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All Human.

Edward and Bella are leading happy lives in the town of forks after highschool. Then Bella get's pregnant. Edward would be happy, until something horrible happens. He gets a disease...not the one you die from, I bet you were all worried there eh? Luckily the Cullens help her guide her threw her pregnancy and try to help Edward get back to his normal self. By the way, the thing he has is a mystery, but he does forget stuff and likes to be called a whole different person! HINT! HINT! C:UsersJordanPicturesBanner for Upset.jpg

Wow...why was Edward acting like that? Was he telling bella the truth...

2. Chapter 2 Hospital

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E POV “You know what! Fine, I will, I will kill our first child! I will do whatever the 'Supposed' to be MAN tells me to! That's what I hate about you! You always get your way!” She yelled. That was the first time Bella had ever yelled at me. She stormed into the resteraunt. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. I only smoked when I was stressed, and I was defitnetly stress. I had something I needed to tell Bella, something she probably wouldn't even care about, but I was always scared she would care, and leave me. B POV * * * Edward and I walked into the hotel room. The Cullen's rented a whole hall in the hotel. But that was almost nothing. Jasper, my soon to be brother, once rented a whole HOTEL for Alice. Just because they got engaged. “I love that your pregnant.” I turned around, that clearly wasn't his thought earlier... “Oh, really, I think you made it pretty clear earlier that you didn't want children!” I said. Edward looked at me so surprised that I thought he was having a heart attack. He came over to me and hugged me. I don't know where this was coming from, but I liked it! “I never said anything like that.” Now this was freaking me out, why didn't he remember. “I'll be right back.” I slipped out of his grip. I didn't want to bother Carlisle on his anniversary, but I think he should give Edward a look over. I reached his door. I know, one, twice, three times before he answered. He opened the door with a science book in his hand. “Oh, hello Bella, is there anythign you need?” “I am really sorry to bother you, but Edward and I got in a fight at the resteraunt, and now he doesn't remember any of it. I am worried because it isn't like Edward to just, pretend nothing happened, or forget something that happened less than 2 hours ago.” He saw the true worry in my eyes and decided to come check it out. When we go in Edward and mine room, he was in the corner, rocking back and forth. I ran over to him, as did Carlisle. “Edward! What's wrong!” “Who are you! Why did you take me here?!” He was still rocking back and forth, he didn't know where he was or anything. “Edward! Look at me, I am your father! I am Carlisle and this is your fiancee Bella! Just stand up and we can go to the hospital.” Carlisle had the most stern voice I had ever heard him use. * * * We were sitting in the hospital waiting. I was rocking back and forth crying beside Alice. Carlisle took me away from Edward after the whole Bedroom incident. I was worried out of my mind, it was making me feel sick. “Mrs. Cullen, you may come in now.” I looked up, the nurse was looking at me. I stood up and followed her. When I got in the room. Edward was sitting on the bed reading a older book, I wasn't sure what it was. He looked at me and smiled. “Oh, hello, you are the woman from the hotel?” He was still smiling. “No, Edward, I am your fiancee. I am Isabella Swan, but like to be called Bella, and I am carrying your child.” He looked shocked. Tear started coming down my cheeks, and I silently sobbed. “You must be mistaken, my name is Jonathon.” He was stilling looking shocked. “No, your sick, I think. And they are going to keep you here for a while. I will visit every day.” I was really sobbing now. Carlisle came in and took me out. Edward was just sitting there. Still looking shocked. * * * It has been about 4 weeks Edward has been in the hospital, and we were taking him home today. The doctor diagnosed him with Multiple personality disorder (MPD). I hadn't been very happy about that. They were giving him a special medication, I don't remember what it was called. We pulled in the hospital drive. I got out and ran to the door. Edward was waiting in the waiting room. I walked quickly up to him and hugged him gently. He smiled at me. “Come on, it's time to go home Edward.” I held his hand gently, so he didn't freak out, and walked out to Carlisle's car.