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banner by me banner by me When one of the Cullen’s fingerprint matches the one of a jewelry store robber, they get arrested. The Cullens now must find the real thief to clear the name of one of them


1. Fingerprint

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Chapter notes: Got the idea for this fic off of a CSI project we were doing at school. I remembered my teacher saying someone could have the same fingerprint but that was a 1 in 6 billion shot. So I thought, they Cullens have been around for a while, what if now they had a person with the same fingerprint as one of them? TADA hope you enjoy.


By: Eternitys_Charm

Run! He thought excitedly as the alarm on the system went off.

He liked the sound of the alarms when they began to ring; it gave him the adrenaline rush he craved always craved for.

Enjoying the satisfaction it gave him to steal, he licked his lips. He chuckled as he grabbed handfuls of jewels and stuffed them in his black bag.

His hands moved quickly, not missing a single trinket. He laughed aloud as his adrenaline pumped in his veins. The sirens were nearly three miles away, he laughed with glee as they came closer to his location.

As his breathing sped up, he noticed he was beginning to sweat under his black facemask.

Once he cleared the whole counter of diamonds, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and trinkets— he was fully satisfied.


He shot out the door like a bullet.

The cops were close, but there was an alley across the street. He sped towards it; once he reached the mouth of the alley he would be safe. The cops were about to round the corner, he felt his blood pulse hard. He made it, the cops screeched in the corner, but he was safe.

20 minutes of investigating the scene, a fingerprint was found.


He revealed his teeth when he snarled. His body was swift; he lunged at the girl in less than a second. She screeched as she felt his weight on her.

“Stop!” She screamed.

He just chuckled, ignoring the girl’s plea. Hissing like a snake about to attack.

“No, please! Stop!” The girl screamed once more in hopes he would stop.

“Aw, how cute. Some father-daughter bonding,” Bella said walking out into the backyard porch.

Edward laughed as he rolled over, placing his daughter, Renesmee, on his belly. The small child was out of breath, panting on her father’s chest.

“Daddy, I told you to stop.” She finally said slapping her hand to his face softly.

Bella laughed and walked towards her two most treasured loves. She kissed each of them, “hope you two had lots of fun, today.”

“We did, mommy, daddy and I went out into the mountains and hunted, then we played hide and go seek, and right now he was playing tickle monster.” She said with a bright smile.

“That’s wonderful sweetheart,” Bella said to her child, “but now it’s time to go eat. Come on, Esme made you dinner, you have to go eat.”

“But I just hunted!”

“I know, but you do need human food, too, once in a while.”

Bella kissed her husband again and went inside with her daughter.

Alice shot out of the house moments after Bella had entered. Her eyes were wide with shock as she looked at her brother.

Edward stared at her, “what’s wrong Alice?” He tried to read her thoughts but they made no sense, they were all screaming in his head.

“Edward, what did you do?” She asked in a grave tone.

“What do you mean?” Edward asked his sister in deep confusion.

“The cops are coming to get you.”


He sat on the creaky bed behind the prison bars, his head leaning back against the wall. Why the hell am I in here? I committed no crime. I did not steal any jewelry store.

Edward wondered in his brain while prisoners all talked amongst themselves in their cells.

The cops had barged in through the mansion’s doors and all spread around the house. The good thing was Carlisle and Emmett had, had enough time to hide all the illegal objects they had in the house, such as the computers and files they had. But the cops had found valid information that they were crooks.

They had found a priceless diamond bracelet and thousands more priceless items the Cullens had in their house. It was ‘obvious these people had committed crimes’.

Why? Edward thought, just because we actually have valuable things? Stupid humans. He grumbled in his mind.

“Definitely his fingerprint, we scanned and rescanned it.” One cop said to the other.

“Didn’t doubt it was him.” Another scruffier sounding one answered.

“Yeah, no doubt all of those things they have in their house are either stolen or bought off of selling things illegally. Crooks.” The first one said.

Edward tuned them out, his thoughts racing towards his wife and daughter.


Edward couldn’t escape; they would be caught again eventually and were to press even more charges on him. He could easily bend the bars with a single finger, but he couldn’t endanger his family even more.

But Edward had to get out fast. The cops were going to begin to investigate him, and his family, as soon as the trial would commence. His secret could be found out.

Edward had been stuck in this dump for three weeks; he kept in constant communication with his family, though the talking was mostly one-way. Carlisle promised they would find the real thief and clear Edward’s name of anything.

Alice had been constantly seeing the future for something to unlock this mystery. The Cullens, being brighter, faster, and more specialized in thinking like a criminal, easily found out whom the real menace was and they we bent on catching him. Alice had foreseen the man robbing another store in one night; all of the Cullens’ preparations were ready.

Just one more night, Edward thought in his dark cell. How much he missed his family. Being without his daughter and his wife was torture for him. He tried so hard not to smash the wall into smithereens and run out.

I love you, Edward. You’ll be out soon sweetie, promise. Bella had said to him the night before, across the walls and gates of the prison.

“I love you, Bella.” Edward whispered back in his lonely cellar.


A day before his trial and his cell gates were unlocked, his handcuffs were removed, and his blue jumpsuit was replaced with his real clothes.

Edward was out of the prison.

Bella ran towards Edward and he wrapped his arms around her, tightly. “We caught him.” Bella said sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

They let go of their embrace and each of the Cullens came around to hug the member of the family they had missed so much.

“Turns out the cops have been trying to catch this guys for years,” Rosalie explained with a satisfied grin.

“Thanks to us catching him on the act,” Jasper said, “ then giving him a slight beating,” he looked towards Emmett who smiled brightly, “and dropping him off at the foot of the cops’ door you’re free.”

Edward smiled.

“Thanks to Alice with the engenious plan,” Carlisle said winking at the small vampire.

“I told you I would get you out,” Alice said with a chipper smile.

“And we’re so glad you’re out.” Esme said giving her son another embrace.

“I missed you dad.”

Edward reached out his daughter and held her in his arms. “I missed you, too.” He said giving his daughter a smooch on the cheek.

“What luck do you have Edward,” Emmett said in disbelief.

Edward nodded his head in agreement. “A one in six-billion shot someone would have the same fingerprints as another and I’m that one.”