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The Healing Process

Jasmine Butler, a 17 year old with a very painful secret is left on her own after her parents die tragically in a car crash. Jasmine does well by herself until she has to move in with the Cullens following a drastic decline in her vision. How will the Cullens react to the tempting human living upstairs? Will she bring them closer or will their secret be her death sentence?


7. Chapter 7 Aftermath

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Chapter 7: Aftermath


My alarm went off at 5 a.m. that following morning. It was still relatively quiet, considering how my screams disrupted the entire household only a few hours earlier. I felt like such an idiot. How hard is it to remember to fill a freaking prescription? Feeling drained and exhausted from my night terrors, I decided to skip the Jacuzzi bath and opted for the warmer than warm shower. My body began to lose its tension as the soothing water ran over my skin. It was nothing like the massages mom and I used to get at our monthly trips to the spa, but it was good enough.

I showered and washed my hair, thoroughly. Stepping out of the bathroom with my red towel wrapped securely around my waist, I walked to my closet wondering what I should wear. Hmm, I needed some help from the elements. Pushing open my window, a gust of crisp air blew into the room. The ground surrounding the Cullen home was a thick sea of white snow. It was beautiful. The glare of the white seemed to glitter against the sun covered by the clouds...a sight I would never see again.

I took a deep breath, pushing those depressing thoughts from my mind and focused on today. After losing my parents, I learned to treat each day you wake as if it were the last you had left. I turned on my iPod dock and started to brush my hair. My hair was very soft and heat from a blow dryer caused too much damage, so it would take me about an hour to brush it dry. It was a tedious task, but the end result was well worth it. I smiled brightly looking at my reflection in the mirror as Trevor's "theme song" for me began to play in the background.

I love her ‘cause she got her own

She don't need mine, she say leave mines alone

There ain't nothin' that's more sexy

Then a girl that want but don't need me

Young, independent yeah she work hard

But you can't tell from the way that she walk

She don't slow them down ‘cause she ain't got time

To be complainin' shorty gone shine

She don't expect nothin' from no guy

She plays aggressive but she's still shy

But you'll never know her softer side

By lookin' in her eyes

As I sat there brushing my hair, I started to think more of Trevor. Today was the day that I was supposed to give him some answers as to what the big mystery was. How do I tell my best friend that in a matter of months I will never be able to see his face again, that I was to live out the remainder of my existence in a world of darkness? I was starting to get depressed again. It was at that point that I heard low, yet very audible moans from the waking Cullen's bedroom. I giggled and turned my music up a little bit louder, singing along.

"Knowin' she can do for herself

Makes me want to give her my wealth

Hey, hey, only kind of girl I want

Independent queen workin' for her throne

I love her ‘cause she got her own

She got her own

I love her ‘cause she got her own

She got her own

I love it when she say

It's cool I got it, I got it, I got it

I love it when she say

It's cool, I got it, I got it, I got it"

By the time the first six songs from my iPod finished, my hair was completely dry with the much-needed assistance of the outside air.

"Now that that's done, what to wear?" I walked to my closet. "Okay, definitely my Baby Phat Fortuna Brown and Gold slouch boots with the 3" heels. Ok, a pair of dark, dark blue denims, and...my short-sleeved, chocolate brown belted shirt." As for my jacket, well it would have to be my brown faux fur Baby Phat jacket that hugged my waist. After getting dressed and applying very light makeup, I headed downstairs to complete the last part of my morning regiment. I rummaged through the refrigerator and attached my Bluetooth, dialing the all-too familiar number.


It was just about fifteen minutes until seven when my favorite ringtone blasted on my phone.

"I love her ‘cause she got her own

She don't need mine, she say leave mines alone

There ain't nothin' that's more sexy

Then a girl that want but don't need me

Lovely face, nice thick thighs

Plus she got drive that matches my drive

Sexy thing she stay fly

All about payin' her bills on time

She don't look at me like Captain Save ‘em..."

"Good morning, sunshine," she chirped sweetly.

"Hello sweetness," I said relaxed as usual at the sound of her voice. "So how was your night at Cullen Manor?"

She sighed at the sarcasm in my voice, but otherwise chose to ignore it. "It was great. I talked with the girls, beat Emmett in Smackdown v. Raw and a pizza eating contest."

That made me laugh. I learned the hard way never to challenge that girl to any eating contest. "Well, at least you're enjoying yourself."


The hesitation was evident in her voice. "What is it?"

"Me being the idiot that I am, I forgot to get my prescription filled and I had one of my screaming fits."

"Jasmine, why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't want to bother you with the small stuff."

"Listen to me. Those nightmares are not small stuff. I told you to call me whenever you have them. We're in this together half pint, right?"

"Right. So, I wanted to tell you that breakfast is almost ready and I'll see you in about ten."

"What's on the menu?"

"The usual. Bacon, eggs, English muffin and hash browns."

"Sounds good, can't wait. I'll see you in a bit. By the way, Coach wanted me to ask you how long do you think it would take for you to create a selection menu?"

"Umm, I can have it to you guys by Monday if that's ok."

"I'm sure it won't be a problem. The coach is buzzing about these two new players coming to join the team."

"Really? I didn't know there were spots open."

‘Well, not this season. One of the guys is supposed to take my position when I graduate next year and the other guy is filling Bobby's spot. He's supposed to be a pretty good running back."

"Oh, well you will always be the QB of my heart." I could almost hear the smile in her voice.

"Thanks, so I'm going to go ahead and get Bianca and Brandon."

"I thought Gabby usually gets then up."

"She does, but this morning she took it upon herself to oversleep."

