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The Dead Coven

Everyone thought that all the newborns from Victoria's army were dead, but two girls, Lyssa and Allison, hid from the Volturi and the Cullens with the powers that no one knew they had. If they let the world of Vampires know about their powers surely the Volturi will want to use them, but if they don't will they be in exile forever?!? Note: The Deadly Coven's purpose is to destroy the dead coven. Marrisa*-KyleMegan*-KevinMaria*- Kris3Ms3 Ks The banner is by me! Okay! This is what I think Allison looks like but I put it in black and white so the red would show up. Allison has bright red hair and Lyssa has brown hair. I'll post Bios later.

Note: The Deadly Coven's purpose is to destory the dead coven. Marrisa*-Kyle Megan*-Kevin Maria*- Kris 3 Ms 3 Ks

3. Chapter 3: Killing Your Love

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Allison's POV

A last minute change in direction had us headed up to Alaska. I had good and bad memories there, but the bad memories overshadowed the good ones. All thanks to the Deadly Coven.

Two years ago, the group of vampires chasing us found our location. Sadly, they also found my best friend Cody. Cody was a polar bear, but it felt like he was a human. I know that if Cody had been a vampire, we would have been mates.

We were sitting in a cave, which was our home, when we heard a shriek and a man's laugh. "This is a little present for you!" he yelled. "We know you're out there." Without thinking twice, Lyssa dissembled her molecules flew out of the cave.

I saw through her eyes what was happening. Six vampires were crowded around something. There were three girls and three guys, no doubt mates, which stood there. "Come on," one of the guys whined. "Let's just go tell Caisus that there are only two of them." The rest of them nodded, and they all left.

What they had hidden made mean scream. A polar bear with its neck broken, laying on its side and blood smeared all over it. Cody. My Cody was dead. They had killed him. All I could think about was revenge. I was heartbroken.

I didn't want to go back to Alaska. I needed time to calm down, so I wouldn't think about what had happened. Let's pass through Seattle first. Lyssa thought sympathetically. Thank you. I said appreciatively. I had a while yet before my nightmare set in again.

As we approached Seattle, we slowed down to a human's walking pace. The downtown area was full of all different kinds of people. Most of the guys waved, but there were some girls who waved too. The one who stood out the most to me was a young vampire who had shyly waved at us and then ran away at vampire speed.

We walked down an alley because the sun was starting to come out. Right then, we heard a scream that sounded like a young teenage boy. Just for a moment, my thoughts flickered back to Cody.

Lyssa looked at me, and I pleaded silently. I had to know who it was. I had to help him. She dissembled both of us, and we sped down the alley way until we came to the place where the scream had come from.

The first thing I saw was a teenage boy backed up against the wall. He looked so much like Cody. He had a vanilla-like shade of blond hair and light blue eyes. Then I saw who his attackers were. The Three Ks. Anger welled up inside me.

"Wh-What do y-you w-w-want?" he stammered while slowly sliding down the wall. "Blood." One of the Ks said. At those words, the boy paled and slide completely down the wall. The man talking brought his foot over the boy's leg and brought it down hard. CRACK. I could tell that the bones were completely shattered. The boy went unconscious.

I looked at Lyssa. I had to help the boy. I'm sorry, Allison. It's too risky. She thought. I tried to reform myself, but I couldn't. The man leaned down to drink the boy's blood. I desperately tried to help the boy, but I couldn't do anything. After a second, the man drew back in disgust.

"Eww, it tastes like polar bear blood." He said. I felt my heart soar. It could be Cody. He could have come back as a human. It was probably impossible, but my hope rose up desperately. I had to save the boy.

"Let's go." The man said. "The kid will die of blood loss in a few hours anyway." They left in a matter of seconds. I felt myself start to reform, and I rushed to the boy. He had slipped back into consciousness, and was moaning in pain.

You have to bite him, Allison. Lyssa thought. What if I couldn't stop? What if I killed him? Allison! You have to bite him now! Lyssa yelled. I had to take the chance. I wouldn't lose Cody again. I was sure that this boy was my Cody. I knew it.

I pulled back the hair that had fallen over his eyes. He looked at me, scared that I would hurt him. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "It's the only way." I took of the hat I wore and let my hair fall around my face. I leaned in, and he whimpered, fearing that I would drink his blood.

I made eye-contact with him and quickly bit him over the heart. He looked at me again, eyes huge. Then I bit him in the arm, the leg, his neck, and his side. For a second, I thought it didn't work. But then, he started moaning and twisting. I looked at Lyssa. We had to get him out of here.

Gently, I picked him up. Farther down the alley was the side door of a house. Lyssa knocked on it, and a young woman answered. When she saw the boy in my arms, she let us in without asking any questions. She ushered us into an apartment with a kitchen and two rooms.

"Here! Put him on the couch!" she said. "I'll call 911!" "NO!" I shouted. "Are you crazy?" asked the woman while grabbing the phone. "Wait let me explain." Said Lyssa calmly, leading the woman into the next room. I carefully laid the boy down onto the couch. I looked at him. He did look so much like Cody. He couldn't die. I wouldn't let him.

The boy was unconscious. I leaned down next to him and slowly kissed his forehead. "Don't worry." I murmured. "I won't let you die." He was very warm. I put my hand over his forehead to cool him down. He sighed and turned a little closer to me. "I love you." I whispered, and I realized I did. This was my Cody. He had to be. I wouldn't let him slip through my fingers again.

