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Cassiw was a normal girl. Key word being was. Because one day in science class she looked out the window and saw a man get run over by a car, the car passed right through the man. He was a ghost... Cassie is convinced she is pyscho, so when she is offered a fresh start in Teterboro, New Jersey she glady accepts it. But when she is found in a dark alley by the mysterious, and brooding Hunter, she starts to beleive ghosts aren't the only supernatural things in the world. Can love conquer all between two different, yet similar people? AN: (OKAY, I TOTALLY CHANGED ALOT OF STUFF THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, SO THE CULLEN'S WILL NOT BE IN THE STORY MUCH!) This story is currently on hold, sorry...

I don't own Twilight, but I do own all the books and dvds!!!

1. Prologue

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Cassie was worried. She sat in her rickety chair in her bedroom. The curtains were closed shut, so no light could escape. All the electrical appliances were turned off, so nothing could distract her from rubbing her temples: trying to figure out what was happening.

No, that was wrong. Something wasn’t just happening; something strange, something odd, something horrific was happening. To her: to Cassie. To a seventeen year old girl who is normal. Who used to be normal.

It all started one week ago. Cassie could remember that day perfectly. She could remember where she was: seventh period science class, what she was doing : writing in her yellow spiral bound notebook about photosynthesis, what it smelled like: sharpie markers, what song was currently blasting in her head: Shake It by Metro Station, and what she was looking at: first it was the words cascading from her pen to the notebook.

Then she glanced nonchalantly at the window, for every day after that for a very long time Cassie willed God to let her go back in time, to not look at the window. But Cassie looked, and what she saw looked ordinary; it was a man, if you could call him that, he was really just a teenager in college.

He was standing in the street, which Cassie thought was a little strange. Then, he looked right at Cassie, Cassie could see his face turn from being bored, to that of pure awe. He started walking across the street yelling “You can see me? “Over, and over, and over.

Then he was hit by a car.

There was no screams.

There was no blood.

There was no crashing of metal. The car didn’t even stop, didn’t slow down. Life went on, as if a man had just not been hit by a car.

But that was thing, he hadn’t been hit. Because the gentleman who should be dead on the ground was still walking.

It was as if he was made of air, the car passed right through him. He was still walking towards me, he had quickened his pace to a jog;like he was in the Sahara desert and I was a jug of water about to be poisoned with sand.

Her concentration on the man was discontinued by the shrill ringing of the school’s final bell. She let her gaze shift from the window to the relieved students gathering up their supplies and leaving.

Bewildered, she quickly glanced back to the foggy window; expecting to see the hurried man just like before

.All Cassie saw though was a street lined up with moms in cars waiting to pick up their children. *~*

One could say that the man was just Cassie’s imagination that she was so bored with science that she had unconsciously conjured up an imaginary man. God knows Cassie used that excuse for days. Eventually Cassie had come to terms that she was truly seeing people that no one else could, and that scared her more than any horror movie.

Cassie was snapped back to reality with people moaning her name.

With shaky hands she lifted the flimsy curtains back, already dreading what she was about to see.

Outside her home were a multitude of people, overflowing from her manicured lawn onto the avenue behind it.

The entire crowd was injured in some way.

Cassie was starting to believe that these people were the impossible.

She was starting to believe that these people were dead.

And that she could see them.

Cassie let out a blood-curdling scream.