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.She's Not In-between, Just Other.

She's Not In-between, Just Other There's a visitor in Forks, but she's definitely no tourist. That appears to be all that’s definite, though. Well…that and her stunning beauty. Can the Cullens figure out just exactly who or what she is? Could her mysterious male companions provide the answers? Set a decade or so after Breaking Dawn ends…Renesmee is full grown (and married to Jacob) and the wolf pack at La Push has grown significantly. Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same…

I don't own Twilight, unfortunately. I do, however, own Freyvarr. Her soul is mine! Muhahaha!

4. Chapter 4 - Run

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"Please," said Freyvarr, "I mean no harm. I merely seek a mutual arrangement which would benefit us all. Werewolves included. It can’t be easy dealing with so many city vampires."

"Perhaps we should talk about this back at the house," said Carlisle.

"You're going to trust her after all we've been through?!" said Rosalie incredulously.

"Please, Rosalie," said Edward, "Don't ask stupid questions because I don't think I can stand to listen to her thoughts again."

Freyvarr bit her lip to restrain a smile. "Listen, Edward? And here was me thinking I'd shown you something a little more graphic…Anyway. Here's me getting distracted as usual. I'd love to come back to your house, Carlisle."

"Excellent. Let's go."

The Cullens moved back into the shade of the trees and headed off towards the house, running at a comfortable pace. Edward vaguely heard the werewolves deciding to move off back to La Push in their thoughts, but was slightly alarmed to see Reon follow behind the vampires. Then again, what had he expected? Jacob barely ever left Renesmee's side except for werewolf business. Now Reon would be the same. Great. That was just what they needed, another dog in the house.

It took Edward a couple of seconds to register that Freyvarr had come up from behind and was running alongside him. He decided that he was going to ignore her though. Even if she was flashing him an enticing smile. And moving closer. And looking stunning.

"Wanna race?" she whispered.

"Uh, no."

"Scared you might lose, Edward?"

"Of course not. No-one beats me in a race."

He had meant to sound impressive, or at least confident, but the expression on Freyvarr's face gave him an odd suspicion that he had sounded more like an arrogant child. She was no longer trying to contain her smile - she couldn’t. It was too far gone, too outrageously joyous, too exponentially perfect on her lips and already bordering on a laugh. It was then that Edward really looked at her, in a way that he hadn't when he believed her to be dangerous.

Freyvarr was beautiful even by vampire standards. Even by Rosalie standards, in fact, and Rosalie was the most attractive vampire that Edward knew. It wasn't a subtle beauty though, not like that of Bella, it was the full on breathtaking goddess-like beauty that only really belonged in the imagination. Edward's next thought - and he despised himself for it - was how lucky he was to see her running up close. This was because the more he watched each perfect sinuous movement, the more it struck him that she could only really be appreciated like this, not static, but moving.


Freyvarr couldn't help but be all the more amused when she caught one of a few admiring glances that Edward seemed to be throwing in her direction. By the time they were near to the house, she could barely withhold her amusement. Seeing the large modern house in the distance, however, she focused her sights and accelerated towards it. This moved her up from a jog into the long swift running stride which she preferred. Edward too began to cover ground with a greater speed, his long, loping stride almost matching hers. Almost. It seemed that he was straining to meet her pace (though she was sure that he wouldn't admit that if she asked later). She extended into a longer, faster gait, approaching the Cullen house with spectacular speed. She laughed as Edward fell back, unable to keep up, but dared not turn back to see his face - probably somewhere in the midst of irritation, confusion or anger. She only slowed up when she was fast covering the last stretch before arriving at the large angular building that had nestled itself in the damp countryside. Here she fell into a walk, and indulged in a slight smile, tongue poking out just a little, as Edward caught up.


Reon wished the other werewolves hadn't gone back. He wasn't comfortable around vampires without them, even around the Cullens. He also wanted to catch up with His Precious, but she was sprinting far ahead, running alongside Edward. At least His Beautiful One seemed happy. God knows why. It didn’t take long for His Perfect to reach the Cullen house, closely followed by Edward, but the others arrived a little later. Bella didn't look best pleased. Reon couldn't blame her. Edward was all too close to His Excellent One and for her part, His Excellent One seemed all to amused. Suddenly noticing his thoughts, Edward stepped a little away from His Beautiful. He seemed genuinely surprised at Reon's train of thought, his eyes wide at the unconscious assumption that the werewolf had made.

"Shall we go inside?" asked Carlisle to the group as a whole, strangely unaware of the slight tension in the air. Perhaps he was made aware of it a few seconds later though, as the situation was mysteriously corrected by a general wave of calm. Carlisle frowned, but said nothing and lead the way into the house.