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In this story, Renesmee discovers an irrisitable urge to have a child. This story is the ups and downs and complications of Renesmee's life with her new husband Jacob.(They have been married for one year) Hey Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I am now Loch Ness Werewolf!!! Keep Writing! P.S. I am also a beta!!! Just contact me at lmitchler@yahoo.com ~Nessie Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. The Irristable Urge

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I sat down next to Carlisle, and I looked around. Though this house had been my home for the past ten years, I was so uncomfortable just by sitting in his office that Carlisle knew something was wrong. He could tell that something was wrong. "Hey Nessie, is something wrong?" he asked nonchalantly. "Carlisle, I'm going to ask you to block your thoughts." I said so seriously that the grin was wiped off his face and replaced with a grim expression. He nodded, knowing that whatever I had to tell him was serious. But I wasn't going to talk; too many ears could pick up our conversation. I feared that they already had.

Slowly, I leaned forward and placed my hand on his cheek; something I hadn't done in eight years. I could see that he got the image right away. He sat straight up like he had been shocked. I could almost feel the emotion coming of his body. Maybe there was a little Jasper in me yet. The image was a picture of me holding a baby werewolf sparkling in the sun. It was a sparklepuppy. It was my automatic response. The first thing I had thought of. Sparklepuppy, I loved the name from the second it came into existence.

Immediately, he looked me in the eye, and he asked the question that I had prepared myself to answer (and it took me the entire day). "Renesmee, are you sure?" Even though I had prepared myself for his question, it still made me hesitate. "I-I'm sure." Though my voice shook, he knew right then that nothing would change my mind. I wanted my own child so badly. I wanted to give birth to my very own sparklepuppy. "W-What are the chances Carlisle?" I asked, scared for the answer.

"Well," he thought carefully before answering. "Considering your human blood, the chances might actually be somewhere in the eighty percentile range." When he said those words, it felt like my heart burst from my chest and flew around the room. As if on cue, Jasper entered the room. "Hey what's so exciting Nessie?" he asked, caught up in my mood. "Umm-"but before I could answer, Alice ran into the room and swept me up in a big hug. "Oh Nessie! Why didn't you tell me? This is so exciting! I-" The look I gave her instantly silenced the chatter coming from her mouth.

"Alice, you can't tell anyone." I almost sounded like Jacob when he was angry. "Sorry Nessie. I didn't know that it was supposed to be a secret." She quickly backtracked. Supposed to be a secret? Oh well, there was no time to ask. "Alice can you see what would happen?" asked Carlisle bringing the focus back to her. "Of course not, you know that I can't see anything to do with werewolves." She sounded like she was stating the obvious. Well yeah, she was. Wait, werewolves? Interesting how she was already bringing Jacob into this. Though she could also be referring to the fact that Jacob and I were married and we were too close to treat as separate people.

"Wait, then how did you know about it?" I asked, interested. "I saw what you showed Carlisle." She said it like she was saying ‘duh' in my face. "Umm, Hello?" we all looked at Jasper. "What are you guys talking about, and what does it have to do with Nessie?" Jasper looked clueless, which is exactly what he was. Carlisle looked at me, and I nodded back. It wasn't fair to leave him out of this. Besides, Alice would have told him anyway no matter what I had said.

"Jasper," Carlisle slowly said his name. "Renesmee wants to have a baby." There, it was all over. He said it. "Oh." Jasper said. He looked like he didn't know what to say. "Renesmee, you would have to have the child before you stopped growing." Carlisle brought the attention back to me. Another worry to add to my long list, I was so lucky.

"How will she persuade Jacob?" A voice asked from behind me. I turned around to see my father staring right at me. "That's easy. She has him wrapped around her every word." My mother's voice added as she joined him in the doorway. "I think she should at least try." Of course Rosalie would think that. "Hey! I don't want to be a great uncle, it makes me sound old!" Emmett added, sticking his head in from the living room. Typical. One person is in on the secret and the whole household finds out.

"Would any body else like to join the conversation?!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "You guys get out of there and leave Nessie alone!" yelled Esme. "But-" protested Emmett. "Out!" commanded Esme. Now without eight people crowded around me, I could actually get a chance to relax. Finally, I could concentrate. Now came the hard part: Telling Jacob.