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First Kiss

It has been six and a half years and Nessie is sick of waiting for Jacob to make a move. The Cullens are away hunting and Nessie grabs her chance. What will happen? And how will a certain Edward Cullen go down with the news? Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Summary: It has been six and a half years and Nessie is sick of waiting for Jacob to make a move. The Cullens are away hunting and Nessie grabs her chance. What will happen? And how will a certain Edward Cullen go down with the news? Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

2. Edward POV

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Edward POV

I tore my mouth away from the antelope lying limply at my feet to watch my beautiful wife. As she crept up on her prey her smile widened to reveal her glistening white teeth. The sun filtering through the tree tops and through the forest leaves colored the scene a soft green befitting to the woodland surroundings.

The light reflected off both of our skin but the sight of Bella's perfectly formed body as she crouched clearly out did my own, taking my breath away. Her hair blew softly in the wind blowing at us from the west. The scent of deer swam through the wind, warming the air softly with their presence. I was too transfixed on my wife to concentrate on my burning thirst that before Bella had been constant in my mind. I was truly unable to move an inch from the spot I was situated, struggling to keep any space between us at all only yards apart.

Bella's toned muscles tensed as she launched herself on her unsuspecting prey and her grin impossibly widened as her teeth nestled amongst the animal's fur. The antelope was motionless in just a few seconds as the blood filtered from the animal into Bella's system. She opened her eyes which she had closed due to pleasure throughout her feeding to enjoy the feast. Her eyes were now the color of butterscotch, the same as mine, as she turned to see me watching her intently.

"Watching again, Edward?" she teased sensually as she walked toward me at a slow pace, her hips rocking side-to-side. A drop of blood rested on her white blouse that clung to her beautifully illustrated curves.

I chuckled and as she neared me I pulled out my glittering right arm and quickly wiped my index finger across where the drop lay before drawing it to her mouth.

"Missed a spot, love." She smiled sheepishly around my finger before I pulled it out to cup her face with my hand. She stared longingly into my eyes which were still as crystal clear windows as they had been chocolate brown before her change. In them I could clearly see love, devotion as well as happiness. All these emotions seemed to stay constantly throughout her being as anything she had worried about slowly evaporated.

I answered her smile as I returned her look into her sparkling face. I pulled up my other hand to trace her face at the same time that she drew hers to do the same. I pulled my fingertips across her brow, pulling tendrils of hair back when they obscured my path. I trailed them down the side of her face to her jaw and to her chin. I then raised my hand to trace down her ski-slope nose, gently tapping the pointed end before resting my fingertips on her cherry red lips.

They were as soft and as colorful as a May blossom, and as I stroked them they twitched slightly as her smile widened. Her fingers too rested across my lips and I could feel the electric sparks making not just my outsides gleam in the sunlight. She began to withdraw her hand but I quickly moved mine away from her lips to grasp it in my own. As I grabbed it I pulled it to my chest, where I swear my dormant heart was beating hungrily against my ribs. Her lips parted unconsciously as my gaze intensified until the love I felt for My Bella was almost pain.

I couldn't bear it any longer. I bent slowly down towards her ever perfect face as I slowly pressed my lips to hers, my eyes fluttering shut and my eyelids tinting with red from the rare streaming sunlight. Her spare hand came to rest at my hip before she traced it up along my spine, to my neck and then into my bronze-colored hair, tugging it softly every time she groaned or our lips changed position.

"Oh, come on!" a loud, booming voice, which I quickly recognized as Emmett's, echoed through the small clearing. As his thoughts entered my mind in combination with his speech, I pulled myself even closer to my wife for the last few seconds before, I was sure, we would be pulled hastily apart.

For heaven's sake! Can you and Bella be left alone for ten minutes without jumping on each other!?

I reluctantly pulled my face away from Bella's to growl at my favorite brother.

"Ooh, scary!" Emmett taunted, appearing right next to Bella and me.

"Go away, Emmett," Bella mumbled into my chest, breathing in my scent heavily as she tried to drown out her brother-in-law's presence.

"No way, this is way too much fun!" he said standing with his feet pulled part in a stance that I clearly read as ‘if you want me to move, then you'll have to make me.'

