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A Bloody Business, Murder

A team of FBI profilers flies to Washington to help crack a murdering spree in the Olympic Peninsula, where an unsub is targeting young female brunettes. Meanwhile, Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens are preparing for the wedding. What happens when these two parties meet? Twilight/ Criminal Minds Crossover

General Disclaminer: I own nothing. Not Twilight, or Criminal Minds. I just read the books, and watch the movie and TV show

1. Chapter 1

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Port Angeles, Washington

Nothing is quiet on the streets on Port Angeles this night. Cars drive through the quaint tourist trap town, some stopping at the beach, others parking at the many restaurants through the town.

Among the patrons of one such hotel, a young brunette woman sips wine in front of a bar, eying a man sitting two seats down. She is slim, with shoulder-length nut-brown hair. She is wearing a black tank top beneath a matching zip-up sweater and shape-fitting dark jeans.

She manages to catch the eyes of the man, who is wearing a white tee shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. He smiles at her, and slides over to her. She holds out her hand, inviting him to take it. He does, whispering something in her ear. She smiles.


BAU HQ, home of the Quantico FBI profiling team

A young woman with black hair brings up photographs on a computer screen broadcasting to the whole room. Sitting around a conference table are four men, and another woman.

“Jordan Austin,” Emily Prentiss begins, pointing to a picture of the brunette woman from the bar. “Age 21, resident of Port Angeles, Washington. Was propositioned by a man in a local bar, and left with him at about 1:30. She wasn’t seen again until two days later.”

She pulls up another picture, this one of the same woman in a black zip-up, tank top and jeans. The woman is curled up on the floor, her brown hair wet and matted. A large pool of blood surrounds her body.

“Time of death was estimated at about 6:00 am yesterday.” An older man sitting at the table replied, staring down at his notes. David Rossi had a short growth of dark, gray-streaked hair around his mouth and under his nose.

Another man, young and tan, also glanced at his notes. “What do you think this guy’s motive was,” he asked the table at large.

A third man, also young looking, with long brown hair, dressed in a tie and waistcoat, shrugged. “Perhaps he’s had a bad encounter with women, Morgan.”

“So he takes his aggression out on female victims, Dr. Reid?” asked a fourth man. His hair was dark, and slicked back, making him look severe. As his team talks, Aaron Hotchner’s pale face stared at the dead woman onscreen.

“Looks that way, Hotch,” said Derek Morgan, the man who had spoken earlier. Next to Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid, his neighbor, shuffles through his notes, apparently thinking of something else to say. Meanwhile, the other woman, a blonde, turned to the first woman, apparently confused.

“Emily, how many people has this unsub gone after?” She asked’

“Derek’s about to find that out, JJ,” Emily said as Morgan pressed the conference button on a phone in the middle of the table.

“Hellooo, Derek!” a woman’s voice sings through the intercom.

“Penny,” Derek said, a slight grin on his face. “We were just talking about the Olympic Unsub. Can you give us a current victim number?”

“Way ahead of you, Sweet Cheeks!” Penelope Garcia says through the speakerphone. A short interlude of computer keys typing away follows the happy greeting before Garcia begins talking again.

“First victim is Angel Knight, 20. She was found in a dumpster in Seattle.” More computer keys follows Garcia’s announcement. “Second victim was Bailey Smith, 22, also found in a dumpster in Tacoma. Then our killer moves to the west, into the peninsula.”

“Is there an epicenter,” Aaron Hotchner asks, “A place where we can stay so we can catch this unsub before he strikes again.”

“Give me a sec, Hotch,” Garcia said. Another interlude of dancing computer keys reaches the team’s ears before Penelope speaks again.

“Does size matter?” She asks.

“No, Penelope,” Reid replies, “Just location.”

“Okay,” Garcia said. “So I cross-referenced a few cities in the Olympic Peninsula that are about an hour away from Port Angeles. I came up with just one that would be good for us. Location is perfect, but it’s a bit small. However, the place boasts a good police force….”

“Where?” Aaron Hotchner asks.

“… Not to mention some great doctors and surgeons.”

“Where, Garcia?”

“Forks, Washington.”