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Twilight Poems

Just some poems I wrote. thought they would fit.


1. Bella #1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 295   Review this Chapter

When people say suicide,
they think of material things,
like guns, knives,blood, and physical pain,

But have you ever heard of mental suicide,
suicide of the heart?
Filled with emotional pain,
there is no blood,
just mountains of hurt,

Hurt enough to coat the sky,
Enough tears to fill the oceans,
But no one ever gets physically hurt,

Why is there no penalty for emotional murder?
Whenever a child is yelled at,
or a wife is beaten,
something dies on the inside,
but no one seems to mind,

If there was a penny for whenever a someone got hurt,
all of the children in Africa could gloat.
But what is money worth,
when there is a child who is hiding in a closet,
so he won't see his parents fighting?
Nobody will care when he's 35 and beating up his wife.

People are too busy dealing with bombs in New York,
while there is a child being called a dork,
but his parents wont care when he get revenge,
he wound up in the hospital,

but will it ever change?

Nope, we all no that,
you look on the street,
there's a dead cat,

Nobody cares they just walk on by,
they pretend like it's nobody's business,


Have you ever stopped to think,
what happen to that cat,
was he beaten to death,
or just left like that?

So, here I am,
dead on the inside,
nobody needs to know,
how I wish he were mine,
I can't deal with pain,
it has to stop,
I wish I could take a gun and blast my heart out,

How did we get to this conversation
of such horror and fright?
Well, it all started with a word-

Emotional suicide.