"What do you want, Emmett?" I growled angrily at him, trying to shoot as many death rays through my golden eyes as possible.

"Well... nothing I guess. I just thought I'd come and hang, you know how much I love you guys," he replied, smiling broadly and sitting down in front of us with his legs crossed. I couldn't help but relate to how a three-year-old toddler crossed their legs as they prepared themselves for a long story.

"Do you want me to help you hang, Emmett?" I asked; one single brow was raised as I smiled crookedly at Bella, who had lifted her head upward to return my smile.

"Fine," he sighed, "I know where I'm not wanted," he said, feigning sadness as he stood and slowly walked away, his hands in his pockets, the way he had previously emerged.

Just you wait, Edward, he taunted inside his head, Rose isn't too far away and I'm sure I can give a commentary even up to your standards. I shuddered, as images of the two of them, all of which in inappropriate positions, entered my mind, images that I could go an existence without seeing.

"You think we were too hard on him?" Bella asked innocently as soon as he left, confused at my disgusted expression.

"No, I think Emmett got exactly what was coming for him," I replied, the disgust pulling down the sides of my mouth further.

"Hello, Rose." A strong thought entered my mind as Emmett spoke alluringly to his wife. Hello Edward. He added mockingly.

"Come on, Bella," I said briskly, grabbing one of her hands and pulling her into a run in the opposite direction from Emmett's crude thoughts.

"What are you doing, Edward?" Bella asked, a worried look appearing on her face as we sped through the forest. But just at that second more strong sensual thoughts entered my mind, so strong and unexpected they almost overwhelmed me. But this time they were coming from the direction we were headed.

She closed the small space between us and touched her lips softly but urgently to mine.

"Jacob," I growled as pictures and sensations of his time with my daughter flooded into my unwilling head.

"Wha-what about Jacob?" Bella asked as I ploughed faster through the wood, the trees turning into soft green blur, the only thing keeping Bella at my pace our entwined hands. "Is he hurt?" She pressed again.

I didn't answer her as I continued to run at a pace that I had only ever reached in pure emergency and in the time when I had been away from Bella - in attempt to cure the pain.

"Speak to me, Edward," she demanded, pulling back on my arm so hard when she stopped that I very nearly fell backward.

"Ne-essie," I stuttered, unable to form a coherent sentence to answer her. Bella froze, stunned as a million conclusions flashed through her mind regarding her daughter's safety.

"Is she hur-" she started but I had taken her stunned motionless as my chance to continue my sprint towards the house. It only took a second for Bella to realize what I was doing as she lunged for my wrists to try and restrain me once more, but I was too fast. I sped through the trees toward the white mansion, the thoughts of the dog and my beloved daughter registering in my thoughts clearer with every step I took, pleasure exuding from both of them.

I stopped just at the fringe of the trees to the meadow as I watched their bodies entangled as they kissed. The vision of the dog over my daughter made me almost gag, a human revulsion that had since now deserted me.

Their bodies suddenly tensed at the top of the sunlit meadow as Nessie's head turned to the direction of where I was standing and my gaze locked with hers. I lifted my foot meaning to place it in front of me to begin my ascent up the hill. But a frantic voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Edward, don't!" A flustered Bella appeared as she tried again to restrain me by grabbing an arm.

"No, Bella. I have to do this. This is crossing the line," I hissed as I turned my attention back to the meadow, where I now saw Jacob's worried face looking my way as well, though he was unable to see me as clearly as my daughter could. Fear was clear in his expression even from this distance. Good.

I took a step into the sunlight, noticing the reflections bounce of my skin as I registered in the dog's thoughts.

"No, Edward, don't do this!" Bella called once more, futilely taking a hold of my shoulder in a last attempt to keep me from the dog I loathed. Her new born strength had left her, and it was easy to resist the pressure as she tried to pull me backward toward the forest.

"JACOB BLACK, GET OFF MY DAUGHTER!" I yelled up the hill towards a now terrified Jacob as I continued to charge up the hill to the petrified mongrel.


Yes, mutt, you better run.