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The Dreams of the Boy In the Nighttime

Bella Swan has had a tragic and abusive childhood; everyone knew it. But not everyone knew of the bronze-haired boy who visited her in her dreams. He was the only one who knew the true Bella. But Edward wasn't real, was he? Banner made by Anne Cullen :)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Twilighted Supervisory Beta: qjmom Twilighted Validation Beta: Twilightzoner

6. Time Means Nothing

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Bella was, once again, full of fatigue as she made her way through the gates of the university. The campus was vast - she could already tell - and everything was so... green. She could remember the green plants from her short time living in Forks, though, admittedly, she'd forgotten about the vibrancy and the variety of the shades coloring the ancient foliage. The place felt new to her, as if it were to be a brand new step in her life.

She swore that she would turn over a new leaf, leaving her bad past behind her, and not allow a certain Rosalie Hale to affect her life anymore. She was sick of the way she had been treated throughout the last eight years, and she was going to stand up to her. Gratefully, Rose had gone to find her own dorm with Jasper, instead of them staying as a group. On the downside, she now had the task of finding her own way to her dorm, and she had never been good at navigating.

Her nose was buried deep in the map in her hands as she made her way across campus. She could hear the sounds of footsteps, talking and laughter surrounding her as other students walked around together, likely finding their own assigned dorms, also. The task wasn't as taxing as she'd first expected, and she only took a wrong turn once. Even then, it had only made her journey marginally longer, not deterring her completely.

The building was tall and gray with rows upon rows of windows scaling it from top to bottom. She walked forward and into the entrance of the building, through a pair of golden doors, and pulled out a small piece of paper from her backpack telling her the assigned dorm number. After reading it, she chanted the number inside her head, so as not to forget it.

E69, E69, E69, she chanted.

She pressed the button for the elevator and the doors pinged open only a few seconds later. Luck seemed to be on her side today. Nobody else was in the small compartment, so she pressed the button for floor ‘E', listening to the annoying voice of the woman on the intercom as she announced the closing of the doors.

The hallway was full of sophomores, juniors and seniors, chatting animatedly about their summer breaks. Bella's eyes raked over the doors as she made her way through the groups of people. When she finally reached her door, she stood still in front of it, bracing herself. She was sure to meet her new roommate in a few moments and that would either go one way or the other. These roommate relationships could be either a good one or a bad one, and she had no idea which it would be.

She turned the doorknob and the door opened out into a smallish room. She'd persuaded Carlisle to allow her to pay for college herself, even if both Jasper and Rosalie were leeching off his bulging wallet, so she'd expected a small room. The first thing she noticed upon entering was color. A LOT of color.

It was as if the room had been bathed in the stuff. Bright pink comforters were laid over both of the single beds, a purple alarm clock was already placed on the bedside table, flashing the correct time, and posters of bands that were just too girly for Bella's taste, were hung on the walls. The whole place gave her a migraine just looking at it, and she had a sudden urge to stuff all of the color under the beds and fall flat on her face onto a bare bed.

Instead, she went to sit on the bed she assumed was hers (the other was covered in piles of clothing) and pulled out her cell phone, creating a new message.

"My roommate's insane" she texted to Alice, closing her phone as she finished, a small smile on her face at remembrance of her old friend. She didn't feel like unpacking and instead turned on the bed so that she was lying atop it, comforter and all, hoping to catch a short nap before meeting this surely erratic roommate she'd inevitably landed herself with.


"What do you mean you've run out of cappuccino?!" Alice screamed at the poor boy behind the desk at Starbucks. It was such a pleasantry that Starbucks happened to be only a block away from her dorm building, and she was determined to utilize that privilege as heartily as possible, starting now.

"We...we've got latté?" the boy offered, and by Alice's reaction it was clearly one of the worst things he could possibly say.

"Latté?" she said in a scarily sweet, sugary voice. "You want me to have a fricking latté?!" Her voice grew louder as she spoke.

She didn't allow the boy to answer her question, spinning on her heel, and strutting in her Jimmy Choos out the door of the coffee shop. She'd just have to speak to her roommate for the first time without the wonderful companion of coffee at hand. She pressed the button inside the elevator, which took her to her floor, and dodged past all the students who had suddenly appeared in the hallway.

As she walked, she heard a beeping from her phone. She pulled it out of her pocket, flipping open the screen, and reading the text from Bella with a small smile on her face.

"My roommate's insane" it read.

She didn't know what university Bella had attended; it was some sort of unspoken agreement between the two of them to not disclose any locations. Alice didn't understand why, but she didn't think to break the rule - Bella must have some sort of reason.

She started texting back her reply eagerly, laughing as she imagined her childhood best friend with some gothic girl, texting away as said girl hung skulls up on the walls. As she opened the door to her room, the first thing she noticed was her roommate's loud snoring coming from her bed. Her face was pressed into the pink comforter, and she seemed to be just a body and a mop of dark brown hair.

Alice returned to where she had been laying out her clothes, and continued to put them into piles, according to color and season, before placing them inside the closet. She saw the small suitcase her roommate had brought with her, and took note to go shopping with the girl and increase her small wardrobe.

"Edward," Alice heard a voice speak from across the room. It wasn't what she'd said that made Alice turn from her closet to the single bed. It was the quality of the tone, so familiar, but from another time altogether.

Alice froze where she stood as she thought of whom the voice could belong to. She ignored the persistent voices in her head, for once, and, instead, sifted through her childhood memories, memories she tried so hard to circumvent.

She did not avoid them for their sadness. No, they were among the most happy times of her life. But, that was the reason for evading them. To feel the happiness of another time when you are at your worst, only amplified the pain.

But, sifting through those bittersweet memories, no matter how it clenched her heart to do so, she had her answer.

