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Eternal Ball

Post Breaking Dawn

Renesme & Jacob

1. Chapter 1

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“Mom, I don’t walk to talk about it, “she moaned. There was a pause and then she continued, “Yes, it was very embarrassing and I think you of all people would be with me on this thing.” Her face was already turning scarlet as blood suffused her cheeks. “Mom, no, I don’t want to come home this weekend. I want to know more about Charlie mom; what are you going to do?” Another pause, “No, don’t put dad on, I don’t …. “ She growled, “Grrr, Mom no ....” The young woman’s head dipped in surrender. “Hi Dad, yes I miss you too.” She responded sadly.

“No, dad I do really miss you; it’s just a hassle calling you guys though.” She responded acerbically. Another pause, “Yes Jacob is fine,” she sighed. Suddenly, snapping up her head up she bit back, “Enough with dog jokes dad, it does hurt his feelings you know.”

She picked up a can of Mountain Dew and drained it as she listened, wincing slightly at its barely passable flavor. “Ok, look, give my love to the family; tell mom that Charlie is in my prayers.” Pause, “No I don’t want to, but I will.” Pause, “Ok. Love you.” Pause, “Bye now.” Pause, “No, no it’s ok.” Pause, “No, I don’t have time talk to Aunt Alice now, but I will send her an Email when I get a chance.” Pause, “Bye bye,” the young woman hung the phone up dramatically.

A young Native American man wearing reading glasses was holding a book in his lap as he sat upright in bed. He appeared to be reading until the phone was closed. Then he looked up at her with a bemused grin. “Wow,” he mouthed at her. She turned to him then, “I know, right? It’s like my parents haven taken it upon themselves to drive me insane.”

He beckoned her to him. She slid across the bed to accept a gentle kiss. “Better?” he queried slyly. Another sigh, “Lovely now, thanks Jacob.” He smiled back, “Any time, Ness.” They cuddled for a time before she pulled a laptop up and began emailing her aunt.

Dear Aunt Alice,

I got the beautiful dress you sent me; it fits perfectly by the way and it looks amazing on me. I am looking forward to wearing it at the Eternal Ball. Is this going to be an annual thing, how many vamps are coming? Mom tells me that you are browbeating her into learning ballroom dancing. Is there a tux that will fit Jacob at the house, perhaps Uncle Emmit? We also got the round trip tickets you sent us, thanks for that too. : )

Keep us up to date with Charlie’s condition, let me know what mom is going to do.

We are both happy healthy and very busy right now.

Love You, Renesme.

After a bit more finger work on the laptop the email was transmitted and she closed the laptop and put it on the bedside table. Turning back to Jacob, she found him asleep and she groaned. Flopping down on her bed she turned out her light and went to sleep.