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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Jacob stops Bella from cliff diving. Alice never sees it, Rosalie doesn't call Edward. Edward decides to come back anyway, to check on Bella. What will he hear when he listens in on her sleep-talk? Will he reveal himself to Bella?

Obviously, if this was of my creation, I would be famous. And I'm not. So, no, I don't own anything.

3. Chapter 2: EPOV: Sleep Talk

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I raced through the forest, cursing myself for being weak and coming back to her. She probably has a great boyfriend, who doesn’t endanger her life every second. Ouch. That thought really hurt. And here I had thought I was immune to the pain.

The forests of Forks seemed to welcome me back. The beautiful green trees surrounded me and reminded me of her. Well, everything reminded me of her. Particularly the gorgeous scenery of her home. I raced through the trees, with only one thought prevalent in my mind… Bella. Bella. Bella. Her name became my heartbeat, the only thing that drove me forward. I was running faster than I ever had before.

I got to her house late that evening. By my clock, she should be at the sleep talking stage… I slid into her room via window. It felt so familiar. Why had I left again? I could think of nothing I wanted more than to be with Bella. Forever. Of course, the one way that could be was to strip her of her humanity. But that doesn’t matter, because I’m sure she doesn’t want me anymore. She’s moved on. Whose name would she dream about? Whose name would pass her flawless lips as she lay there, sleeping? Perhaps it was Mike Newton. I certainly hoped not, his mind was vile. I waited attentively.

“Jake!” The angel has spoken. I wonder who Jake is. Hopefully he’s good for her… She sounds pretty happy; however, she doesn’t sound like she’s in love. Wishful thinking. I’m sure she loves him very much.

“Of course I still love him.” Almost as if she heard my question. She sounds… sad. Forlorn. Why would she sound forlorn about her new boyfriend?

“He is superior.” Again, the sad tones. It’s very cryptic… What does she mean? She sounds so sad about her love.

“No. Stop it, Jake. I don’t want you to kiss me.” She doesn’t want him to kiss her? I am officially confused. Isn’t Jake her new boyfriend?

“Edward. I love you, Edward. No. Stop. Don’t leave me. No, don’t leave me. Please… Come back to me!” She is getting very distressed. I heard Charlie getting up. His thoughts only added to my confusion…Bella seems restless again. Probably the same nightmare about him. I better go check on her. It is painfully obvious to whom Charlie is referring. None other than yours truly. I quickly jump back out the window and contemplate while Charlie calms Bella down.

Does she really mean that she loves me? My dead heart leaps out of my chest at this thought. I shy away from the thought, however, because she probably hates me. I don't want to hope and be disappointed. My phone buzzes from my pocket. I sigh. It must be Alice. I check the caller ID, and sure enough, it is my favorite sister.

“Hello, Alice.” I knew she was just bursting with excitement. Wait for it… Wait for it…

“Why, hey there Edward! Why didn’t you tell me? I was so excited when I had the vision! Why haven’t you talked to her yet? She needs you and you need her! So what are you waiting for?” It could definitely be a pain having a sister who didn’t need to breathe.

“I knew you would find out. I can’t talk to her yet. She most likely hates me. I just can’t talk to her.” Alice was going to kill me for this.

“We’re coming back to Forks officially. I called and the hospital would love to have Carlisle back. They’re quite excited. We’re reenrolled, so that’s all good. We’ll be back tonight. And of course we’ll be back at school tomorrow. So you might want to warn Bella.” Scratch the theory of Alice killing me. I was going to kill her. “Oh, and Edward, Jasper will get you first.” Of course. Stupid psychic.

“Good-bye, Alice.”

“See you soon, Edward!” The line ended. I couldn’t believe Alice’s solution. We couldn’t come back! I would have to break it to Bella. How to go about that? Charlie had left to go back to his room and he had already fallen asleep. I climbed back through her window. If she was asleep, I could leave her a note. If she was awake, I could talk to her.

I peered through the window. She was curled up on her bed, looking sad but definitely awake. I wonder if she would respond to me or not. What the heck. I would give it a shot.