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My Beloved Werewolf

105 years have passed since Renesmee left Jacob Black in Forks. Now the Cullens have come back and Renesmee is unaware that Jacob is still alive. But she soon finds out about his presence. What will happen between them? Thnx to TheRealCullen for her being an awesome person! make sure to read and review and hers after u read mine!!! =]

DISCLAIMER: All Charachters beong to the outstanding Stephaine Meyer! (except the ones i make up!)

9. Begging

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"No! Now way. I am not helping you with this!" Renesmee yelled at me after school.

"Come on, please! Just for a little while." I begged for her to be my fake girlfriend.

"I said no." Nessie said while we were walking to our cars. I’d rather have her as my real girlfriend and probably further than that, but she wouldn’t even agree to be my fake girlfriend! But if she did agree to this, then I can’t wait to see Alex’s expressions when he see us holding hands in the hallway, going to the dance together, and her gushing her feelings towards me. And then he’s I’ve up on trying to have Nessie. Because he has no chance with her. He’s have a better chance with Mia.

"Please. Why won’t you do this for me?" I desperately asked.

"Because Mia seems like a nice person, and I don’t want to a part of the lie you told her. Go find someone else to be your fake girlfriend." ugh! I’ll have to try harder!

"But you don’t understand! I know that Mia has liked me for a while. She gets this look on her face every time I look at her. It gets really annoying, because I will never like her that way, because my love for you is strong and will never end! It cannot compare to anything else in the universe, because it is undescribable!" I admitted.

Renesmee look at me with a surprised look and blushed a deep shade of pink.

"Ok," sigh. "I’ll do it. But remember! this is a fake relationship, nothing more." She agreed. Yeah, this relationship was only fake...for now.

"Thanks." I sad, then gave her a hug. It felt nice.

When the hug was over, we separated. Nessie went to the Volvo, with the rest of her family waiting for her. I was just about to get in my truck ,when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Yes! Renesmee came back because she suddenly realized that she cares for me! I turned around expecting Nessie, but instead I saw Alex Carmody. He looked really mad for some reason. You could tell, because of his expression and the way he was standing. We were standing like that for a few seconds, him fuming and me with my truck keys in my hand. I decided to break the silence.

‘Um, can I help you with something?" I asked confused.

"You stole my girl!" Alex yelled at me. Oh, now I get why he is so mad! he just saw Renesmee and me hugging out here n the parking lot. Good! this is perfect!

"Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about!" I decided to play dumb.

"Um, yes you do. I just saw you and Renesmee hugging here! so don’t lie to me, I just saw it!"

"Ok, I am sorry." Not! "But it just kinda happened! she hit on me first!" I lied.

"Well, okay. If you put it that way. But I don’t fully believe or trust you. Just be careful, someone could easily take her away form you, so remember to watch out." He pathetically cautioned. He turned around and walked to his car and got in. Like he is any competition for me! At least he can dream about him ever winning over me! Ha! I got in my truck after that and put the key in ignition and started it up. Well that was interesting! I drove away from Forks high School, finally happy. I am so glad that I imprinted on someone who isn’t a complete jerk. Instead, she’s a complete sweetheart.