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All Human.

Edward and Bella are leading happy lives in the town of forks after highschool. Then Bella get's pregnant. Edward would be happy, until something horrible happens. He gets a disease...not the one you die from, I bet you were all worried there eh? Luckily the Cullens help her guide her threw her pregnancy and try to help Edward get back to his normal self. By the way, the thing he has is a mystery, but he does forget stuff and likes to be called a whole different person! HINT! HINT! C:UsersJordanPicturesBanner for Upset.jpg

Wow...why was Edward acting like that? Was he telling bella the truth...

1. Chapter 1 Anniversary

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That's it, the test was possitive, I was pregnant. I smiled to my self. I knew Edward would be a good father. I was just a little worried on how he would re-act. I hope he is happy too.

Edward knocked on the door, wondering why I was taking so long. We were going out for dinner, luckily the exact night I found out I was pregnant, I could tell him in the resteraunt. Along with Esme and Carlisle. They were coming to, because it was there 20th aniversary.

I walked to the door and opened it. Edward was standing there smiling. “Hi.” I said. I was wering my favourite formal, brown t-shirt with a matching brown skirt Alice had got me.

“Let's go, Carlisle and Esme are leaving now.” I nodded and walked out of Edward's room.

We were going to Seattle, the place Edward and I went when he proposed to me. Our wedding date was this summer.

I walked out the downstairs door and to the limo Carlisle rented for the family to ride in. “Wow.” I said. Edward had rented almost the exact same limo for me. Huh. Great minds think alike.

* * *

About 2 hours later, we arrived at the Seattle resturaunt. We didn't come here just to eat and go home. We were staying in a lugury hotel.

We walked into the resturaunt.

“Carlisle and Esme Cullen. We have reservations.” Carlisle said to the waiter. He flipped some pages in a book and his eyes popped open. He straightened his back looked at all of us and smiled the most sincere kind smile.

“Right this way, I have a special table planned for you.” He had a french accent. Well, it was a french resturaunt. La Chauto debussy.

We followed the polite waitor to our huge table. It had red on the table, with the finest, cleanest silver ware, and crystal glasses with gold rimming. It was beautiful. I heard Esme gasp.

“Sit down dear.” I heard Carlisle say. Everyone sat down.

“Well, this is beautiful. I love you Carlisle.” Esme said, her eyes watery. Everyone smiled at her.

“Happy anniversary. I have a gift, I want to tell everyone.” I looked at Edward and took his hand for support, even though he had no idea what this was about.

“I am Pregant.” I smiled at everyone. At the same time I smiled, everyone gasped and had a big smile on there face. Esme, had tears coming down her soft face.

“That's wonderful!” Esme said.

“Congrats Bella! I am so happy! I am planning the baby shower!” I heard Alice say.

“This is awesome! I hope it's a boy! I will teach him every sport I know!” Emmett.

“I have always wanted to be an aunt!” That was Rosalie.

“I love children, I will love having a grand child.” That was carlisle.

“Great, congrats guys!” That was Jasper, he sounded very happy.

The only one I didn't hear was Edward. I looked over, he was just sitting there. A big...frown on his face. I touched his face, but he pulled away. Nobody noticed, but I felt my cheeks get hot.

“Edward? Are you okay?” I asked. He looked into my eyes. He didn't look okay.

“Bella, can we take this outside.” I nodded. He grabbed my hand and we went outside.

“Bella, how can this be, I am not going to be a good father. You have to get rid of it!” I looked at him. I put my hand on my stomach.

“What are you talking about? You will be a great father!” I tried to wrap my arms around him but he pushed me away. What was wrong with him.

“Don't touch me.” That, that sent me off.

“You know what! Fine, I will, I will kill our first child! I will do whatever the 'Supposed' to be MAN tells me to! That's what I hate about you! You always get your way!” I stomped inside. Leaving Edward on the street. What had gotten into him!?

I wiped the tears from my eyes before I sat down. The empty seat beside me.

“Wheres Edward?” Alice asked.

“Oh, he is outside, getting some fresh air.” I smiled and joined a conversation about grandchildren with Esme so I didn't have to talk about Edward.

--Authors note...they are ALL human, Carlisle and Esme have been married since they were 20 and now they are 40. Edward and Bella are finsihed higschool and Bella moved into the Cullen's house. If you have any questions or things I didn't quit clear up please ask. And please review and tell me if I need to write more! Thanks so much bye!