She was across the room in seconds, gripping the shoulders of the girl she had never thought to see again for many a year.

"Bella!" she shrieked, startling the girl beneath her hands so much that the girl screamed into the comforter.


For the first time since she'd been born, it was a voice that pulled Bella out of Edward's arms, instead of falling asleep encircled in them, as she usually did. The voice was so high and piercing that it sounded as if it belonged to some kind of animal more than it belonged to an actual human being. Her eyes flashed open, only to be met by darkness.

Immediately, fear seized her. She could hear screaming from somewhere close by, and she did not feel safe around the apparent loss of light. It took her a few seconds to realize that it was only dark because her face was pressed against the comforter of her new bed that she already hated, and then some more to realize that the screaming was coming from within her.

As soon as she grasped a hold of her new found revelations, she worked to stop her wailing, and turned around on the bed to be met by a pair of black orbs, framed by thick eyelashes. The girl's lips were pulled apart in a beaming grin, though her eyes held a note of uncertainty and fear inside of them, likely from Bella's small outburst.

Her short hair was falling slightly into her face, so that the spikes, that would usually be framing it, were sticking out at even more angles. As soon as her screaming had ceased, it almost immediately started up again. She shot straight up in bed and grabbed the shoulders of the girl as she had her, pulling them both up from the bed.

"Alice!" she screamed, jumping up and down, a smile on her face that made the muscles in her cheeks ache.

"Bella!" Alice replied in the same tone. Bella could see that her friend was just as excited to see her as she was, and she was glad that nothing seemed to have changed in their relationship over the last eight years, even if they had only kept in contact with each other through means of technology.

It took a few moments for Bella to realize that they were jumping up and down like they were twelve-year-old girls who'd just found out that one or the other had gotten a date with their crush. Bella stopped the jumping, but Alice continued in the happy-dance until Bella grasped onto her shoulders more firmly, holding her in place in front of her.

"What...how...?" Bella stuttered. Now that the excitement had left her, all that remained was pure shock.

"Well, I wanted to go somewhere out of state, you know?" Alice started. "But, I didn't want to be too far away from home, so I thought UO was perfect!" She pulled Bella into a tight hug against her, almost crushing her against her petite form.

"It... it's just so great to see you, Alice," Bella said, pulling them both onto the edge of her bed, after she received several quizzical looks from her friend. "I've missed you so much." Bella hugged her again, savoring the tangy smell of citrus fruits emanating from her, hoping to commit her scent to her memory for years to come.


She was flying. She was flying up in the wispy white clouds of God-knows-where, and everything below her was miniature, as if she was not connected to the reality down below, and only to the sky in which she flew.

She could see a plane. The plane was a faded white, and there was a logo for some Airline Company printed on the side. It was too blurred for Alice to make out, though. Everything was blurred.

She could hear the sounds of the radio as the plane contacted another, or perhaps an airport, she couldn't tell. She could hear the sounds of all the people inside the plane, talking about their mundane lives, and perhaps a holiday they had just experienced. The act seemed so innocuous, but Alice could feel a cloud of foreboding hanging on the horizon.

She felt like shaking her head and, with it, shaking off the sinister feeling she held. But, to no avail. No matter how much she tried, the feeling was still there - taunting her. She felt like she should do something, do anything to change the atmosphere that was filling her with unease. But what could she do? She didn't know why she could feel this sense of portentousness, and so was left utterly powerless.

Suddenly, she was in the front of the plane. No longer was she flying amongst the clouds above the aircraft. She could see the two men controlling the plane. Bored expressions plagued their faces as they pressed the correct buttons at the right intervals; it was just another day's work to them.

Alice wanted to scream at them to turn the plane around, to do something that would change whatever she felt was going to happen. But, her screams were futile. It seemed as if she might as well not have a mouth to speak with - all she could do was stand in the small room, watching every movement either of the two men made as they flew closer and closer toward their, soon-to-be, tragic fate. She wanted more than anything to be able to warn them, or to prevent the incident somehow, even if she did not yet know what she was trying to prevent.

She lifted her gaze from the two men, and up toward the glass screen in front of her. Far away - too far away for the men in the reality to be able to see, but her senses were always enhanced in these "dreams" of hers - was another plane, and it was headed straight for them.

She became even more frantic as she tried to break through whatever force was keeping her from the pilots' reality. Her feet were rooted to the spot as she stared, eyes opened wide to an almost painful degree, as the progressing plane came closer and closer and the men slowly became alerted to the situation, becoming as frenzied as she was. Her shouts called on and on, and she could feel her voice growing hoarse from all the exertion. But, she couldn't stop, just in case there was an infinitesimal chance that she could break through to them, even if it was in the last moment that they heard her.

Alice screamed louder than she ever had before, as she felt the impact of the distant plane crash into them. She couldn't see the collision. She felt no pain.

All she could sense was the feeling of dread, and her vision blurred even further, before she blacked out completely.

Alice woke up breathing heavily in a bed that was unfamiliar to her. A thin sheen of sweat coated her forehead, but when she tried to raise her arm to wipe it against her wrist, it was as if she were paralyzed. It took a few moments before her breathing evened out, and she was able to lift one arm to hold her palm against her chest, pushing down as if to try to slow her rapidly beating heart.

She shifted her gaze from the ceiling to across the room, her eyes resting on the face of her old friend, smiling in her sleep. It felt like hours before tiredness began to coat her mind once more, but she could not fall asleep. No, she would not let herself.

Instead she stared back up at the ceiling, preparing to wait out the rest of the hours of darkness as she was. She felt overwhelmed with exhaustion, but she couldn't bear to fall back into her vivid unconsciousness, where her dreams came alive and nothing seemed certain anymore.