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Isabella is a witch , who's been alone for years . The Cullens are new to Forks . This is the first time they seen a witch . This is the first time she's seen a vampire . Can the two coexist ?


2. Chapter 1

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To live a life filled with bitterness towards thousands is maddening . What is done can never be undone , but only remembered . However , we soon learn to forget what deed was done . Alas what we must do is live . Live for ourselves rather than for those who have gone .

" Talia ! Will you be making another film, soon ?! "

" Talia ! Talia ! What about your music career ? Do you plan to continue it ?! "

The thousands of flashes bounced off the dark lenses of my sunglasses . My bodyguards stood beside me as the paparazzi's camera flashes flickered on and off . This alias is Talia Bahiyya . Singer/Academy award winning actress from Al Jawf, Saudi Arabia . My family long since passed . They died in a horrific fire that left only me as a survivor . How ironic . These people have no idea how true this story is .

" Talia , you have a meeting with Mr. Gibbenson," whispered my bodyguard, Jeffery . I removed my lenses and flashed him a warm smile . The wonders of acting is that you learn to mask your true feelings . " Yes, thank you . I won't be long," I reply . Turning to massive swarm of media , I focused solely on reaching their minds . The spell that helped bury Rain Gabriel , Hannah Walls , Erin Miller , and so many others once again worked in my favor . " Thank you all for supporting me through out the years . It has been a pleasure to be in so many pictures and perform for you all. It saddens me to announce my early retirement . I'm so sorry , but I must take my leave . Good bye," I departed . My guards were still dazed as were the media hounds .

This is the end of Talia Bahiyya . Tonight at nine o'clock , she will be reported in every paper across the world to be dead . Reason ? She will be driving down a highway , when her brakes falter . The car will slam into a wall , instantly killing her .

" Where to, ma'am," asked my driver , Vincent . I climb into the back of the limo , running my fingers through my dark blonde hair . " Take me to Te Latern resturant . My appointment is waiting for me," I command . After an two hour drive we arrive to the austere building . The location it resided in was not as comforting as the Polar Plains , but it served it's purpose for the birth of a new girl . Throughout the ride I've been thinking what the name of my new persona shall be . I stepped into the resturant , scanning for the one being that will help me birth a new identity .

Sure enough , there he sat in the darkest corner of the room . I glided towards him . Intimidation . Something that will always get you far in life . Without it , why should anyone commit a crime for you ? The overhead lights flicker , the air drops to a deathlike chill . His eyes widen . The wrinkles around them become more defining .

" Mr. Gibbenson," I greet him speaking in my tongue . MY tongue . Not Talia's , mine . Isabella has been dead for over three hundred years .

" Madam," he stood up , gesturing towards the seat across from him . " How have you been ? Well , I shouldn't ask you that . You're one of the leading actresses in Hollywood . " I sat down , chuckling ." Yes , this alias has a name that proceeds her . Sadly , I am not particularly content with that . Money , fame , and glory is something that I can never find pleasure in . " His eyes narrowed some , sipping his coffee . " You're an odd girl," he murmured . I threw my head back in a fit of laughter . " Girl ? Come now , Gibbenson . I've been this age since we met . Forever seventeen . Don't you find it time to address me as a woman," I laughed . His hand trembled some . " I still find this to be ... strange . W-what are you , exactly," he asked . My jovial face fell . He panicked and started to sort through some papers . " Forgive me ! It isn't any of my business," he stuttered . He laid a folder on the table and picked up a pen . " I-I'm ready to create your next alias . "

I looked down at the table , in deep thought . " Sarah has started college ... Donald is in highschool . Tell me something . If your son were to develop feelings for me , would you allow it," I softly asked him . Gibbenson stopped writing . He slowly lifted his head to meet my eyes . " Answer honestly," I whispered . He licked his dry cracked lips . Fiddling with the gold and ivory , black inked pen . " I would never allow it," he replied .