"Tell them I say hi."

Actually, they would rather hear it from you. Gabby has been driving me crazy. ‘When is Jasmine coming over? Why don't invite Jasmine to dinner? Why can't I ever talk to her when you call?' And on and on."

She laughed softly. She really loved them.

"I'll come over soon I promise."

"Oh, I know, I just like messing with her."

"You're cruel."

"Sometimes. I'll see you at school, half pint. Bye."

"Bye, Trev."

I hung up the phone unable to hide my smile. No matter what she had to tell me today, I was going to put my fears behind me and do what I should have done a long time ago. If only I could get my stomach to settle down. Throwing fifty-yard passes, no problem, professing my love tote girl of my dreams, the greatest obstacle ever. Go figure.


Once Jasmine calmed down enough to go back to sleep, we left her room knowing that we would all eventually have to sit through the unpleasant truths of her past. I feel so bad for her. Rose was the only person I knew how experienced such a vicious act.

I found Edward sitting on the bed as still as a statue. It looked as if he was actually trying not to read Jasmine's mind.

"Edward, are you all right?" At the sound of my voice, Edward awoke and smiled at me.

"Yes, I'm sorry, love. I was attempting-unsuccessfully to block out Jasmine's dreams. How is she?"

I hated to see my Edward so distraught. I sat beside him, lowering my shield.

"A little better. She's blaming herself for not getting her prescription refilled. Isn't the medicine that she described a type of anti-depressant?"

"Yes, it helps people deal with traumatic events...or should I say it helps to repress them. She really should not be taking those."

"How is Rose taking all of this? She disappeared before you did."

"She's in the garage with Emmett. She's having a really tough time with this. She feels guilty for being so hostile towards Jasmine and she's down on herself for not seeing it sooner."

"That's crazy. None of us could have known! It just seemed like she was reliving the car crash. Edward, honey, are you sure that it's not the crash? Are you sure that she was...I can't even think it, much less say it."

Edward took my hand, kissing it softly. "I'm positive. There are only bits and pieces because she's fighting so hard to repress it. But, she's in the woods and it's raining. She's terrified. She knows what they're going to do, but she fights it anyway."

"Good for her," I thought as my rage boiled inside me. "There's still one other issue. When is Carlisle going to tell her about us? It has to be soon, right? Even you said that she has already noticed the things we do."

"She has, and Carlisle wants to talk to her about it before she goes completely blind. He's estimating that she has only a few months left before it happens."

"I really didn't think Carlisle would be so willing to turn a human who wasn't dying."

"Jasmine's father was the only real friend he had. He knew there was something different about Carlisle, but he never questioned it. He thought that his differences help make him a better doctor. Carlisle feels that he owes him everything he can to help his daughter. Sometimes he can be a little too compassionate for his own good." Edward's face darkened again, as he cringed rubbing his forehead against my hand.

I tried to lighten his mood. "So, how crazy do you think Alice is going to go now that she has a new shopping partner?" I couldn't help but cringe myself when I thought of Alice and shopping.

Edward laughed softly, pulling me back on the bed with him. "Let's just say that Alice has finally found her perfect match."


Once breakfast was finished, the Cullen's slowly made their way downstairs. "Esme, I wanted to borrow one of your plates today, if that's all right?"

"Of course it is, dear. Did you cook all of this for us?" she said, her eyes taking in the large spread of scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toasted English muffins.

"Yeah, my mom and I sued to cook together all of the time. After she passed, I just settled for cooking for Trevor and myself in the morning time. That's why I wanted to borrow your plate. After school, I'm going to go to the store and pick up some of those plastic sectionals."

By this time, everyone was downstairs staring at the food with a little disdain. "Is something wrong? Did I cook too much?" I asked, running through all of the things that could be wrong.

"No, no, not at all. It looks perfect," Carlisle said, moving forward. "We just didn't expect you to do this. You really don't have to, you know."

"Or if you do, I would love to help," Esme said sweetly.

"I would really like that, Esme. Carlisle, could I speak with you for a moment?"

"Of course."

We walked towards the living room, sitting on the couch. "First, I want to apologize for last night."

"You have nothing to apologize about. You had a nightmare, it happens. If you don't mind me asking, what were you dreaming about?"

I was hoping he would not ask me this. The mood was already somber amongst the Cullen's. I couldn't lie to Carlisle, especially when he looked at me with so much concern. I lowered my eyes, wishing I could tell him the truth.

"Just some things in my pass I'm still trying to work through."

Carlisle's cold hand slipped over mine. I looked up into his eyes, knowing that somehow, in a matter of hours, we managed to grow closer. "I want you to know that we all care about you and there's nothing that you can't tell us."

Why was this so difficult? Why couldn't I just tell them what was going on? I know I would feel so much better if I just said those three little words. But I couldn't. It was my fault that it happened, my fault that the two most important people in my world are gone and I deserve to carry this pain for the rest of my life.

"Thank you, Carlisle. What I really wanted to ask you though, do you think it will be all right if I keep driving?"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out one of those mini flashlights doctors used to check your vision. He flashed the light in both of my eyes.

"You should be all right, but we are definitely starting those vision treatments today."

I laughed aloud, unable to contain my laughter. "What?" he seemed almost startled at my abrupt laughter.

"I'm sorry, but who carries a mini flashlight in their pocket?"

I could hear his family laughing from the kitchen. "Well, you know...it's just a habit."

I laughed again, patting his leg. "You are such a doctor."

*Just an additional note guys, the song is She Got Her Own (Miss Independent) from Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx and Fabolous!*