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Isabella is a witch , who's been alone for years . The Cullens are new to Forks . This is the first time they seen a witch . This is the first time she's seen a vampire . Can the two coexist ?


3. Chapter 2

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The air is clean . The smell of the pine flare my nostrils . The beast is at bay . Sleeping in the bowels of my cold harden vessel . I lay sprawled out on the dewy green blades of grass , staring at the gray heavens . My chest dances in rhythm of was dead lungs . Up . Down . Up . Down . Up. Down .

I roll my head to the left to see the beautiful wild butterscotch colored freesia . The waft of their scent only reminds me of Her . Isabella . Isabella Marie Constantinescu .

The beautiful young woman that met my gaze during lunch at school . It has been a week since I saw her concious . A week since I gazed into her deep brown eyes . A week since I heard her beautiful , melodious vioce . From the moment I saw her , I felt this unknown emotion wash over me . I thought it was Jasper , but at the time his mind was on other things . I was baffled by the feeling . My dead heart fluttered when I saw the diminutive smile she gave Angela .

Her beauty was like no other . Her soft ivory translucent skin was humbled by the breath-taking hues of her rosey blush . Her face was heart shaped , with high cheekbones and wide forehead assented her widows peak . For a narrow jaw , her lips were slightly out of proportion . Full , naturally a soft red . Her eyes were the darkest chocolate brown I had ever seen with long thick lashes . Her hair was a dark mahogany , highlighted with a reddish burnt umber color . It was wavy and fell to the middle of her back . The embodiment of an angel .

When Lauren and Jessica began to fill her in on my family , I tried to hear her thoughts . Each time I strained to get inside , I came up short . It was like trying to walk through a wall . Impossible.
Nevertheless, my selfish nature took cotrol over me . I made it mission to talk to her . I yearned to hear my name pass through her lips . To listened to her melodious vioce carass the two syllables that formed it .

The girl had bewitched me .

I rejoiced hearing her say to Newton that her next class was Biology . The same class as I . Ignoring the confused glances of my siblings and of Alice's vision ; I raced to class . I wish that I had taken the time to see what Alice's gift would have warned me of . Sadly , I had to suffer learning of the tragic comings the hard way . As soon as Isabella walked in the classroom , the monster showed it's ugly head . Eyeing her like a starving animal in sight of food . She was assigned to the seat beside me . The only seat in the entire classroom .

" Hello," she greeted . Then her face fell . She must have seen my eyes . They should be as dark as midnight . The latter things that occured are hazy , but I recall her panic . She kept repeating the words , " turn around " . From then on everything went blank . I regain my senses when Emmet brought me to a clearing in the woods . He told me Alice envisioned me biting Isabella out in the open . Thus ending her life .

Ending the angel's life .

So here I lie in my meadow . I refused to return home , after learning Alice brought her to Carlisle . She never did explain to me why she did . All she said was that Isabella will be the reason our family will be happy . Truly happy .

Debussy's Beau Soir echoed in the silent meadow . A tone I used for Alice on my celluar phone . I reached into my dark denium jeans , retrieving my T-Mobile myTouch . I held it up to my ear and murmured," Alice . "

" Edward ! You have to come home ! Now," she screamed into my ear .

" Why ? Is she awake," I asked .

" N-no ! Jasper .... Jasper bit her and- "

" He what," I bellowed . He bit her ?! He bit my Isabella ! I dropped the phone , dashing towards our mansion . I bolted through the door , ran to our guest room , and stood in front of the bed where Isabella laid . Alice was beside it , kneeling in front of Jasper . I could see the cresent mark on her wrist .

" What did you do," I screamed . Alice stood up hold her hands up defensively . I could hear my entire family behind me . Jasper didn't meet my gaze . He just held his hand over the center of his chest , gasping .

" Edward, it's not what he did," Carlisle stated , placing an authoritative hand on my shoulder . " It's what she did . Isabella ... she ... she ... "

I stared at my father . Never had he stumbled over words . I listened to his thoughts , but they were in a frenzy . In fact , everyone's were . " Alice , what happened," I whispered . She was staring at the sleeping Isabella in awe . Her eyes were glistening with unshed tears .

" Her scent was to rich for him to resist . I didn't see it in time , because I was getting a vision about the kids at school . Jasper bit her wrist . We all smelt her spilt blood and rushed in to stop him , but ... but he had already stopped . He was clutching his chest , panting , and coughing up the blood ... "

" He was gagging on it," Carlisle continued when she stopped . " We thought he was ill , but then we heard it . Two heartbeats . Two rather than one . We thought another human was nearby . Alice touched his back and screamed ... Edward . For ten seconds ... Jasper's heart was beating."

Jasper finally met my gaze . He smiled slightly at me . " Edward . I don't know how . T-this girl's blood . It made my heart beat ! No sooner than I bit her , her skin closed . It only left a small indication of my teeth . "

We were all silent . No one could speak after such a miracle . I ignored the burning in my throat , and walked closer to her bed . Emmet hissed at me in fear of her life , but Carlisle stopped him . I stopped right at head . She looked so peaceful . Her hair fanned out on the white puffy pillows , almost like a halo . The silk , sky blue nightgown that replaced her former clothes really situated her skin . She looked like she was glowing .

I reached out my hand , hesitantly , and stroked her cheek . Her lips parted , a sigh escaped her lips . I couldn't look away from her .

" What is she," Rosalie asked . " I mean . Is she some kind of threat to us . No human could have had that affect on Jasper . M-maybe she's some kind of bad omen ! "

" She's not ," I spat .

" How the hell do you know that . She could have cursed Jasper ! All of us ! "

" She wouldn't curse us ! She has no reason to ! "

" Says you . Leave it to Edward to have some sort of freak as his singer ! "

" Rosalie , vampires have no choice as to who his/her singer will be . You know this . While this girl is not some ordinary human being , he can not be punished for her blood singing to him," Carlisle spoke in my defense .

" Vámpír ? "

Everyone gasped in shock . I looked down into the endless depths of her brown eyes .

" Te egy vámpír," Isabella whispered .