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Human Emotions

In my life, emotions could get you killed. Alice Brandon is an agent for Vascado. After killing for so long, all her emotions have been replaced by death and hate. In my life, Emotions were the only things i understood. Jasper Hale is a vampire, with no mate. His family are all paired off, but he's alone.

In this, Bella is a vampire and with Edward, but Jasper doesn't have Alice. He found the Cullen's on his own. They are in Forks which is where Alice Brandon (human) is sent on her latest mission

2. Chapter 2

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I didn't sleep that night. I rarely slept, only ever getting a few hours per night. I got up and dressed. I examined the mark on my shoulder. A full moon tattoo, with clouds scattered across it. In the centre, the craters formed a v, if you looked at it carefully. Cara was curled up in her bed. It was a shame to wake her.

"Cara! Get out of that bed! We have to go!"

"What?!" she yelped, jumping up.

"C'mon, it's time for us to go. Get dressed" she did as she was told and was ready in minutes.

"Cara, just relax. You need to be normal. Forget about vampires and missions. Just have fun," I told her. She smiled and we went out to the garage. My car was a red BMW M3.

"Where's the town?"

"It's called Forks, and it hardly ever has sunlight. Which makes sense"

"They're vampires? You never said that!" she shrieked.

"Calm down. Yes, vampires are involved, but we're not going to fight them. We're going to observe. In fact, only I'm going to observe. You're just going to blend in" I knew Cara knew about the vampires in charge of the group but she thought they were different then the type that had destroyed her life. I hadn't told her about my story, so she didn't know how horrible Neferet was.

"What type are they?"

"Class two" there were four class's of vampire. Neferet was a class two vampire (class one was the most dangerous).

"Oh" she said. I wanted to reassure her, comfort her. But I couldn't.

"It'll be fine Cara. Just keep your mouth shut and your eyes open," I warned her. We sped off towards the town.

Three hours later, we reached the location. The town was small and surrounded with forests. The house was quite nice too. It was painted white and had a cherry tree outside it.

"Okay, we're going to the school now" I stopped only to pick up my package, with the fake id in it.

"You are Cara Beech and I'm Alice Beech. Our parents are divorced and we live with our dad, who travels a lot. If anybody asks anything else, just improvise. Got it?"


"We're here" I parked the car in the lot and went to the reception.

"Hello. I'm Ms Cope. And you are?"

"I'm Alice Beech and this is my sister Cara. We're supposed to be starting today. She's a freshman and I'm a senior," I said. She smiled and nodded, before handing Cara and me our timetables.

"So Cara, I'll see you at lunchtime. Be good," I said. The receptionist lady smiled at my ‘concern for my younger sister'. I headed off to my first class. Even though I was on a job, I was happy to be back at a proper school. In the organization, you're education was mixed in with your training, but it was basic and also it was hard to make friends. It was good to be with people who were the same ages as me. I was just going to focus on blending in first, and locating and getting close to the Cullen's later.