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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Jacob stops Bella from cliff diving. Alice never sees it, Rosalie doesn't call Edward. Edward decides to come back anyway, to check on Bella. What will he hear when he listens in on her sleep-talk? Will he reveal himself to Bella?

Obviously, if this was of my creation, I would be famous. And I'm not. So, no, I don't own anything.

2. Chapter 1: BPOV: Dinner

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The air rushed by me as I stood on the top looking down. I wondered what it would feel like to let myself go. Before I could jump, a car horn sounded off behind me. It shocked me, and I turned to see who it could be.

“Jake!” A pleasant surprise. Not my first choice, but he was about third. Right behind Ed-him and Alice. But they would never come back for me, so I guess Jake was about as good as it got. I raced to the passenger side and slid into his car. He barely fit, what with the growth spurt he was going through.

“Bella, would you like to have dinner with me?”

It sounded good. I was a little hungry, so what the heck. “Sure, why not?” I smiled and he put his foot to the accelerator.

The ride there was quiet, but that was fine by me. A little while later we stopped at a plain building simply labeled DINER. I hopped out of the car and Jake followed.

We slid into a booth at the request of a waitress. She was a blond girl, and she looked right out of high school. I wonder if she ever went to school with Jake. She smiled at both of us and gave us our menus.

Jake glanced at it. “Give me everything on here.”

I took a moment to look through. Of course, the specialty was a veggie burger. A wave of pain shot through me. Vegetarian. It was practically crippling. I looked down the rest of the menu and couldn’t help but pick out the word meat. I decided on a harmless basket of French fries. They wouldn’t remind me of the past. I passed my order on to the waitress. Jake’s food started coming out almost immediately. I gaped at the mountain of food in front of him.

“Can you actually eat all that?”

“Yeah. This,” He said, gesturing to the entire spread, “gives me about as much food as those French fries will give you.”

I stared. It was incredible. I picked up a few French fries and worked my way through them slowly. I ate the last one and looked up at Jake. Nothing remained in front of him except for a few empty plates.

“Anyways, Bells, I had something I wanted to ask you about.” He looked almost nervous. And rather impatient.

“Well, spit it out then.” I wondered what could be that interesting for him.

“Do you still love him?”

I gasped. That was crossing the line. I couldn’t talk about Ed-him. Pain ripped through my torso. Stupid werewolf. I thought he understood.

“Yes, I will never stop loving him. He is still my life.”

“Why? Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that there are other guys out there?”

“He remains far superior to all of my possible choices.”

“HE LEFT YOU! HOW CAN YOU STILL LOVE HIM?” Jake had raised his voice to the level of an average debate. Damn. I didn’t want to bring this subject up, and especially not like this.

“I will always love him, Jake. He is the only one I can see.”

“Would it hurt to try something new?”

“Like what?” I'm sure I sounded very doubtful.

“Like this.” And he leaned over and began to kiss me. I pushed him away. Why could he not take rejection? I thought he was smart.

“JAKE! STOP IT! GET AWAY FROM ME AND DON’T EVER TRY TO KISS ME AGAIN!” It was good the diner was almost deserted. I always did hate to make a scene. I stalked out and got in the driver’s seat of his Rabbit. The keys were in the ignition, and I drove myself home. I called Jake and told him he could get his car later and I left it parked by my house. I also mentioned that he should give me at least a day to calm down before even trying to call me back.

I stalked up to my room, telling Charlie that I needed to blow off some steam. He accepted it and backed off, probably not wanting me to take it out on him.

I threw myself on my bed, still quietly seething from the conversation. Jake had been my safe harbor, and he had just crossed the line. That was a taboo topic; he knew that. Or at least, he should have. I suddenly realized how tired I was from my crazy day. It just all set in at once, and I yawned before slipping into sleep.