" Exactly . You're a smart man . You want what is best for your family . Hmph . If this were to be decades ago , I would have killed you on the spot . However , wouldn't that make me a monster ? Just like the ones who killed my family," I sighed . Gibbenson gasped in shock . " K-kill ? " I nodded my head , smiling at him . " I've killed before . Never mistake me for a saint . Years of hate can make one take many lives," I shrugged . " I've killed the very men , whom I learned to be involved in the massacrer of my kind .I thought by doing so , I'd be appeasing their spirits . How wrong was I ? Ah ha , yes . I was insane . Killing the murderers of my people . Killing the families of those very murderers . Burning their homes to the ground , so it would be like they never existed ... but they did exist . In my mind , I was and still am haunted by their pleading faces . They begged be to have mercy . Begged for forgiveness, even . I suppose I was temporally deaf to their pleas , but as always I remember after the deed was done . So what could I do ? My aunt told me never to trust a human , but never to kill them . I , like them , was a murderer . Fated to rot in hell , should I ever die . So like a coward , I rather live out my long days than to face my end . "

Gibbenson's blue eyes were locked on the table . " Why are you telling me this," he whispered . " Why are you repenting to me ? " Again I threw my head back laughing . " This is not my repentance . It's just my story," I replied . " I feel that now that you know who I am , you will understand why I want to start anew as Isabella Marie Constantinescu . My real name . "
He picked up the pen , while I gave him my bio . Birthplace , age , family , things of that nature . When he was finished , he stated that the file will be active as soon as Talia dies . Grateful , I shook his hand . " After this , we will no longer see each other," I said as we made our way to my limo . " What's to stop me from turning all your records over . You told me who you really are," he asked . I turned to face him . A small smile lingering on my lips . " Because , I can easily kill you." Across the street in an open alley , a dog spontaneously combusted into flames . No one could see it , but us . " Should you betray me , I'll make sure to wipe out your entire family . Goodbye . "

I climbed into my limo , leaving the flabbergasted man .

March 10th . A week after the funeral of Talia Bahiyya , I washed myself completely of her . The blonde dye no longer colored my hair . The gray contacts tossed in the trash . Talia had been forgotten by all the people . Her movies and music were stricken from the shelves of every store and home . All that's left of her is a grave . I made sure to transfer her account over to the one in my name . I decided to move , too . Today was my third day in the small town of Forks. Washington . It's amazing how this place reminds me of my home with my family in Ajka . The constant blanker of clouds , cool rainy weather , and greenery makes me so happy .

My apartment is owned by a sweet elderly couple named Mr. and Mrs. Reeds . They're like the ideal grandparents . The apartment is very cozy . One bedroom , an ajacent bathroom , and conjoined living room / kitchen . The walls are a soft pastel blue with waxed oak floors . The bedroom has floral wall paper with white carpeting , while the bathroom has white walls and tiled floors . The kitchen cabinets are white with classic white marbled topping . Yesterday , I stocked the cabinets and fridge with food after furinishing the place . Mrs. Reeds joked with me about how it looks like a adult lived here rather than an emancipated teen . Oh if only she knew .

Today was my first day of school . I drove my black Toyota Camry . When I parked it beside a van, some idling students gawked at me . " Nice ride," complimented a boy with semi curly short black hair . His playful brown eyes sparkled with adoration . " Thanks," I mumbled . He smiled when he heard my accent . With a roll of my eyes , I headed to the main office . " Hello there , dear . You must be Isabella . Your landlord spoke of you," greeted the receptionist . Her nametag read , Mrs. Cope . I bowed my head . " Thank you, Mrs. Cope . I am here for my schedule . " She grinned , murmuring," Such manners . Just like them ... " Them ? Who was she talking about . The children I've come across have been ... like the teenagers today . " Here you are dear . Will you be needing assistance," she asked handing me the neatly typed slip . " No , thank you," I declined . " Have a wonderful day," she called .

The day went quite well . I've made the aquaintance of Angela Weber , who introduced me to her friends . Mike Newton , a love stick puppy who annoys me . Jessica Stanley , a girl who acts friendly , but hates the attention I'm getting . Lauren Mallory , a envious whelp . Tylor Crowley , another one of my admirers . Also Lauren's crush . Eric Yorkie , another admirer . Overly helpful and is surprisingly Mike's competitor for y affection . Of all these children , Angela is the only one I like . Her sweet and caring nature reminds me of Aunt Olga .

" So why'd you come to America after your parents died," Eric asked . We were all sitting at their regular lunch table . I swallowed my piece of cucumber answering him . " Well , I thought it would be good to start anew . I didn't want to go through legal guardianship , seeing as I am close to being an adult . I didn't want to go through adoption , either . So I and my attorney made it so that I could be judged legally as a responsible adult . I came to America to help cope with the pain of loosing my loved ones," I sighed .

" I'm so sorry about your lost, Bella," Angela whispered . I smiled at her . Yes , she is a sweet girl . She'll have a wonderful life . " Thank you," I replied .

