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In this story, Renesmee discovers an irrisitable urge to have a child. This story is the ups and downs and complications of Renesmee's life with her new husband Jacob.(They have been married for one year) Hey Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I am now Loch Ness Werewolf!!! Keep Writing! P.S. I am also a beta!!! Just contact me at lmitchler@yahoo.com ~Nessie Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Check and Mate: The Queen is Absent

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 733   Review this Chapter

I walked into the cottage as I had many times before. Instead of finding Nessie or even Bells, I found Edward sitting in a chair staring right at me. "Hey Edward," I called. "Where's Nessie?" he could probably just read my mind, but I liked to actually talk. He smiled a little. "She's at the house with Carlisle." He said so seriously that my first thought was that something was wrong.

"Nothing is wrong Jacob." He tried to calm me down. "They're just talking about ‘girl stuff'." He laughed. I glared at him. "What? We were all kicked out." He looked at me. Still glaring. Not funny Edward. I think that Nessie should have told me where she would be. I had no idea where she was until now.

"She didn't tell you because she wanted privacy." said Edward. Reading my mind again, I really should get one of those shields that Bells has. "It's a mental shield Jacob." Sheesh, can't he stop reading my mind? Right then, Edward starting humming his ABC's. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Not reading your mind." He said.

Maybe Edward should go to a mental place or whatever. "I heard that." He looked at me. "Hey! You said you weren't reading my mind." I protested. "Sorry." Edward apologized. He went back to humming his ABC's. I started to head up to the house, but Edward stopped me.

"I wouldn't go up there." he warned. "Why not?" I asked. "Esme kicks out anyone who gets within ten feet of the place." He snorted. "Don't think that she'll make an exception for you." Fine. I'll just sit right here. I thought to myself. "I wouldn't do that either." He said. But before I had time to protest, Alice ran in and swept me up in a big hug.

"Hey Jacob!" she shouted. "You came just in time. I have a huge headache." She looked back and nodded at Edward. I turned around to ask him what that was all about, but he was gone. "Let's play chess!" she commanded, practically dragging me into the living room. "That's no fair!" I protested. "You can see what will happen!" "I can not!" she argued. "I can't see anything to do with werewolves, so you'll just have to lose to my awesome skill!" she bragged.

We got halfway through the game when Bells walked in. I remembered the whole Nessie thing and immediately got up to ask her about it. "Sorry Jacob," she said holding her hand out to stop me. "Girl stuff is girl stuff and if I'm correct, you are not a girl." Well thanks for the answers.

I was about to head up to the house and brave Esme when Alice shouted in triumph. "Check and Mate!" she cried. "I win!" "Hey!" I protested. "I didn't even move!" "Yeah, but I saw where you were going to move." She stated. "You said you couldn't see what would happen!" I shouted. "Exactly, it was the only spot I didn't see." She gloated. "I win!"

I turned back to Bella. "Will I ever know what's going on?" I asked in misery. "Possibly." She hinted. "Well that clears everything up!" I was using sarcasm a lot today. Just then, Jasper walked in. "Hey Jacob." He said tiredly. "How did it go?" Alice asked. "Bad, her emotions kept changing." He said. I could barley make out anything they said.

"I really need the ears of a vampire." I grumbled. "Sorry Jacob, you will just have to wait." He said sadly. I started to feel guilty for being mad at them all. Right then, I felt waves of calm wash over me. I looked at Jasper too angry for words. "What?" he asked knowing full well what made me angry. Why wouldn't anyone tell me what was going on?

I stalked out of the cottage in a silent rage and phased in the woods. I was about to burst into Carlisle's office and demand to know what was going on when I caught bits and pieces of a conversation through his open window. "Renesmee........you sure?" and "What......tell him?" but worst of all my sweet Renesmee's voice, "Sparklepuppies." What was this all about? I ran off into the forest. Sparklepuppies?...............!