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First Kiss

It has been six and a half years and Nessie is sick of waiting for Jacob to make a move. The Cullens are away hunting and Nessie grabs her chance. What will happen? And how will a certain Edward Cullen go down with the news? Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Summary: It has been six and a half years and Nessie is sick of waiting for Jacob to make a move. The Cullens are away hunting and Nessie grabs her chance. What will happen? And how will a certain Edward Cullen go down with the news? Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Jacob POV

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Jacob POV

"Do you love me, Jake?" Nessie asked from underneath my right arm, staring up at me with wide eyes, as we lay halfway up the meadow that inclined toward the Cullen's mansion. The vampires were gone for the day, hunting new spring game, leaving me to babysit Ness, something I was only too willing to do, despite Edward's chagrin at my excitement toward the task.

"Of course, I love you, Ness," I replied, an almost instantaneous response, due to the one sole rule of imprinting: make her happy. It was, of course, true, more than she would ever know. I did love Ness. I just tried to keep my focus away from the way her toned, warm body pressed casually against the side of mine. She turned her head back in thought, facing it toward the extraordinarily cloudless blue sky.

A few strands of bronze-colored hair flickered in the soft wind around her heart-shaped face. I longed to move my hand just a couple of inches, from where it was unconsciously rubbing short circles into Nessie's right shoulder, to pull them back around her ear.

No, stop that thought; Nessie wasn't ready for that type of relationship, or any type of romantic relationship. She was only six and a half years old, no matter how much I yearned that she was the sixteen-year-old that everyone assumed she was. My heart fell once more as I thought of Nessie's future. Maybe Nessie would never want me in that way; imprinting wasn't forced on her. I tried to regain my composure as she turned her head to meet my gaze once again.

Through her eyes, I could see every emotion she was feeling in that moment. "I mean, do you really love me?" she asked again, pulling up her left arm to prop herself up with her elbow. Sincerity was clear in her chocolate brown eyes as she looked into my black ones as if she could see me as clearly as I could see her. So like Bella, I thought.

It was only six and a half years ago that this beautiful being had inadvertently changed my life for the rest of my existence, which I now called it. Since I realized that she would continue to live to the end of forever, I decided I would too. Imprinting still confused me as I remembered back to when she was a toddler and a baby. My feelings for her then had been purely paternal in a way that even out shadowed Rosalie's adopted mothering.

As she had grown she'd become more of a little sister to me, I'd teased her just as I now did Bella. Ever since Bella's change, that pull, which I had assumed was infallible, had removed itself from her and, instead, almost immediately, focused on the girl who lay before me. It was strange to think of her that way now.

My latest feelings for Nessie were easily the ones that confused me most out of all of the roles I had taken throughout her life. I could not display these feelings to the six-year-old, no matter how much I wanted to do so.

I could remember clearly the day, the exact moment my focus had fallen from the human Bella, whom I had loved with so much devotion that had never been fully requited even after she'd confessed she shared my feelings, to the newborn baby that was her daughter. It was like I had never seen the sun before. In that one moment that I looked into her warm chocolate eyes I realized, she was my sun, the only sun and before she had entered my life, it had been a world of darkness and night.

After a moment's pause whilst I had thought over my love for Nessie, I repeated, "Of course I love you, Ness." I reached over to the hand ,which propped up her head, to the charm bracelet hanging loosely from her skinny wrist. I fiddled with each of the six charms that hung from it, one for each of her six birthdays, each a representation of my infinite love towards her.

She sighed a heavy sigh, and her chocolate irises sunk toward the grass where she seemed fixated on a single inconsequential strand. The sunlight shone down onto her alabaster skin, reflecting the light softly so that she was glowing, but not dazzling like a vampire. Nessie's glow was more natural and more beautiful than the sparkle of her immortal family.

"Ness," I exhaled slowly, "please tell me what you're thinking," I said pleadingly, reaching for the hand which was fiddling unconsciously with the grass by her side. Her unawareness seemed to make the notion even more adorable and as I grasped her hand it was as if a soft tinkering melody had stopped playing, as if the strands of grass intertwined with her fingers were the piano that her father loved so much.

As the music stopped a rush of electricity surged through her hand and up my arm, ricocheting through every nerve in my body. I felt my eyes widen as the feeling coursed through me, and I quickly composed my features in case she looked up to see my stunned expression.

I drew her hand up toward my face, willing her silently to open her thoughts to me. As her soft tender hand touched my face I felt another jolt of the electricity pass through me before I reined it in. At first there was nothing, but as she lifted her gaze to mine I was bombarded with memories, memories of her and me.

The first was of us playing around just a couple of days before the Volturi battle as I tried to calm her nerves. I ran around the meadow with her atop my shoulders as she squealed from the exhilaration. All the vampires with us at the time stared with bewilderment, the smell had been intoxicating but I was all but oblivious to it as I enjoyed the moment with My Ness.

