a secret!”

Of course, Edward could have killed him, if he did catch him. I was not surprised in the panic in her voice. Since Jacob was here, I took the opportunity to ask him about the meeting.

“Jacob, how did the whole thing go? Did it work out? Are you coming?”

Jacob’s expression turned serious and I wasn’t sure if it was a good kind or the bad kind. “Sam decided to have a poll with the whole pack tomorrow. That’s when I find out if I am going or not.”

“That sucks; anyway, I just came here to check in on Nessie. I hope you guys are doing well. I best be off to go find Edward.” I told them.

They nodded and I left the room to go on a hunt for my husband.

Edward’s POV

I hope she isn’t mad at me. That would be the last thing I want her to be. As I sit here, alone, in my old room, I’m wondering why I haven’t told her anything. I decided that I wanted to listen to some music, so I stood up and walked over to the pile of CD’s. It took me a while to pick what I wanted, and when I turned around I saw Bella standing in front of me.

“Bella, what are you doing here?” I asked her putting the CD back into the pile.

Bella put on a gentle smile, and then she became more serious. “Edward, I wanted to know how come you didn’t tell me anything about Mobile, and yes I know everything, now. Esme informed me.”

I knew this was coming to me but I didn’t know that it would be right now. “Bella, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I paused and then I spoke again. “Please, why don’t you forgive me?”

Bella looked stubborn, but when I deeply looked into her eyes, it looked like I had won. “Fine, as long as you promise to not keep these kinds of things away from me.”

I put my hand over my heart. “I promise with all my heart.”

Bella smiled and walked over to me. She gave me a hug and I didn’t want to let her go. I stroked her hair and then she gave me a kiss on my cheek. I was happy that Bella was in a good mood. After what happened, I was lucky she wasn’t even angry at me.

“So…” Bella spoke up breaking the silence, “where are we going hunting, tomorrow?”

“Where ever you wish, my love.” I said sweetly.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I loved to hunt with Bella. She was so majestically elegant. I was just longing to see the way she hunted.