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Human Emotions

In my life, emotions could get you killed. Alice Brandon is an agent for Vascado. After killing for so long, all her emotions have been replaced by death and hate. In my life, Emotions were the only things i understood. Jasper Hale is a vampire, with no mate. His family are all paired off, but he's alone.

In this, Bella is a vampire and with Edward, but Jasper doesn't have Alice. He found the Cullen's on his own. They are in Forks which is where Alice Brandon (human) is sent on her latest mission

6. Chapter 6

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On Saturday afternoon, I was trying to choose what to wear. It was six fifty and I had no idea. Cara came into my room.
"Haven't you got dressed yet?" she asked.
"I don't know what to wear!"
"It's not a date, relax!"
"So what to wear?" Cara picked up a black v-necked shirt and smart black trousers.
"These will do. Put them on quickly! He'll be here soon" I shoved on the clothes and had just finished when the doorbell rang. I walked slowly downstairs and opened it.
"Hey" I said.
"Hello. Are you ready?"
"Yes" Jasper led me out to the car and I got in. he drove quite quickly to his house, which was incredibly secluded. But beautiful. He stopped the car.
"It's beautiful"
"We like it" he led me into the living room. There was a huge TV with a coffee table next to it. The coffee table had a stack books with one DVD on top and a bowl of popcorn.
"You look prepared"
"I am"
"Where is the rest of your family?"
"Camping" he said.
"So...you're all adopted"
"Hasn't somebody already told you?"
"Yes...but I know a lot of people make up stuff"
"It's true. Rosalie is my twin. Esme's our aunt and she's looked after us since we were eight"
"And the other's?"
"Edward's parents died of a disease. Alice's parents were in a...car accident. And Emmett's parents were mauled to death by a bear"
"Nasty way to go" I whispered. I had noticed his hesitation and knew he was lying.
"Let's do this then" I sat on one side of the sofa and Jasper sat next to me. The DVD started playing.

When it finished I was impressed. Jasper had kept to his word and stayed awake. At the end, I stood up and stretched.
"Does that make up for it?"
"I said you didn't need to make it up"
"But if I did?"
"Yes...that makes up for it"
"And I stayed awake!" he said. I grinned.
"I thought I spotted you drifting off at one point"
"Me? Never!" he said. I was surprised how easy it was to laugh and joke with him. He was a vampire after all!
He escorted me to the car and drove me home.
"Thanks for tonight. I had a great time"
"Me too" he said. He paused.
"Umm...Alice? My family is going to a thing at this university next weekend. And I don't really want to go. So I was wondering if you wanted to come over again. I swear I won't make you watch a Dracula spoof"
"Okay. I don't think I have anything planned" the invitation took me by surprise and I forgot to be cool.
"So, I'll pick you over around seven again. Will your sister be okay?"
"Cara can go over to a friend's house"
"What about your dad?"
"He's constantly away. He won't care"
"Okay. I'll see you at school on Monday" he left. Cara was waiting downstairs.
"How was it? I was so worried about you! I though you'd get hurt or something!"
"Cara. I went to watch a movie"
"Did you manage to get further in?"
"Yes. I've been invited over next weekend too. Can you go to your new friend's house for the night?"
"I need to make a phone call to Neferet. I have an idea"
"You mentioned earlier. What idea"
"You know all the Cullen children are adopted. Well, my idea is we stage a car accident in which our ‘dad' is killed. Then the Cullen's could adopt us!"
"But what if they don't want to?"
"Well the ‘social worker' in charge of our case will be a Vascado agent anyway so we won't really get fostered. Only risk is, if they don't adopt us we could end up having to leave here. I'll ask Neferet what she thinks"
"You aren't going to do it right now are you? I haven't had enough time being normal"
"No Cara. Not right now"