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My Beloved Werewolf

105 years have passed since Renesmee left Jacob Black in Forks. Now the Cullens have come back and Renesmee is unaware that Jacob is still alive. But she soon finds out about his presence. What will happen between them? Thnx to TheRealCullen for her being an awesome person! make sure to read and review and hers after u read mine!!! =]

DISCLAIMER: All Charachters beong to the outstanding Stephaine Meyer! (except the ones i make up!)

10. Untitled

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Nessie and I walked into school holding hands. She said it was all about the fake relationship and everything, but I believed that she really did wanna hold my hand in front of everyone like we used to. Suddenly, Renesmee sighed. What was that for? She looked up at me and shook her head. Huh? What? Why does she do this to me? Now I know how it feels to be Alex, because she sends all of these mixed signals to her and it is so funny to watch!

I looked straight ahead of us and I saw Alex coming our way with a very confident attitude for some odd reason. Ugh! what is he gonna try now?It is so obvious that h doesn’t have a chance with Renesmee, so he should just stop trying!

"Hey Renesmee." Alex aid as he was approaching us.

"Hey Alex." Nessie said with a too friendly smile. Huh? Was she just being kind, or does she like him more and she was doing this fake relationship just to be a good friend? Ugh! I am so confused!

"So, I heard about you two going out now. And I can obviously see your hands intertwined with each other, so that kinda gives it away." Alex pointed out.

"Yeah," was all Renesmee said in response. Couldn’t she say that she was the best guy ever!

"Well, I have to go, so see ya later Nessie." Alex said, then walked away. Finally! He’s gone. I walked Renesmee to her classroom door, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t too big now but it was at least something. She blushed a deep pink, then walked into her classroom. Yes! I love where this is going! I excitedly thought. I happily walked away to my class.


I was walking hand in hand with my ‘girlfriend’ into our sixth hour biology class, when I saw Alex and Mia both staring at us, and Mia had a sad look. Alex just looked plain jealous. Awesome!

"Oh, you two are together. I just thought you were kidding because you were simply unavailable that night or you just didn’t like me." Mia said with an extremely disappointed look on her face.

"Nope, I was telling the truth. This relationship is as real as it can get." I said, telling a small white lie. Mia frowned, and sat down at our table. I walked Nessie to her table to sit by Alex, ugh! then I sat down at mine. Mia didn’t talk to me for the whole hour. I must have really crushed her heart.

When the bell rang, I walked out of the classroom without Nessie, because she had to talk to the teacher. Mia tapped me on the shoulder as I was walking out the door.

"What?" I asked annoyed.

"So, there is a dance tomorrow night." Mia said.

"Yeah, I know. What about it?"

"So, if you and Renesmee are a real couple, then you have to dance with her and show your love for her at the dance, or otherwise I won’t believe you when you say that you two are in real relationship." Mia ordered as I finally caught on to what she was trying to say to me. Awesome! I can do that!

"Ok, fine. That will be so easy for me to do." I accepted.

"Great! go ask her to the dance now."

"Okay, be right back."I said then walked back into the classroom, and went over to Nessie.

"Hey, do you wanna go to the dance with me tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, sure. Pick me up at seven."

"Okay. Bye." I said, then walked away. I walked outside and headed to my truck. Mia apparently followed me out.

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed.

"Where are you going?"

"To the mall. I have to pick out something nice for the dance tomorrow, because I don’t have a lot of nice things to wear." I explained.

"Oh, let me come with you." I made a funny face. "To... to help you pick out something decent. Please, can you take me with you?" she begged.

"Ok, fine. But we are just going as friends. Got it?"I clearly stated.

"Got it. No problem, I can handle it."

"Well, okay then, get in. We aren’t gonna be gone for to long though." we both got it. I had o idea why I was taking her with. Maybe because I just couldn’t say no since I lied to her about being taken by Renesmee when it wasn’t necessarily true. But the trip will be kinda fun, and at least I’ll have some guidance on what to buy. So, I guess it’s a good thing I’m bringing Mia. Or so thought.