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The Healing Process

Jasmine Butler, a 17 year old with a very painful secret is left on her own after her parents die tragically in a car crash. Jasmine does well by herself until she has to move in with the Cullens following a drastic decline in her vision. How will the Cullens react to the tempting human living upstairs? Will she bring them closer or will their secret be her death sentence?


1. Chapter 1: Diagnosis

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Chapter 1: Diagnosis

"Jasmine? Jasmine, can you hear me?" The voice whispered in my ear. I wanted to answer, but I couldn't, I couldn't even open my eyes. All I could see were trees. I ran through the trees and I could hear their footsteps and drunken laughter behind me. "Dr. Cullen..."

That was three years ago. My parents and I were coming back from a movie. It was raining and a truck lost control, colliding with my parent's car. I survived with a few broken ribs, arm and fractured skull. My parents on the other hand were not so lucky. Dad, along with the driver of the other vehicle were killed instantly. Mom died three days later, never regaining consciousness.

So now, I was all alone in Forks. Dreary little Forks. A place that's the ideal setting for a Stephen King novel. I lived in my parent's old house, taking care of myself. My best friend Trevor Wallace comes over as much as he can-or as much as his parents will allow. Everyone in town thought it was downright unheard of for a teenaged girl to be living all alone with no relatives, but Chief Swan didn't see anything wrong with it so long as I checked in every now and then.

My relatives begged me to move back to Florida. A really big part of my wanted to. I hated Forks! It was a cold, wet little town where everyone knew everyone and no one seemed to know the concept of the word "secret." But there was something bigger than my desire to return home that held me in Forks. Some of it was Trevor, but it was also something else. As if my future, my destiny was to stay in Forks. I thought of this as I sat in the examination room of Forks General Hospital. Lately, I had been having problems with my vision and slight headaches. I thought it was nothing, but when I called and made an appointment, Dr. Cullen was assigned to my case.

I had absolutely nothing against Dr. Cullen. He was an amazing doctor and seemed to have a very kind heart, but being around him made me think too much of my dad. They used to work together in the hospital. My dad said that he and Dr. Cullen would consult constantly on different cases.

"Hello Jasmine," Dr. Cullen said walking into the room. For a man who professed to be in his thirties, he was HOT! He had very pale skin, topaz colored eyes and blonde hair that you almost want to reach up and run your fingers through, just to see if it feels as soft as it looks.

"Hi Dr. Cullen," I responded warmly. He sat across from me on the chair and opened the folder he carried. He looked over them quickly before speaking.

"The tests from your last visit came back," from the look in his eyes I knew whatever they said was not good.

"Am...am I all right?" Panic quickly flooded me.

"Jasmine, you're going blind." He said gently.

Moments passed as I sat there, staring at him with my mouth slightly open. He waited patiently for me to take it all in. Blind? How is that possible? No, I can't go blind. The doctors in Florida said that there was a chance this would happen, but not that likely.

"But, I don't understand," my voice was barely above a whisper.

"Looking at your medical records, you were born with a recessive, vision deficiency. When you suffered injuries from the car crash," he paused as I winced. The mere mention of the crash brought back unwanted memories. "It seemed to affect your retinas. Your vision is already in the process of decline. Legally, you are blind."

I felt like I couldn't breathe. After everything that I've been through, everything that I lived through, it was all to end with me being blind?

"Is there anything that can be done? There has to be something!" I pleaded. Dr. Cullen seemed as though he were torn with something. Like an internal battle of right and wrong.

"We can try, but it doesn't look good. Jasmine, I considered Elliot to be a very good friend of mine and...I couldn't live with myself if I didn't exhaust every possible option to help you. to better monitor your condition, I think you should move in with my family and me."

"Whoa, this-this is all happening too fast." I tried wrapping my mind around everything. How did my life get from hating my life in Forks to wishing it was all back to normal again. "I don't think I can do that Dr. Cullen." It wasn't that I didn't trust him or his family, I just couldn't leave the house. There so many memories there. I could still hear my mom singing in the kitchen and my dad yelling at the TV whenever the Cowboys got a flag.

Dr. Cullen placed a finger under my chin so that I was looking directly into his eyes. "We owe it to your family to make sure nothing happens to you." I found myself agreeing, even though I felt like we were no longer talking about my vision.

I drove back to my house and packed what I could. I avoided going into my parents' room, just as I had everyday since their deaths. Dr. Cullen took off from the hospital early and had me follow him in his car. I was glad he did. There were so many trees that I never would have found the house on my own.

By the time I got out of my little Altima, Dr. Cullen was already removing my bags from my backseat. He was very strong. I stared up at the large house, suddenly finding myself more terrified than before. It was a large white Victorian house-no, I had a house, this was a mansion! How in the world could a doctor's salary pay for something like this?

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Dr. Cullen?"

He smiled as if sensing my worry. "Yes, and please, call me Carlisle."

He opened the door to the house and when he did, seven pale faces stared back at us.