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Human Emotions

In my life, emotions could get you killed. Alice Brandon is an agent for Vascado. After killing for so long, all her emotions have been replaced by death and hate. In my life, Emotions were the only things i understood. Jasper Hale is a vampire, with no mate. His family are all paired off, but he's alone.

In this, Bella is a vampire and with Edward, but Jasper doesn't have Alice. He found the Cullen's on his own. They are in Forks which is where Alice Brandon (human) is sent on her latest mission

16. Chapter 16

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I opened my eyes. My skin was white and crackled when I moved. It stung. I looked closer and realized that it was bandages. Jasper was leaning over me. I blinked at his bright perfection. It was so gorgeous; it hurt to look directly at it.

"Jasper" I said.

"Yes Alice. It's me," he said. I twitched my fingers. They hurt.

"How bad am I?" I asked.

"Pretty bad. Your skin is healing but it'll never be perfect as a human," he told me. As human? What about...as a vampire

"Jasper...I'm sorry," I said. It was a stupid meaningless word but I meant it.

"About what?" he said. About what? Was there more then one thing I had to apologize for?

"About using you," I said, wincing at the words.

"So you were using me?" he said, eyebrow raised.

"Let me finish" I said, "I originally came here purely with the intention of getting close to you and your
family. But then...when I did get close to you...I fell in love with you"

"How can I believe that?" he asked. I could tell he wanted to but he was afraid of getting hurt again.

"You did believe it or you wouldn't have saved me. That was the reason I was on that pole, because I fell in love with you," I told him. I was practically pleading.

"You're a good actress Alice," he said. I looked into his eyes. They were hard, cold but I could detect the sadness inside. I closed my eyes and thought. I remembered how I'd felt when I'd met him, how I'd felt when I kissed him. I opened my eyes. His eyes were wide and when my eyes met his, he closed them. I felt my betrayal from him, how much he'd loved me and how he'd felt so afraid when he'd seen me burning. A tear slipped down my cheek. I looked away from him. A cool hand brushed the tear away. I looked back into his eyes, into his soul.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Oh just kiss her already! I'm getting driven crazy by those fantasies Jasper!" called Edward. I blushed. Jasper smiled slightly. He kissed me gently, trying not to hurt me. It reminded me. All the times. Me pressed up against him on his bike. Kissing him for the first time, kissing him in the garden.

"I want to be with you, forever," I said, trying to let him know how I felt without words.

"And I you" he said.

"Jasper. Please forgive me"

"I will, I do"

"I'll never stop trying to make up for that," I promised.

"You don't have to make up for it. I forgive you and I need to know you've forgiven me"

"There's nothing to forgive. Your actions were totally justified. Besides...I wouldn't be mad at you for anything. I love you," I said. He kissed me once more. I would never betray him.

"Bite me Jasper" he placed his lips on my throat, and I felt the promise of my new life.