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Memories Revisited

Taylor returns to live in La Push with her father after a long time away, somethings have changed along with some people. Will that special someone be the same though.....


1. Return Home

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To be perfectly honest I was happy we were moving back to La Push. I never liked it when we moved away in the first place, all my friends were here and my entire family too. I have been secretly wishing to not run into some of my old friends for a while just to get reacquainted with my old stomping grounds. It was a surprise to me when my dad told me we were moving back 3 weeks ago and an even bigger surprise that we were moving into our old house again.

It was just me and my dad. It has been that for a long time, I was perfectly happy with that. I don’t know what my dad would do without me honestly. Mostly likely buy slip on shoes and wrinkle resistant clothing, eww. I finished putting away my belongings into my old room once again, but this time my clothes didn’t have cartoon characters on them and I don’t stuffed animals all over my bed.

“I’m going for a walk, I’ll be back before dark,” I told my dad as I left the house. I started towards the woods with iPod in pocket and sunglasses on. Why the glasses, well I have an extremely rare genetic hiccup that made my eyes an old color and people are taken back by it. I was born with it as was all the women on my mother’s side; it was something that the women have had for about ten generations or so.

“She has, Alexandria's Genesis,” the doctors have been saying for a long time to all the women in the family, who has had girls.

That was only one of the secrets that my family has been keeping from the public for about the same time as well. Strangely enough all the women have also had the ability to control objects and people with our minds, telekinesis. We have never told anyone before and I was not going to let that slip.

I finally made my way to the woods and started climbing over fallen logs and bending around branches. I turned off my iPod and let my mind wonder for a bit, admiring the songs of the birds and the chirps of the insects. I listened for any footsteps around me and I decide to ‘play’.

There was a rock about a meter away from me and I concentrated on it, shutting out everything else. I thought that the rock would look a ton better a few feet to the right of its original position so I “moved it”, that’s the technical word. It was about to where I wanted it when I heard foot steps faintly behind me. The rock fell to the ground with a huge thud and smoke lifting all around it.

I stood tall and kept my ground, awaiting the incoming being. I once again opened my mind and could only hear the foot steps and the breathing, but no thoughts, “Damn, it must be an animal.”

Oh I was right, a massive wolf slid to a halt a few feet away from me and just sniffed at the air. For an odd reason I thought that I knew the creature, its eyes were familiar like an old friends. I slowly took off my sunglasses and hunched down more to get a better look at it. When I peered into its eyes it took a few steps back then took off running in the direction it came from.

“I’m no looker, but I’m not ugly” I told my self, putting my glasses on once again.

I totally lost track of time and made my way back to the house. When I walked into the house I heard my fathers voice then someone else’s, “We have been here for like a few hours and they already are coming out of the wood work,” I said under my breath making my way into the living room.

“Oh, here she is Billy.” Dad proudly said showing me off to an older man in a wheelchair.

“My stars, she has grown up Fred.” Billy said turning in his chair.

“Taylor, you remember Billy Black and his son Jacob.” Dad said gesturing to them where they stood.

“Yeah, it has been a while but I can’t forget them.” I said from where I stood at the door way. My god Jacob grew, he was way taller than me and about 2 feet taller than my dad, is he on steroids or something?