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.She's Not In-between, Just Other.

She's Not In-between, Just Other There's a visitor in Forks, but she's definitely no tourist. That appears to be all that’s definite, though. Well…that and her stunning beauty. Can the Cullens figure out just exactly who or what she is? Could her mysterious male companions provide the answers? Set a decade or so after Breaking Dawn ends…Renesmee is full grown (and married to Jacob) and the wolf pack at La Push has grown significantly. Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same…

I don't own Twilight, unfortunately. I do, however, own Freyvarr. Her soul is mine! Muhahaha!

2. Chapter 2 - Submersion

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"Are they definitely human blood drinkers?" asked Carlisle, trying to confirm the details as the Cullens ran into the forest.

"I'm not sure," admitted Alice, "It was hazy to begin with and I can't see at all now."

"Maybe the werewolves got involved," suggested Bella.

"Maybe," replied Alice uncertainly, "But I think there is something else as well. Even as I watched it, it kept changing. I think its something about that female."

"Maybe it is," said Carlisle, "I suppose we will just have to find out when we get there."

Suddenly, Edward, who had been ahead of the others, stopped.

"What is it?" asked Bella.

"We may have a slight complication…" he muttered ominously.


Freyvarr examined the wolf before her. Trembling with an unexplained anger, its muscles were coiled, ready for action. Its thick copper coat shimmered in the starlight and its eyes, though not currently human, were surprisingly readable and a glistening emerald green. Its companions were various shades and sizes and all carrying varying expressions. These ranged from anger or impatience to the calm, pacifying understanding of their leader. Freyvarr could not fathom their silent communications, only their scent on the air. It was a thick, rich aroma, infused with adrenaline and testosterone and a dozen other chemicals which she didn't recognise as human. All these things she would have expected, however, and gave little clues as to their strange communication.

It registered in Freyvarr's mind that the Cullens were approaching, and it was not long before they duly appeared, spilling out into the clearing. Freyvarr observed their formation with interest. It seemed not to be dictated by ability, or physical strength, but rather by family ties and the odd connections which pulled them together. Freyvarr liked them already. They were so close-knit, so deliciously human. She wondered if they missed being human, trying so hard as they were to not be vampires. She almost admired that, though. It took perseverance, commitment. Serious delusion as well, but she could forgive them that. She reached out towards them with her mind, allowing herself to pour into the environment. Suddenly a billion things reached her consciousness and she slipped into the ocean of information, willing it to order itself for her.


She focused her thoughts on that last stream of information, pulling it into an identifiable shape within her mind. It was the Cullen vampire she had been warned about, pressing into her mind with increasing persistence. Judging by his continued attempts, however, he was having little luck. Freyvarr pushed a bit more on her strand of knowledge, seeking a path into new information. Suddenly she got lucky and caught the wisp of a fleeing stream of data. The mind reader was protected by a mind shielding vampire. Interesting. Freyvarr tugged at her new lead, feeling out the nature of the shield. Powerful. Very. Not impenetrable, however. Not to anyone who thought like Freyvarr did.

If she had wanted to kill them, she might have laughed. How easy it would be to manipulate their abilities and gain access to their minds. She doubted that the mind reader was used to being detected in other people's minds. Evidently not, or he would know that one small push, one tiny effort on her part could allow her access to his mind. It was just a matter of reversing the connection. After all, an ability like his was only one way because it went mostly undetected within the subconscious (and even conscious). Not for Freyvarr though. Moreover, after gaining access to his mind, the skip to the shielding female would be easy - as simple as following the defences she had herself put in place. From there it would be possible to disable her shield, or even access the abilities of any other vampires she shielded.

Freyvarr congratulated herself. Now this, she thought, is why I'm good. Then she tired of her new information and flicked it away to the back of her mind. It might be useful later, but she didn't intend to kill the Cullens. Or, in fact, abuse and manipulate their minds and abilities. Well. Not yet. Instead, she pulled herself back to the situation at hand. She quickly measured the time since she had submerged herself. Roughly 0.675 s. She grimaced. She was getting slow in her old age.

In the clearing there was a moment of quiet, in which silent communications continued between the werewolves and no doubt the mind reading vampire. She sighed. How tiring she found these unknown conversations! She supposed that she could submerge herself again and try to catch the thread of their mind speech, but she already had enough of a headache from that mind reader pounding away at her mind. Having to cope with his ability from the view of his own mind, hers AND six others might just drive her crazy. Frankly, she mused, mindreading is really not the kind of ability that anyone wants to see in a multidimensional feedback loop.

"Done yet?" she sang into the night, "Can we have some audible conversation now?"

They all turned to her, most of the vampires and werewolves appearing first surprised, then annoyed by her presence, and after some seconds of slow motion thought, possibly even angered. She groaned inwardly. She could cope with their anger, but now she could feel another ability itching in the back of her mind. Some kind of mood affecter. Intriguing, but she could assess it later. It was time to make proper acquaintances with the Cullen Clan.


Reon sprung into action, blocking the path of His Beautiful as she tried to step forwards. Didn't she understand? What if they hurt her? His Beautiful looked up at him, as if mildly surprised by his existence, or perhaps only by his existence in that particular geographical location. Her ruby eyes sought his, full of a careful concentration as if he was some kind of logic puzzle to which the answer had temporarily eluded her. She broke their short eye contact to scan his body with a critical eye. Despite feeling a little embarrassed by her unashamedly comprehensive observations, he also felt strangely privileged by her acknowledgement, however slight. His mind occupied with these thoughts, he barely noticed when His Beautiful stepped swiftly past him and towards the Cullens.

"I don't believe we've met. My name is Freyvarr."

Her name was Freyvarr. His Freyvarr.