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Being rewritten.

When reading New Moon, I had always wondered how the story would be different if Alice never showed up, and instead the Cullen's simply came back to school one day. I know this has been tried before, but I would like to try my version. I hope you enjoy it, reviews are loved, but not expected.

3. At Billy's House

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I stopped my truck in front of Billy’s house, and felt some small amount of relief as Jacob bounded out before I could even get the door open. He looked tired, worried, but happy.

“Bella!” He grinned from ear-to-ear, before crushing me in one of his bear hugs. “Shouldn’t you be at school?” He asked, peering down at me. It must have been then that he realized the expression on my face, and without asking, he turned and started leading me to the house.

His house was warm, and I thought I heard Billy in the background somewhere, but I really couldn’t focus on that. Jacob had sat down on the too small love seat, and then pulled me down onto his lap. “What’s wrong, Bella?” He said, resting his head on my shoulder and studying my face.

Explaining it all, from the moment I got to the school to the moment I saw – the moment I saw… I could feel the tears breaking free, I couldn’t hold them in anymore. So for a long while, I stayed in Jacob’s arms and wept. When I could finally speak, between much weaker sobs, I told him what had happened. “They came back.” Was the only explanation it took, because he knew that they included him.

Jacob hissed, shaking even as he gripped me. Automatically, I raised my hands to grip his arm. He calmed a little, seeming to remember that I was in his arms – and that I was very breakable. Breakable… I had always been too breakable. “I have to talk to Sam.” He said between clenched teeth, and I felt my chest constrict. I didn’t want him to go, even for a short time, even for a few minutes. He was keeping my pain at bay, the moment he left I wasn’t sure how I would handle it.

He may have realized as much, studying my readable face. “I’ll call Emily.” Jacob decided aloud, standing up and keeping a hold on one of my hands as he headed for the kitchen. There, he picked up the phone and held it between his cheek and shoulder so he could free that hand and dial without letting go of mine. He held the phone again when he was finished dialing, but pulled me much closer, crushing me against him. He was so warm, like a heater. It was exactly like that, actually, it was like the heater was holding me so tightly against it I couldn’t escape. I didn’t want to escape.

He spoke quickly once someone answered, looking down at my face as he did. “Emily? You need to find Sam. The bloodsuckers are back.” He was hissing again, speaking between clenched teeth, the anger there – the anger in his voice – was unmistakable. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hid my face against his side. “Ya, those ones. I’ve got Bella at my house,” he listened for a moment, “No, I don’t think I’ll be letting her go home.” I felt his eyes on me, worried but also daring me to go home. I just snuggled closer against him. “Okay, thanks Emily.” He finished before he hung up and pulled me back to the love seat.

We must have sat like that, his arms hiding me from the world, for hours. Long enough that it was near dusk when Embry, Quil, and Sam entered the house. They were all very quiet, but they came by and patted whatever part of me Jacob wasn’t covering. “We’ll take care of this, Bella, don’t you worry.” Embry told me, and I could hear the faint smile in his tone. Sam said nothing, and neither did Quil, not to me at least. It was more out of respect then anything else, I think, because they sat down and started discussing the matter with Jacob. Everyone was very careful not to say the names, but it was clear who they were talking about.


I must have drifted to sleep at some point, because the next thing I knew the phone was ringing loudly. Jacob was still against me, I could tell because of the warmth, but he was sound asleep.

Wriggling a little, I managed to escape and head into the kitchen. I faintly remembered something from yesterday, something that hurt a lot, so I pushed it away and picked up the phone. “Black residence.” I said, surprised at how groggy my voice sounded. “Bella? Bella, are you alright?” The voice coming from the other end of the line was worried, exceptionally worried, but also so recognizable. “Alice.” I said, my throat tightening around the name. “Bella, tell me if you’re okay!” She practically shrieked, and I could hear from her voice that she was stressed. “I-I’m fine.” I managed, still amazed that she was calling – that she even knew where I was. I could hear a faint sound from the other end of the line, like Alice was talking very quickly to herself or someone close by. “Alice,” saying the name hurt a little, but not as much as some names could, “how did you know where I was?” I finished. “I called Charlie.” She explained, her voice still sounded strained.

I felt, rather then heard, Jacob enter the room. He raised his brows at me and I numbly held out the phone. He took it from my hand, and then pulled me against him once more. “Hello?” He asked gruffly, listening to something Alice was saying on the other end of the line. “Bloodsucker?” He hissed, suddenly glaring down at me. “You’ve got no right calling Bella, you filthy leech.” He growled into the phone, and I could hear the plastic groaning as he tightened his hold on it. I was afraid of his gaze, so I looked down at the floor. Although even I could hear Alice’s voice coming across the line, “I’ve got every right to call Bella!” Of course she did, even if it ripped me apart to hear her voice. Jacob’s hold on me tightened and I let out an involuntary gasp, which wasn’t lost on the vampire listening on the other end of the line.

Whatever she next said, I didn’t hear it, because he had slammed the phone back into its cradle and broken it in two. He glared at the mess, and then started pulling me to the living room. “You're staying here for the rest of the week, until this thing is fixed." His voice was unnaturally calm all of a sudden and I cast a look towards him, shivering at the look I saw there. He was angry, but at least it wasn't at me.

No, not me. But Him.

"Can you run over to Charlie's and get me some clothes?" My voice was sleepier then I had meant for it to be, I had just slept half the day away. Jacob looked down at me and nodded, "Make me a list of things, kay, Bells?" He seemed worried, a crease forming on his brow. "And explain to Charlie... why..." I couldn't make myself say it, the sobs building in my chest again. Jacob nodded with understanding and pulled me down onto his lap.

When the sobs subsided, Jacob left. I lied back on the love seat and covered my face with my hands. "Why now?" With that, I drifted back into an uncomfortable sleep.