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.She's Not In-between, Just Other.

She's Not In-between, Just Other There's a visitor in Forks, but she's definitely no tourist. That appears to be all that’s definite, though. Well…that and her stunning beauty. Can the Cullens figure out just exactly who or what she is? Could her mysterious male companions provide the answers? Set a decade or so after Breaking Dawn ends…Renesmee is full grown (and married to Jacob) and the wolf pack at La Push has grown significantly. Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same…

I don't own Twilight, unfortunately. I do, however, own Freyvarr. Her soul is mine! Muhahaha!

5. Chapter 5 - Details

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Carlisle led everyone into the Cullen living room. Even in this large clear space, the group was very crowded. The werewolves had manages to squeeze themselves into a corners of the room, Jacob at the front and only Reon set apart form the others. They mostly seemed to be wrinkling their noses at the jasmine scent that pervaded and saturated the room. Only Jacob seemed unperturbed, presumably immune to the smell because of the many hours he spent in vampire company, The Cullens stood at the other end of the room looking a little uncomfortable. Maracus and Infidus meanwhile, seemed downright terrified to be within an enclosed space. They stood directly at the centre of the room, red eyes darting between the various vampires, werewolves and the door, their bodies subconsciously angled towards the possible escape route. Of all the people in the room, Freyvarr seemed to be the most at ease. After wandering inside with the rest of the group, she had made her way towards a comfortable-looking sofa, which covered almost an entire wall of the room with its plush cream expanse. She fell backwards onto it immediately, allowing herself to sink into its comfort.

"You have a gorgeous home, Mrs Cullen," she had said as she made herself a comfortable.

Edward wondered exactly how it was that she managed to get away with this kind of behaviour. The Cullens, or at least he, would have been surprised, if not irked, by any other vampire that decided to so quickly welcome themselves into their home. Yet with Freyvarr… it seemed so natural, as if she was merely arriving home in the company of family. Perhaps it was that signature smile, confidential, intimate and often unprovoked. Whenever she smiled, it always felt as if they must have been friends for several years. Or perhaps this was her ability? An innate friendliness and intimacy. All the better to lure people in, Edward thought, grimacing slightly at the thought of his own behaviour just previously and the things he had been thinking then.

"You wanted to talk, Carlisle?" said Freyvarr.


Freyvarr was beginning to like Reon. He was a little odd, but to some extent he seemed a little more independent than his wolf friends. Freyvarr admired his courage, even if it was mostly the product of rage. She dared not even think of where that rage had come from. Under normal circumstances, she might have said infatuation, but in this case that was unlikely. Not impossible, as Freyvarr generally disliked that word, but perhaps at least unlikely.

She wished Carlisle would answer her question, vague as it had been. Unfortunately though, he seemed to be just as occupied with being awkward as the rest of his family. This was slightly disappointing. Carlisle had seemed somewhat more intelligent than everyone else. Apparently he had been expecting that their entrance to the building might provide him with sudden inspiration on how to solve the situation placed before him. No such luck.

"Carlisle?" Freyvarr urged.

"Ah yes. You see, what we need to establish…we need to establish…"

"The severity of the threat?"

"Yes. The threat."

"Of the city vampires."

"Exactly. So. How …is that?"

"Essentially, both real and severe. It surprises me that you are not more aware of the situation. The city clans have been in turmoil for the best part of six years. It originally occurred due to one clan of three, who intended to create more vampires. There were only two other vampires in the city at that time, who would have rather kept a low profile. Unfortunately, the growing clan wanted to recruit them to their cause. Their refusal was the reason for a certain amount of tension between the two groups, if it could be called tension. Both clans were intent on hunting and eradicating the other, a harder and harder task for one side if the other kept growing. To achieve this ridiculous mission, more and more humans were immortalised. Unfortunately, our numbers are making us more and more obvious to the mortal population. There are at least 200 vampires in the city now, and not just two clans, but several other smaller ones. Some of which are like us, non-mortal drinkers. Unfortunately, this only serves to cause greater difference and tensions between clans. The feud has become bigger than the city can take and it is starting to get noticed. They now seek greater territory, all vying for hunting grounds. They have been trying to expand in this direction for a couple of years, only to be blocked by the wolves and, of course, on occasion yourselves. Don't make the mistake of getting complacent though. The greater the numbers of immortalised ones becomes, the greater the pressure on your defences will become."

"You make it sound as if this is war."

"It is."

"And what do you suggest we do?"

"I suggest an alliance, a joining of your little family with mine."

At this point, she indicated Maracus and Infidus.

"What will that achieve? If the threat is as great as you claim, how will we gain from this very small addition?"

"A great deal. I have connections in the city, with clan leaders in some cases. So long as I offer you protection and vouch for your worth, you will remain unchallenged. My influence might just earn you your lives. You'll be safe."

"From everyone?"

"From everyone."

"But why haven't the Volturi got involved in this? Surely they wouldn't just let the situation get this out of hand?"

"The Volturi?" Freyvarr laughed, the Cullens could be so amusing! "As if the Volturi could do anything! They tried, yes, but they didn't stand a chance. Trust me, the Volturi are old news. Locked away in their own little world, they've forgotten what the modern world is like. Perhaps they never found out. They came along with a couple of guards and a pain-maker and expected us to roll over just like that? It really was quite hilarious. They completely underestimated the power of so many newborns. Let alone the abilities that they didn't account for. For example a friend of mine, Neoynx, is an absorber - absorbs other vampire's abilities. You should have seen Aro's face…" she laughed again as an image of Aro's bizarre, contorted face appeared in her mind.


Reon wondered how His Precious could be so amused after such a tale. Not that he held that against her, he could tell that His Perfect was naturally a lively, happy person. His Beautiful was kind, too, to have come all this way to protect the Cullens. Reon always knew he would imprint on someone nice, someone kind. His Perfect Beautiful Precious…

"What do you get from all this?" asked Carlisle, "How will this benefit you?"

How could they doubt His Excellent One? Surely they did not think that His Perfect acted out of anything other than kindness? She is far to perfect to be anything other than altruistic…

"Have you never been curious Carlisle? About a way of life other than your own, one that may be worth learning from?"

Ah, of course that was it. His Beautiful One was also seeking to expand her horizons, due to her naturally inquisitive mind. How… perfect…