" So , Bella ... you want me to show you around Forks ? Not that there's much to show , but I can make it fun for you . " Mike drawled on about the series of local hangouts . I tuned him out , surverying the lunchroom . My eyes landed on a table of five peculiar teens . They weren't eating nor were they talking . They just stared at they're tray of uneaten food . " Bella ? So whatcha think," asked Mike . Jessica followed my gaze and giggled . As if answering my mental question she said , " Those are the Cullens and Hales . They're unbelievably H-O-T ! "

I studied their faces . Each of them were white . Dead pale , flawless white . Dark purple circles were around their topaz colored eyes . " They're not much for company , are they," I asked . Lauren scoffed at me . " What's with your grammer ? You old or something," she laughed at her critisim . " No , I just like to speak like an intelectual," I replied turning to Angela and Jessica .
" Why donesn't anyone sit with them ? " The two girls recovered from their low giggles before answering . " Well , they don't talk to other people . They keep to themselves," Angela explained .
" Yeah but get this ! They're together ! Like together , together," Jessica squealed . " Is that even legal ?! " I could of sworn I saw the tall, burly, extremely muscular one laugh . " Jessica , their not related," scolded Angela . " Yeah , whatever," she huffed . " Anyways , their the adopted kids of Dr. and Mrs. Cullens . They're like rediculously young, too . Twenty something ... Mrs. Cullen can't have kids , I guess . So they adopted . The two blondes are twins . They're Mrs. Cullen's niece and nephew . They're name is Rosalie and Jasper . The really big one is Rosalie's boyfriend, Emmet Cullen . The spikey haired short one is Alice Cullen. She's Jasper's girl . The brown haired messy haired one is Edward . He's available , but don't waste your time . No one here is good enough for him, apparently . Not like I care. " So Jessica had been one of the girls to be turned down .

Edward ... She's wrong . His hair is copper . His head turned , automatically facing me . Our eyes met . My dark brown eyes locked with his golden topaz eyes . His eyebrows knitted together in what looked like frustration . The bell rang loudly , signifying the end of the period . Mike hopped out of his seat , asking me what what my next class was . I calmly replied , Biology . " I have that class , too ! I'll walk with you there," he exclaimed . This must be my punishment .

Mr. Mason , the Biology teacher assigned me to the only seat in the class . The seat beside Edward Cullen . Sitting my things on my side of the desk , I sat down . " Hello," I politely greeted him . Edward's posture was stiff . His topa eyes changed to pinch black . No . No ! Why didn't I sense this ! I hadn't encountered one in years !

I tried to reach his mind . To make him listen to my words . I made the others around me freeze . They all looked like statues . " T-turn around," I hissed . He didn't obey . What's going on ?! I could feel the fear and panic build up inside me . There isn't a moon out ! It's not night ! He can't change now !!! Edward clenched the table top . A feral growl ripped through my throat . " Turn around," I screamed using my gift entirely . My head . It hurts so much . I could feel a liquid run down my lips , dripping from my chin . Edward's growl grew louder . He and I both jumped from our seats . Only I backed away from him . I wiped my chin , examining the back of my hand.
Blood ? My blood ?

Edward took one step forward , but was then knocked to the side by his brother . " Edward no ! Stop ! Think of Carlisle," the burly boy named Emmet yelled . He grabbed Edward's arms , as he thrashed wildly . Wait . When did Emmet get here ? " Emmet take him outside ! Jasper and Rosalie are in the car," a musical chimed vioce frantically yelled . Suddenly , I saw the owner of
it . The small one , Alice was instructing Emmet while looking at me . " She's his singer ! Get him out of here ! "

With great strength , Emmet hauled the wild Edward out of the room . They moved so fast ... it was a complete blur . I felt liquid run down my eyes . I assumed them to have been tears , but Alice's horrified expression told me it wasn't . I wiped my entire face with my small hands . Blood ! My blood ?! H-how is this possible . Alice looked around the classroom . Her eyes fiixed on everyone of the students and teacher unmoving body . " I never thought it was true ... I thought it was a myth," she whispered to herself . " Who would have thought it to be true ... " I was growing weak... the spell over them would wear off if I loose concious . I watched Alice's eyes glaze over for a fraction of a minute ." We have to move . " She ran up to me , lifting me in her small arms . This strength ... how can she be so strong ?! The next thing I knew everything was blurring around us . The last thing I remember hearing before blacking out was , " Hey ! Where did Bella and Edward go ?! "