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Isabella is a witch , who's been alone for years . The Cullens are new to Forks . This is the first time they seen a witch . This is the first time she's seen a vampire . Can the two coexist ?


1. Prologue

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Van hogy ebbol la falu ! Az emberek meg mindig keresnek tobbet bos"zorkanyok!"
" Mihaela , speak english ! Do you want to be heard ?! "

Aunt Mihaela crossed her arms , frowning . OF all my aunts , Mihaela was the most hot headed . I sat in Mother's lap playing with a strand of my dark mahogany hair . Aunt Mihaela was arguing with Aunt Olga . About ? The same topic as always . Leaving this village .
The year was 1696 . Thousands of our kind were killed . Burned alive to stakes by " holy " men . Father hated them for that . He said that they're judging people as evil when they're not . They're people ... with special gifts like Mother and my Aunts . Mother hasn't been the same since Father spoke his mind to the " holy " men . They hung him from an Oak .
Mother was so furious until she exposed to them what we are . Her gifts killed some of the men that hung Father . I witnessed it . I witnessed it all that day . The first time our gifts were used to kill .
" Olga , we must leave ! They hunt us like dogs ... smelling our scent in the dirt . How long do you think we can last ?! Our gifts aren't strong enough to protect us," Aunt Mihaela sneered . Aunt Olga rubbed her tired eyes . We've gone without food , sleep . and even baths for months .
Often times , I've caught myself nodding off . Mother was never mad , but I was . I needed to be strong ! She has enough on her mind .
" What was that," Aunt Olga whispered . Outside , dogs were barking . Aunt Olga and Aunt Mihaela ran to the boarded windows , while my Mother tightened her hold on me . " Renee , we can't escape this," Aunt Olga whispered . " We can't fight all of them . You know that ! " Mother nodded .
The barking grew louder and closer . As did the orange glow of torches . I covered my eyes whimpering . We were to die . There won't be anymore left of our kind .
" Isabella will not die," Mother said angrily . " She will never die by their hands . Aunt Olga and Aunt Mihaela went to the corner of the room . I couldn't hear what was said between them , for Mother carried me to the window . She pulled my hands from my eyes , smiling .
" Isabella ... my beautiful little girl . You are so different from us . So special," she whispered in my ear . She kissed my cheek , continuing . " Only you can live through this . " Soon after she said this , Aunt Olga and Aunt Mihaela were at her sides .
" Isabella , don't trust the humans ... you are the only person you can rely on," Aunt Mihaela whispered .
" Remember everything we taught you . You're smart , Bella . You know when to use your gifts,"Aunt Olga added .
The barking was closer now . I could make out voices , too . " Mar ott," a man yelled . " Now," Mother whispered . Aunt Olga and Aunt Mihaela kissed my cheeks , then Mother covered my eyes with her hand . I grew so tired , suddenly . When her hand left my eyes I saw Aunt Olga lower me into a hole in the floor . She quickly covered it with wood boards , whispering," I'm so sorry Bella ... "
My eyelids grew heavy but I could still hear . Someone kicked the door down to our little house . " On elrejteni az aryak , suttogo gonosz a levegoben . Most a kezeben van lsten , akkor te is megszabadulni foldet," a man yelled . I heard my family struggle , but the men overpowered them . I hate the humans ... I always will . It's because of them my family was killed . Sleep took over me , as tears ran down my face .

April 6, 1696 ... The era of the Witch Hunt . My name is Isabella Marie Constantinescu . I am a Witch .