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Coming Back To You - THE SEQUEL

Do you remember the battle between Edward, his family and all the werewolves? Do you remember who jumped off the cliff together? Do you remember who died in the explosion? Well, now Bella is determined to make things right with Jake - will Bella's insistence at keeping Jake close drive Edward away? Will the werewolves ultimately take away everything Bella cherishes? RESULTS - THANKS GUYS!! READ "COMING BACK TO YOU" FIRST!



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I was in Bella's bed laying on my back, staring up at the ceiling. I had two main goals now. Keep Bella safe until graduation, and keep her human as long as possible.

I turned my head and watched Bella sleep. I wondered if she any idea how dangerous everything was around us right now. If I could, I would take her away from all this.

What would it be like to take her to a place where it was just the two of us. Someplace where it was warm and had the color brown. Where I could walk outside with her anytime I wanted and not have to worry about anyone seeing us. She would smile all the time. I would see the fire in her eyes again.

A private island would be perfect. There would be no curfews, no werewolves, no danger. Just me and Bella. I pictured us lying in a hammock. The sun would be shining down on us and we would decide to go for a swim. She would hold on tight to me while I swam with her anywhere she wanted to go.

At twilight, I would carry her out of the water and lay her on the beach. I would hold her close to me and I would make love to her.

I reached down and softly kissed her shoulder. Maybe someday Bella.

I wanted it so much.

The phone rang and brought me back to reality. I heard Charlie stumble out of sleep and make his way down the stairs to the phone. It was Billy Black calling about the fire. Emily was missing and Sam was badly burned. Charlie was dressed and gone in 5 minutes.

I was relieved Bella had not awaken. She hadn't been asleep very long. I pulled the blankets around her. I stared at the dark circles under her eyes. I would do everything in my power to take them away. I was amazed at how strong she had been the last two days. She still looked so breakable. She had so much spirit in her. Her life could be so beautiful. There were so many things she should get to experience. So many human things. Forget it Edward, I silently chided myself. This is the kind of thinking that forced you to leave her, and look how great that turned out?

I smelled her hair. Everything was such a mess right now. At the moment, I was hoping the peace could just last until she graduated. She deserved to be planning a future filled with college and being on her own and discovering herself. Instead, she seemed completely preoccupied with losing her soul.

I would be devoting all my time to contacting universities and "convincing" them to let us apply late. Bella was going to college, I would see to it.

She shifted her position and her face snuggled right into my chest. I kissed her cheek and moved her hair off her face.

My thoughts turned to Black. I was about to crush in his worthless skull when Bella saw the fire. I found it hard to swallow. I knew that Bella loved me, but on some level she had strong feelings for him. She had a strong tie to him that she was having difficulty breaking. It was a glaring understatement to say that I didn't like it. . . not one bit. They had a connection that tore me up inside.

I kept thinking of her lips on his. How he had spoken about how good they were together. I didn't want to share her with anybody.

Worthless, vile dogs. How was I going to keep the peace with a group of young volatile werewolves? Today, I had to find a way to get Bella to my house. I wasn't leaving her alone, but I needed to talk to Carlisle. He had no idea how dire things had become. If Emily was dead, then Sam was very dangerous. If there was any chance of settling things down until Bella graduated, we had to take it.

I was still thinking through a plan when I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up. It was 10:00 in the morning. He had been out in LaPush for about 6 hours. It was now time to wake up Bella.

I moved a piece of her hair away and kissed her warm cheek.

"Mmmm." That was all I got.

I chuckled slightly as I put my mouth to her ear and said, "Charlie's home. He just go back from LaPush."

Bella's eyes flew open. She shot up in bed and moved the hair out her face. I loved watching her wake up in the morning. I had missed it so much these last months. I missed many things.

"What do I do?" she asked.

"Act surprised," I replied as I made my way to the closet.

I heard Charlie's heavy and weary footsteps as he climbed the stairs. He paused outside Bella's door and knocked softly.

"Come in Dad."

As Charlie walked in, I heard Bella say, "Hey Dad, what's up?"

"Bella," Charlie began slowly. "I have some bad news. . . there was a fire and Sam's house was completely destroyed and . . . Emily is dead."

I heard Bella's breath intake sharply. "Dad, are you sure?"

"We have been sifting through the rubble. After daylight, we found her body in the back bedroom." Charlie let out a big sigh. "From witness accounts, the house exploded. Billy thinks it was a gas leak."

Charlie's voice broke. "Sam is out of his mind. When I tried to talk to him he was pacing and muttering incoherent things about bloodsuckers and vengeance."

Bella choked back a sob and said, "Oh Dad, no."

"Funeral arrangements are set for Wednesday. You will miss school. We will be out in LaPush all day I imagine."

"Of course, Dad."

Every muscle in me tensed.

Charlie shifted on the bed. "It's just a shame. Sam and Emily were to be married in two months. That scar on her face that she got last summer, seemed to make Sam love her even more."

My insides twisted as I deduced how that scar came to be. I heard Bella pause. I don't think she ever wanted me to know that Sam had hurt Emily.

"Dad, is there anything I can do?"

