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The Dead Coven

Everyone thought that all the newborns from Victoria's army were dead, but two girls, Lyssa and Allison, hid from the Volturi and the Cullens with the powers that no one knew they had. If they let the world of Vampires know about their powers surely the Volturi will want to use them, but if they don't will they be in exile forever?!? Note: The Deadly Coven's purpose is to destroy the dead coven. Marrisa*-KyleMegan*-KevinMaria*- Kris3Ms3 Ks The banner is by me! Okay! This is what I think Allison looks like but I put it in black and white so the red would show up. Allison has bright red hair and Lyssa has brown hair. I'll post Bios later.

Note: The Deadly Coven's purpose is to destory the dead coven. Marrisa*-Kyle Megan*-Kevin Maria*- Kris 3 Ms 3 Ks

2. The Only Things that Could Save Us

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Lyssa's POV

We both knew we could travel anywhere and ‘daydream', but we were NOT ready for the next two. I was tired of walking and wanted to do something exciting. I really wanted to be able to fly and float thorough the air. I must have been hallucinating because when I looked up I realized I was in the air.

I looked at myself, and I was shocked to find that I couldn't see myself at all. I could see the ground and the rest of the sky, but I could not see me. I wasn't selfish, but I liked seeing me. I thought I was pretty cute, and I liked the way I looked. I realized that it was kind of nice to be able to look into a mirror and see yourself.

I didn't think I could have another power, but after thinking for about one second I couldn't find any other logical explanation. There was only one thing to do: Talk to Allison.

I tried to reach her mind, but she was too far away. I focused deep inside myself, to get ready for the long distance I would try to travel, and I found that I could see her. Allison! I thought. She didn't even hear me. I stopped focusing on her, and she disappeared.

This was freaky. I focused on her again, and I saw her start to glow. She was so bright that I stopped concentrating on seeing her so my eyes wouldn't hurt. What I was doing was kind of like looking into mirror, but seeing someone else instead of yourself. That was it! A mirror. I had found another power. I could see people with my ‘mirror,' but not hear what they said. Exactly like a mirror.

I raced to where I had seen Allison. She was standing next to a bird, and she was talking to it. Allison! I thought. She turned around. I spread my memories of the last minute into her mind. Not like I could have stopped her from seeing it anyway, but this was much quicker.

Then, I was hit by a rush of emotions coming from Alli. Okay, Okay! I thought. Calm down and just show me whatever it is you want to tell me already. I shouted. Her memories of the last minute washed over me like a flood. She was glittering brightly, and then she was talking to animals. The animals talked back to her, and a vampire that came close to her fell over and was paralyzed by the brightness.

I was overwhelmed, but I was enjoying it as much as she had. This was incredible! We both had discovered two new powers, and we both shared the same old ones. We would be an invincible team. No mates or other friends to hog the attention. For once in all my immortality, I felt like I truly belonged.

She ran over to my side and gave me a hug. We will be-are the best of friends! She corrected herself. I never doubted it. I replied.

Now, here we were. Two years later, and we were being chased by the Volturi. My only hope was that our combined powers could save us from what might come.