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My Beloved Werewolf

105 years have passed since Renesmee left Jacob Black in Forks. Now the Cullens have come back and Renesmee is unaware that Jacob is still alive. But she soon finds out about his presence. What will happen between them? Thnx to TheRealCullen for her being an awesome person! make sure to read and review and hers after u read mine!!! =]

DISCLAIMER: All Charachters beong to the outstanding Stephaine Meyer! (except the ones i make up!)

6. Natural

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When I got back from my date, my mom asked me how it went. Instead of telling her, I showed her. I pressed my hand against Bella’s cheek and my date showed up in her mind.

"Um, wow. That looked interesting. Who would have known Jacob would show up? But come to think of it, it is so Jacob!" my mom smiled.

"Yeah, you’re right. That is totally something Jacob would do." I sighed. After that I walked up the huge, white staircase to my room. I got changed into my PJ’s, and laid down on my bed. On my night stand was my pink Ipod. I picked it up, and listened to some calming music and eventually fell asleep.


I was sitting in the Volvo the next day in the school parking lot. The first bell hadn’t rung yet, and my family left my alone, because I wanted alone time to think. I had no idea how Alex was going to treat me or Jacob today. I do know that according to Alex’s expressions last night, that he wasn’t thrilled that Jacob showed up at our date. But seriously, who would be?

Suddenly, someone knocked on my car window. I screamed, and looked up at the person to see who it was. It Jacob. He had the biggest smile I had ever seen. That was probably because he knew that he had scared me big time. Jacob opened my car door for me, just like a chauffeur did, when opening a limo door for a celebrity. I laughed.

"How are today, Miss Cullen?" Jacob asked in a funny British accent. I laughed some more.

"Pretty good. How about you?" I asked.

"Absolutely fantastic!" he exclaimed. I was full burst laughing now. To settle down, I got out of the Volvo, and shut the door behind me. We started walking towards the school building now.

"Hey, Jacob. I have a question for you." I started.

"Oh, okay, Nessie. What’s on your mind?" Jacob asked, his exact words of what he said on the day that I left him so very long ago.

"Um, why did you have to show up at my date with Alex last night?" I asked, still in shock that Jacob would use the same words as 150 years ago.

"Well I didn’t try to! I go there all of the time! and you know that is my favorite restaurant. So why did you go there?" Jacob replied quickly.

"I didn’t pick the place! I didn’t even know we were going there until we pulled in the parking lot. Its not like a planned to meet you there."

"Sure, sure." Jacob ended the argument before we got in a real fight. I absolutely loved how Jacob ended things like that in just two little words. ‘Sure, sure.’ I had a huge smile on my face, I don’t even know why. I just loved looking back on really good memories. Jacob looked at me funny, probably wondering why I had this huge smile on my face for no reason. I just shook my head, probably not answering his confused thoughts.

Something happened that I didn’t notice while we were walking. Jacob and I were holding hands like we used to. Now it probably looked like we were a couple. It just felt so natural, that you don’t even notice it anymore. We always used to hold hands. He probably didn’t even notice himself that we were hand in hand. Or did he? I looked down the hallway. At the end of it was a very jealous looking Alex Carmody. Fantastic!