Charlie's voice became serious. "Yes Bella, there is. You need to go and spend some time with Jacob. The whole time I was out there, he was in the trees next to the house just staring out at nothing."

I felt the venom rising like hot lava in my throat.

Charlie stood up. We can be grateful for one thing, I guess. When Billy called about the fire, he told me that Sam was badly burned. He had run into the fire to save her. But by the time I got there, he seemed to be just fine. Thank heaven for small miracles, I guess."

"Yes," Bella said quietly.

Charlie was at the door now. "Listen Bella, I'm going to be at the station for awhile today. There is a lot of paperwork on all of this. This evening I would like us to go out and see Billy, Jake, and Sam."

All of the sudden the closet seemed very small.

I heard Bella say, "That's a good idea, Dad."

Charlie returned to the bed and gave Bella a hug and then he was gone.

I thought it best if I stayed in the closet a few extra moments to calm down.

It took a great deal of restraint to just open the closet door instead of ripping it off its hinges.

Bella had her head in her hands when I walked out.

"You're not going," I said flatly, stating the obvious.

"Edward. . . ."

I was sure I misunderstood the tone of her voice.

I sat on the bed and gently pulled her arms down so she could look at me.

"Bella, tell me you're not even considering this."


I clenched my teeth and said, "Are you insane?"

Bella swallowed and said, "How do I get out of going with Charlie tonight, Edward?"

"We'll find a way," I said.

"This mess is all my fault," she whispered. "I need to make this right."

I stared at her incredulously. "No Bella, this is my fault. If I had never left, you never would have gotten so close to him. He would have never felt the need to protect you, I would have been doing that."

"I need to go and see him, Edward." Her face was very determined.

"Why do you feel the need to go risk your life to comfort a dog." I said through clenched teeth.

Bella's face flinched, and then she softened. She brought her hands up to my face.

"Please just listen for a minute," she began. "This is so much more important than just an attempt to fix the treaty. Jacob is in pain. I can't not try to help him. He was there for me when I was not so human myself. You don't know what it was like . . . "

I could feel my body go rigid. Bella had been avoiding talking about those barren empty months. It felt like I was swallowing hot coals. My hands were clenched into fists.

She continued, "If Jacob hadn't helped me. . . I'm not sure what you would have come home to. I have to try to make it better."

My eyes closed against the pain. I had sent Bella to someone else for the comfort and love that I so desperately wanted to come only from me. "I'll never forgive myself for leaving you," I whispered. "Not if I live a hundred thousand years."

Her hands were still on my face. Why couldn't I just take her away from all this? She kissed my neck and said, "I stand by you in everything. I am not doing this to betray you. I was scared out of my mind watching the two of you fight. I know Jake was trying to kill you. If I can stop him from ever coming after you again, I'll do it. He thinks he is protecting me from you. He thinks I am in danger. I am doing this to stop any more madness and fighting. I can't make myself believe that he knew Sam's plans. He would never try to hurt me."

"How did Emily get the scar, Bella? I asked flatly.

Bella's eyes widened. She went to open her mouth and say something, but then she turned her face away from me.

My instincts had been right. Forcefully I said, "Sam is more experienced as a werewolf than Black, but look what he did? Sam apparently loved Emily, but that didn't take away from what he is. There is not a chance in hell I'm letting you anywhere near Jacob. Besides, I can take care of myself."

Bella looked at me pleadingly. "Maybe if I go out there and tell Jake I am planning on school in the Fall, then perhaps he will calm down and all of this will just go away."

I took her hand and pulled her to me and said, "I don't know how to phrase this properly, but Bella, when I saw you in that house with those werewolves. I saw the fear in your face. I was so afraid I wouldn't get there in time . . . I came too close to losing you. I‘m not going to tolerate anything dangerous. What we have . . . it is so precious. I need to make you understand . . . the way I feel about you . . . this is not going to happen for me again."

"They wouldn't do anything with Charlie right there next to me." Bella was getting desperate in her arguments.

"Bella, Sam is frantic, hopeless, and out of his mind. I know how I was when I thought I'd lost you. Trust me, he is capable of anything."

I watched Bella's eyes darting from side to side. She was trying to think of a way to get to Black. Once more, I cursed in silence at not being able to read her mind.

There was only one way she could get to LaPush. She could play the Charlie card. If she left with her father, I wouldn't be able to steal her and take off running right in front of him. I couldn't let her do this.

"Please Bella."

We stared into each other's eyes for one long moment.

"How about this," I said with as much restraint as I could manage. "Let's go talk to Carlisle. Perhaps he can talk to the elders and resolve things to the point that there will be no need for you to talk to Jake."

"No matter what the elders decide, I still need to talk to him." she said.

Was I wrong to feel threatened and betrayed by her need to see him?

"Bella," my voice felt tight against all the tension of trying to make her understand. "Do you really have any idea how important you are to me?" I pulled her tight to me and breathed right into her face. "Any concept at all of how much I love you?"

She looked into my eyes. It was as if there was no one else in the entire universe but us. She said quietly, "Let's go see Carlisle."

Relief washed over me.

I grabbed her face and kissed her. She held on to my neck as she lay back on her pillow and pulled me down with her.

How I longed for that hammock, the sun, . . . . and the beach.