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Edward Anthoney Masen transforming into Edward Cullen. His struggles and descions. pre-twilight Please please please reveiw tell me it sux tell me you love it tell me how your day went tell me anything!!!!! I don't care if it's if you prefer McDonald's over Burgar King! You can even just use one word please!!!!!!! thank you


1. Birth~Edward

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The pain ripes through my throat and ripples through my body.

My eyes once green but now blazin red staring back at me.

The monster unleashes and sends my fist into the reflection I know not.

A million monster eyes shatter to the ground, yet again stares back at me.

This thirst roars and fights for blood, but my heart will not destroy my father's honor.

This heart.

This heart pumps no blood, no warmth, just sits, mocking normal hearts, wasting space.

I have but no one to love.

Just one bite,taste he won't care.

I should just own up to the true beast that I am.

No, I will rise and laugh at this beast that fate has heaved upon me.

I will rise with gold eyes.