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My Beloved Werewolf

105 years have passed since Renesmee left Jacob Black in Forks. Now the Cullens have come back and Renesmee is unaware that Jacob is still alive. But she soon finds out about his presence. What will happen between them? Thnx to TheRealCullen for her being an awesome person! make sure to read and review and hers after u read mine!!! =]

DISCLAIMER: All Charachters beong to the outstanding Stephaine Meyer! (except the ones i make up!)

1. Memories

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105 years have passes since I’ve lived in my hometown, Forks. My grandparents, Carlisle and Esme, decided that it was time to move on, so we moved away from Forks. For the past 105 years, we have been living with Tanya and her family. But we haven’t gone to the same school every time. We frequently moved around Alaska.

Today my dad, Edward, announced that someone was getting suspicious about my family, the Cullens. So that means we are moving back to Forks, since everyone we knew that lived there is dead by now.

I was packing up my things in Tanya’s guest house, which my family and I have been living, when my mom, Bella knocked on my door.

"Hey Renesmee. How are you doing on packing?" my mom asked.

"Um, pretty good, actually. I’m almost done. I only have to pack up a few more clothes that Aunt Alice gave me for Christmas." I answered.

Honey, are you sure that you want to go back to Forks? Because if you’re not ready, I could always ask you father..." my mother trailed off.

"Mom, I’m fine. You really should stop worrying about me."

"Sorry, my motherly instincts took over me for a second. It’s kind of hard not to worry."my mom said apologetically.

"It’s okay mom."

"Ok. I was just making sure that you were okay with going back to a place with some many memories with-"

I’m fine with going back!" I exclaimed, cutting my mom off before she could remind me anything sad.

"Well then I guess I’ll let you finish packing." my mom said as she left the room.

I truly was okay with moving back to Forks. Yes, it would be a tad painful, but I’ll have to get over it. But I couldn’t help the tiny bit of hope that Jacob could still be alive. I tried to get rid of that hope, but it never went away. I don’t want to have any, because it was my choice to leave Jacob behind in Forks in the first place. I still feel very sad about breaking his heart that day ever so long ago. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

Jacob and I were walking down the First Beach in La Push. Jacob was talking about his best friends, Quil and Embry.

"Quil and Embry have been getting in a lot of trouble lately. It’s really funny to watch. You should have been with us the other day, when..." Jacob said before I tuned him out. I was usually fascinated by everything he said. But today was different, because I had a lot of stuff on my mind. Like, how I was supposed to tell Jacob that I could no longer stay in Forks, and that he had to stay behind, without me. This would be very hard for me to say.

"Um Jake. I have something to tell you." I began our soon to be sad conversation.

"Oh, okay Nessie. What’s on your mind?" Jacob asked, confused by the sudden sad look on my face.

"Okay, you know how you imprinted on me."

"Um, yeah. What about it?" Jake asked, still confused.

"I don’t really know if I want to be imprinted on."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to fall in love with someone who can actually love me back. I wont ever know if you actually love me, because of the whole mess of the imprinting stuff. I know that you say that you love me all of the time, but it isn’t true love." I confessed.

After my mini speech, there was silence. The silence was scary, because it was unnatural. I knew that Jacob was really hurt inside, because his expression looked like I just broke his heart into tiny pieces. Then tiny tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"I never knew you felt this way. I don’t get why you held onto that feeling for so long. I’m sorry that I can’t fulfill you needs, but we can make it work, somehow." Jacob said, his voice cracking at some spots. "Wait, there’s more. I know that look on your face. What else is there that you have to tell me?"

I hesitated on how who I was going to say the next few sentences.

"Well, um, I’m moving to Alaska with my family. So that means I’m leaving you here. I’m so very sorry." I said sadly.

"So, is this good bye forever."

"Yeah, I guess so. Good bye Jacob."

"Good bye Renesmee. I’ll miss you." he said, then gave me a huge hug. After the hug, I walked away without looking back at my beloved werewolf. I would miss him, but I had to forget him and I hoped he did the same for me. That would be the only way for him to be happy.


The car ride back to Forks didn’t take very long, because my dad was driving fast, in his silver Volvo. When we arrived to the tiny town of Forks, we noticed that nothing rational had changed. I wasn’t to thrilled to go to high school here again. But I still had to , because my education mattered to my parents, even thought I know everything. I even begged my parents, but I lost that battle very early.

It was October 20th, so we didn’t miss too much of this school year. I hope that in this highschool, we won’t be known as the outsiders. That’s what is have been for forever, literally. I dream of becoming popular. But that will never happen. Any who, we were at the house now, with everything unpacked. It felt good to be home.

Tomorrow was Monday, so we are beginning school tomorrow. I was starting out at a sophomore. My Parents were juniors, same as my Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett are starting out as seniors. I think it’s unfair that I’m the only one who is starting out as a sophomore, but whatever. I can’t wait to see what will happen this year. It will probably be any ordinary high school year, I think.