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My Beloved Werewolf

105 years have passed since Renesmee left Jacob Black in Forks. Now the Cullens have come back and Renesmee is unaware that Jacob is still alive. But she soon finds out about his presence. What will happen between them? Thnx to TheRealCullen for her being an awesome person! make sure to read and review and hers after u read mine!!! =]

DISCLAIMER: All Charachters beong to the outstanding Stephaine Meyer! (except the ones i make up!)

14. Jacob's POV

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Jacob's POV of when Renesmee pulled him out of the dance to talk to him!!

Renesmee pulled me out of the dance, because she wanted to tell me something extremely important. I honestly wished that she was gonna tell me that she was deeply in love with after all! I can dream, can’t I? But I doubt that’s what she was really gonna tell me. It’ll probably be something like she needed fresh air, she was too warm inside, or maybe she thought Alex and Mia were a cut couple and think they should go out.

We went to the bench that was placed outside of the school building. It was a very private, peaceful, and quiet place to be. What was she going to tell me? Nessie took both of my hands and looked me right in the eyes. She smiled, and then opened her mouth to say something.

"Jake, listen. I need to tell you something very important." she started.

"Ok, go for it." I encouraged, trying to get her to say what she needed to say already.

"Jacob Black, I...I..." she stopped.

"You...what?" I questioned.

"I lo..." was all she said before a car horn honked very loudly on the street next to the school. Jeez! Just say what you need to say already! I’m gonna go insane pretty soon if she doesn’t speak up!

"You were saying?" I asked, trying to push her along on her train of thought.

" I ...lost my earring somewhere! Can you please help me find it? It was Esme’s." Nessie stuttered. She was obviously lying! Because she would not drag me out here just to tell me that she lost an earring! I’ve got to get her to say what she was really going to say, because otherwise, it would be eating me alive with not knowing what was so important for her to say to me! She chickened out on something very important to both her and me. I bet she was going to tell me that she loved me!

"Um, sure, I’ll help ya find it. Why couldn’t you tell me this inside?" I interrogated.

"Uh, because I wanted to get rid of Alex and Mia. They were really starting to bug the crap out of me!" she answered. Huh, that’s a really reasonable answer for me! But there is still something she’s hiding from me! And I will find out what it is!

"Oh, okay." There was a silence for a couple of minutes. Then I spoke up. "What were you really gonna tell me? Why did you really bring me all the way out here?"

"You really wanna know?" she asked innocently.

"No, I don’t." I paused. "Of course I do! That’s why I asked you!"

"Fine, I’ll tell you." She paused. "Jacob Black, I love you with all my heart! I have no idea why I left you here when my family left. You should’ve come with us, because you are destined to be with me and be super happy! That was very foolish of me, and I feel really bad! I broke your heart that day, but hopefully, you’ll forgive me! Just look at us, we make the perfect couple, because of our unique characteristics. The day when I saw you again here in Forks, I was overwhelmed with happiness! My family probably thought I was crazy, because I was so ecstatic to see you. I am in love with you Jacob." Nessie admitted.

"Renesmee Cullen, I love you and I always will! You already know that, though." We gave each other a hug, and I kissed her on the cheek. She wanted more. She kissed me, and our lips melted together. We broke off after about a minute. She sighed with delight.

"I think it’s safe to say that we’re officially going out now." Nessie said.

"Yeah, it is. Let’s go back inside and dance the night away!" I suggested.

"Sure, let’s go." She agreed, and we walked back into the school, and danced together. We had a really great time, and I was sad when the dance was over. I drove Renesmee home, and then I went home. Since Billy died many years ago, I was pretty lonely at the small house all by myself. So when i got there, I went straight to bed, because I was tired. Before I fell asleep, I looked back at the night’s events. This has been the best night ever!