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A Different Eclipse

lets say Bella was not so sypathetic towards jacob the day he left to fight the newborns. that she said no to the kiss. what would happen.. would jacob give up hope and let his life be taken by the deadly vampires battlling his brothers or will Bella convince him ither wise.?


1. the kiss and battle

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"You could ask me," he suggested,

"Come back," i whispered. How could he doubt that i meant it?

He shook his head, smiling again. " That's not what im talking about."

It took me a whild to grasp what he ment, the whole while he stared at me with a superior expression- sure of my reaction.

As soon as the realization hit though, i blurted out the words without stopping to count the costs.


He strared at me with wide eyes, obviously he had not expected this. Well neither had I, i never thought Jacob would be so crawel as to use his own life to get me to kiss him. I felt betrayed.

" Jacob how could you think that what you just asked would be ok with me? Threatening me is not going to work." I whispered.

" Jake i love you, as a brother im sorry but please dont end your life. I couldnt live with myself if you did, please?" I was sobbing now, slowly edging towards him.

I reached for his hand and he took it, his large warm fist closing aroung my small one.

" Im sorry Bella i didnt mean to threaten you but it's how i feel and if fate decides to take me out of the picture then i will happily go along with it."

"NO. NO. NO JACOB PLEASEEE IM BEGGING YOU DO NOT DO THIS!!" He had taken this to far now and it was staring to really aggrvate me. I looked up to his face and he has a smug devious look apon it.

"You no Bella you are extremely irresistable when you get angry" he swooned.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TAL...." i was sudenly interupted with red hot lips burning across my own. I raised my hand to his head and smacked it across the top, his lips curled into a smile, which sickend me. I was happy with Edward and Engaged yet Jacob decides to take matters in to his own.

" Jake....get..... off.........of ..... meeee!" i struggled to speak against his mouth yanking and pulling at his thick black hair.

Suddenly all pressure was removed from my body and i was left disorintated.

" I told you that if she didnt ask i would break your jaw mutt" Edward was seething and hissing holding jacob against a poor defensless tree.

I couldn't think, i had no idea what to do . Yes i wanted Edward to hurt Jake but this really was not the time for jelous rages and stupid love triangles.

"STOP THIS NOW!" They both looked at me confused as to why i would stop this but i had to think rationaly.

"You can finish this later after the threat on my life is no longer in play and the peolple we love are not risking their selves in order to help me." I cried.

"Jake, you were wrong to do that! Especially after the first time." i said.

I turned my gaze to Edward " Edward please wait till later for this, it really is not a good time"

He looked at me apolegeticly,

" Yes your right Bella im sorry, BUT i will settle this once we get rid of the danger on your life!" Once again he went back to growling towards Jacob who was still being held up against the tree.

"Get your hands off of me leach!"

"Gladly DOG" Edward hissed, i sighed.

I was not in the mood for this kind of thing, my hand was throbbing from batteling against Jacobs lips and now i was tiered and my muscels ached from the previous night of freezing cold climates.

I started to walk back to the tent, when i felt an ice cold body slam full force into my side. I went Soaring into a tree and looked up to see red, wild hair moving around in the deathly cold wind. Her smile was not the one of my dreams but much more disturbing, her lips were pulled into a tight straight line with the edges of her mouth curled slightly. Somehow reminding of a feirce lioness. She was crouching ready for the spring. I screamed but it ended with a warm hand over my mouth, i looked up to see jacob there shaking violently.

Oh no jake is here with Victoria! He could get killed.

He stood me up and ran into the forest emerging again in his russet coloured wolf form.

By this time Edward had me backed up against a cliff face standing in a recognisable defensive position .

With both wolf and Vampire standing together to defend me, Victoria surley had no chance.

But i could not shake that someone would be harmed. I was frozen in fear, breathing deaply.

without realising it, i had clenched both my hands into tight fists .

As soon as i realised this the throbbing in my right hand got a whole lot worse and i resisted the urge to moan in pain.

With my deep heavy breathing my head was getting reasonably light. Black dots covered my vision, and my legs started to sway the last thing i remeber before i blacked out was the concerned voice of Edward.

" Damn it Bella please dont do this now"

I managed to murmer
"I'll be fine, deal with Victoria"

I then fell into the black abyss.

When i started to regain consciosness it was to the sound of hissed and growels.

I blinked twice and raised my head to look towards the sounds.

I realised that the fight was still going on.

I stumbled to my feet and stayed backed up against the wall.