I hardly noticed that Lyssa came back into the room until she came over with the woman. I told her that we were vampires. Lyssa thought. Okay. Will she tell? I asked. I don't think so, but I'll keep my mirror on her just in case. She replied. That was good enough for me.

I brought my attention back to the boy. "Will he survive?" asked the woman. "Possibly." Said Lyssa. "But not in the way you are thinking of." "He will be one of us if he survives." I said coldly. I had taken away any chance of life he had had. I was a monster. I changed him only because there was a tiny chance that he would be the reincarnation of my Cody. I was so selfish.

No. Lyssa thought. It was the Three Ks. No human remedy could have saved him. The thought didn't comfort me very much. I quickly bit him a couple more time over his heart just to make sure that there was enough venom. "Who are you?" the woman asked. "I'm Lyssa." Lyssa happily greeted the woman.

She looked at me, but after a couple seconds it was clear that I wasn't going to answer. "This is Allison." She smoothly covered up for me. "It's nice to meet you." said the lady. "My name is Kara. I go to college at the University here. You can stay as long as you want because I'm hardly ever here. I also don't get visitors." She said, glancing at the boy.

After two hours, I loaded more venom into the boy's system. Be patient Alli. He will change soon enough. Lyssa thought. What if he doesn't make it? I asked her. I'm sure that he will. She responded.

Though Lyssa told me to be patient, I added more venom anyway. Just then, his heart started beating faster. Here's where we find out if he makes it. Lyssa said. I took a deep breath even though I didn't have to. The boy's heart made one giant beat, failed, and stopped.

I couldn't take my eyes off his chest. What if he didn't make it? After a second that felt like an hour, his chest rose and fell. He made it! I almost jumped for joy. It won't be long before he will be completely changed. Said Lyssa. For the next hour, I stayed by his side and gently held his hand.

I turned around to find Lyssa, and I found her sitting in a chair right behind me. Look. She thought, nodding towards the boy. He had stopped breathing and started to stir. He's beautiful. I thought, sighing. I looked for Lyssa, but she had left the room. I can see everything I need to see right here. She thought, smiling. Thanks Lyssa.

Then the boy opened his eyes. I smiled at him. "Where am I?" he asked. "In a house down the alley." I told him. "Where are the people that hurt me?" he wondered. "Gone." I answered him happily. "How bad was I hurt?" he asked. "Very bad." I said, the smile leaving my face. "Will I recover?" he hesitated. "You already have." I responded, wondering how he would react.

He sat up. "What am I?" he asked while slowly moving his leg. I looked at him. "Vampire." I slowly said. Instantly, his hand went to the side of his mouth. "I don't have fangs." He said quizzically. "It's a stereotype." I shrugged it off. I was amazed that he didn't even question my answer.

"So I'm really a vampire." He whispered to himself, not knowing I could hear ever word of what he said. He looked up at me. "Does that mean I-I'm dead?" he stammered a little. "Yes." I sadly told him. "Did you change me?" he questioned. "Yes. I'm sorry." I knew that he would hate me now.

"It's okay." He reassured me. "You had lost a lot of blood, and you would have died..." I rambled on. "It's fine." He told me. "You aren't mad at me?" I asked him, surprised. "No! I mean I wouldn't still exist if you hadn't changed me." He pointed out. "But you have to be mad at me! I took away any chance of a normal life that you could have had!" I protested indignantly. "Fine, then I forgive you." He stated.

"What's your name?" he asked, changing the subject. "Allison." I told him, a little bit shocked that he was so calm about being turned into a vampire. "What's your name?" I asked him. "My name's Cody." He told me. When he said those words, I knew that he was my Cody. I flung my arms around him and gave him a big hug.

"Welcome to the family Cody." I sighed happily. I looked into his eyes. Surprisingly, they were a dark piercing blue. Almost like the light blue color they had been when he was human. He looked at me as if he was debating in his mind whether to do something or not. "If being a vampire means being with you," he said slowly. "Then I'm glad you changed me." He looked to see what my reaction was.

I pulled him closer to me. "Then I'm glad I changed you because I don't think I could live without you." I told him. He pulled me even closer to him. "Together?" he asked me. "Forever." I promised, and I pulled him as close as possible and kissed him. "Together Forever." He said like he was scolding me. "And don't forget." "Never, ever, ever!" I agreed. He nodded and pulled me back in for another kiss.

My sweet Cody. I thought. I will never lose you again.


The next day, we found Cody's power. Lyssa was trying to dissemble his molecules, but Cody wouldn't let her. Lyssa was getting tired of arguing with him. She reached out her hand to touch his arm, but she was blown back by some sort of force field. Hey! Kind of like Star Wars! I laughed. She glared at me. What? I asked innocently. A physical shield. She thought.

Then Lyssa tried to focus her mirror on him from the other room, but it wouldn't work. He has a mental shield too! She exclaimed. Hey! I shouted. Don't call Cody mental! She sighed. I'm not calling him mental Allison. I said that he has a mental shield too. It protects brain but not his body. She explained to me. Ohhh. I said. Lyssa left the room shaking her head.

"What were you two talking about." He asked while sweeping me up into his arms. "Lyssa said that you have a physical and mental shield." I told him. "I thought she was calling you mental at first until she explained what she said to me." Cody kissed my forehead. "Good thing I have shields because now I can protect you." He said.

"I promise that I will never lose you." He said more gravely. "I won't lose you either." I told him, kissing him on the nose. He lightly placed me back on my feet and stared into space. Neither of us knew that we would have to test our promises very, very soon.