The second was of her sitting on top of me in my wolf form. Her hands were intertwined tightly with my russet fur as she said goodbye to her mother, tears in her eyes as she surveyed the melancholy clearing in front of her as her loved ones gave their farewells to each other and the dangerous dark triangle of the Volturi decided their verdict.

I shuddered at the memory, and, back in the present, Nessie muttered a short "sorry" as she remembered the way that day had affected me. Just the idea of an army of bloodsucking leaches coming for the sole cause of destroying My Nessie was repulsive, and my hands immediately balled into fists as they started to shake, unnoticeable to anyone but myself.

I saw the first time we played baseball. The game was werewolves verses Cullens, and Nessie was on my team. I saw in her head how she hit the baseball with the bat so hard that she felt the vibrations thunder through her arm. I watched the ball fly into the surrounding forest as her father ran after it at the speed of light. She rushed around the bases and just beat her father to home base. As she reflected on the memory it was clear now, as it had not been to her before, that Edward had let her win, and she too chuckled at herself as she jumped happily in the air, receiving high fives from the pack.

I then saw us at First Beach in La Push. She stood on the pebbly shoreline in a bikini as she wrapped her arms around herself, shivering in the wind. "Come on, Ness," I said tauntingly. "You're not scared, are you?" She took several steps toward where the water lapped against the beach and took in a deep breath as she stepped into the Pacific Ocean. She almost screamed but refrained from doing so, imagining the amount of teasing that would follow. She ran toward my warm body, trying to ignore the freezing briny waters.

Her memories then skipped to when she was probably about the size of a ten year old, though nobody knew for sure. We were at a bonfire meeting for the pack, with the elders sitting at the head as usual. She remembered how she had become friends so quickly with Claire, Quil's imprint. They were of a similar mental age, if not the same size physically, and I watched from her eyes as she chased Claire around the fire in a game of ‘tag'. The rest of the werewolves watched after them nearly as intently as I did, as we snacked upon numerous hot dogs.

The following memories she did not linger upon, and they flashed through her mind, not very consequential, just us together, no special or life-changing event. In one we were sprawled across the Cullen's couch as Edward glared angrily at us from an armchair, though there were no inappropriate thoughts toward his daughter at that exact time. A second later we were in my garage which Bella had once described as the Taj Mahal several years back. I was bent over the hood of a new car which I had then given Nessie as a gift for her fifth birthday, much to Edward's distaste. Safety conscious bloodsucker, I thought to myself.

The flow of memories stopped abruptly. I just saw her staring at my face in the present, there was a question in her thoughts as she slowly drew her hand across my face, leaving a trail that burnt even my skin, before dropping it to her side.

"What? I don't get it, Ne-"

"Do you love me, Jake?" she interrupted me, asking me the same question as she had already twice that afternoon. She crossed her arms over my chest and leaned her chin on top of them as she continued to stare intently into my eyes.

"Yes," I answered simply, only I would know the double meaning in that straightforward word that meant everything to me and surely nothing to her. I sighed and closed my eyes, taking in the warmth of the sun, and the more concentrated warmth of her skin as it touched my bare chest. I was aware of a transfer in weight on my chest as her arms pulled away and instead rested her weight on my shoulders, holding herself up by her arms.

I opened my eyes to see her hovering above my head as she looked down at me. The next thing I knew she had inclined her face closer to mine, now only one inch away. "Do you love me, Jake?" she whispered rhetorically once more, her breath releasing over my stunned face, the scent mouth-watering. Before waiting for an answer she closed the small space between us and touched her lips softly but urgently to mine. She meant to pull away, but I couldn't allow that. I pulled my arms up from where they had been laying by my sides and brought them to her neck, twisting my fingers in her hair as I kept her face close to mine.

I pulled her even closer to me, disallowing any separation between our two bodies. The power that rushed through every part of her to every part of me was almost overpowering as it forged its way throughout my body, every bone and limb yearning for her. There wasn't a part of my world that wasn't Nessie, though there never had been before.

I pushed my tongue through my lips as she bent toward me once more. I licked her lips as she came into contact with mine. She groaned softly and my heart leapt as I put even more passion into the kiss.

My arms ran down from her shoulders, trailing along her spine to the small of her back as she continued to kiss my face. She left my mouth for a few seconds as she trailed kisses up to the top of my jaw and back again. I growled gently and twisted her around, pulling her underneath me as I kissed her neck. Her neck arched exposing more skin for my hungry lips.

Her body suddenly tensed underneath mine, and I opened my eyes to see hers wide open like a deer in floodlights as she stared up at me. I smiled softly at her before she twisted her head to face the edge of the forest at the bottom of the meadow. Two figures suddenly appeared. The first was an infuriated Edward as he tried to pull himself away from his restraining and reasoning wife. As he pulled his glare up to me I could see such rage that made him look as if he was about to kill someone. This conclusion didn't seem unlikely as his gaze flickered to his daughter and back to me.

Bella's expression was helpless as she futilely pulled against Edward whilst he charged up the meadow on a warpath.