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Human Emotions

In my life, emotions could get you killed. Alice Brandon is an agent for Vascado. After killing for so long, all her emotions have been replaced by death and hate. In my life, Emotions were the only things i understood. Jasper Hale is a vampire, with no mate. His family are all paired off, but he's alone.

In this, Bella is a vampire and with Edward, but Jasper doesn't have Alice. He found the Cullen's on his own. They are in Forks which is where Alice Brandon (human) is sent on her latest mission

1. Chapter 1

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I lashed out, my foot connecting with the centre of the punch bag and nearly knocking it from its stand.

“Alice, they’ve told you before, they do not have an unlimited supply of punch bags, go easy on the old thing” said Cara.

“I’d be happier with a person,” I said.

“You must be joking. No one will even go near you on a fight mat. Not after Horoshi, and it’s obvious why. You are pretty scary”

“Shut up Cara,” I said, pushing her out the way.

“Let me guess, you’re planning on running away again? That’s why you’re so agitated” her words made me spin around.

“Will you take me with you?”

“You know I can’t. It’s every girl for herself here. Besides, I have enough trouble looking out for myself, let alone you. Now keep quiet, you know the punishment for trying to leave”

“I’ve heard of it, but never experience it. What’s it like?”

“Horrible. It burns your insides”

“So why do you keep running away?”

“Because, there’s a better world out there. It’s not all blood and horror”

“Alice Brandon, please report to the office, you have a new assignment”

“Are you still going to run off tonight?”

“It depends what the assignment is” I replied. I went to the office.

“Hello Alice” said Neferet, the head of the organisation, the most feared vampire in the complex.

“Ma’am” I said respectfully.

“No need for that, I think of you as a daughter, since I found you. Remember?” oh I remembered. She had slaughtered my entire family and had taken me here, to a world of suffering. I wondered what kind of warped family she had known if she punished her ‘daughter’ by drinking her blood.

“Yes ma’am”

“Anyway, we have a new assignment for you. No killing involved, just a nice simple observation mission. We need you to get close to a family” simple, huh. Things were never as simple as previously indicated. What’s the catch? I thought.

“This family is a group of vampires. We need you to get close to them and find out as much as possible,” I didn’t ask why. Insolence was dangerous around here.

“When do I leave?”

“You will be taken to the location tomorrow. We have a house, car, family, whole new identity for you. Here’s the paperwork you are required to read tonight. Goodbye Alice” I nodded and left. I went back to my dorm, clutching my folder. Cara was already sitting on the next-door bed.

“What’s the job?” she asked.

“Observation. And no, I’m not leaving tonight”

“Do you need an assistant?” she asked. Cara was only in training (she had been brought here a month ago and was only 14. You were required to have a years training. I’d been here since I was 9)

“Well, actually, that might help” I said, watching her face light up “it would help me blend in as nobody suspects a 14 year old kid and also it would count towards your ‘exam’” we knew the rules. You got one chance. You failed, you died. It didn’t matter if you failed in the field, as that would normally end up with you being killed anyway (or if it was an observation case, with the target finding out. And that would normally result in your death too).

“Great! But would Neferet allow it?” she said the vampire’s name with fear.

“She should, I mean you’re supposed to be allowed to go on observation missions” she smiled. I tried to smile back but I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel. In my line of work, after a while you lose all your emotions except hate.

“We’re leaving tomorrow. Get some sleep or you’ll be no use. I’ll let you know the details about our ‘family’ then” I skimmed through my folder. The family I was observing were called the Cullen’s. No picture, that was part of the job of finding the target. If you recognised them, it would be obvious you were up to something. Besides, vampires were easy to spot if you knew the signs. And, believe me, I knew the signs.