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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


1. Chapter 1

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This is weird..... It’s been almost 98 years since I have been here. Forks. I know I have said some harsh things about Forks in the past when I first arrived, but the place where I spent the last two years of my human life, and one in my newborn vampire form, I have never regretted coming here to live with Charlie in the first place. Looking to the left of Edward’s Volvo and again in the rear view mirror, it would seem that if I didn’t come here in the first place then I wouldn’t have the best husband, the best friends, the most wonderful daughter and the greatest family. Edward sees me looking greedily at the scenery, he raises our intertwined hands and brushes them down the length of my jawbone and smiles his heart stopping grin back at my answering smile. “It’s good to be home, isn’t it?” He asks in his beautiful tone. I nod thoughtfully and turn my attention to the green, once alien like place; I call my home wherever I live. I hear Edward push down the gas harder in a very characteristic gesture heading for the big house on the river that is my home.
Well I’m guessing you’re wondering what the Cullen family have been up to for the last 100 years. Well here it is. We’ve been moving around the northern hemisphere, never staying in one place long enough for the humans to get suspicious. We’ve just come down from Alaska where we’ve been living with the Denali clan. They are keeping well. Garrett has taken to this new vegetarian life with great finesse. He’s progressed from the feral red eyed adventurer that we first met, to a golden-eyed civilised, loving husband of Kate. Kate is keeping him on the right track with subtle yet firm threats that she will shock him if he ever kills a human. We all know she won’t but Garrett is too scared by the gift of the blonde beauty he calls his wife, not to take her seriously. Tanya and Kate are still coping with the loss of their sister Irina, 100 years ago but they are getting on with it due to how they know that she saved them as her last wish.
We’ve been moving from school to school throughout the places we live. All under the pretence that Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie are a year older than us; me, Edward and Alice, and that the “younger” Cullen’s have been undergoing the pretence that we are sophomores and finishing school in that way. We live under the facade that all the Cullen kids are the adopted children of Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his loveable wife, and my mum, Esme. I am the last to enter, the Cullen family just 8 years ago, when I was just 10. Nobody apart from us know that isn’t the case, but the other students are too mesmerized by the beautiful, perfect, golden eyed group, to see anything is wrong. Ah, the ignorance.
Well my family. Carlisle is being.... well, Carlisle. He’s still being the best doctor in the hospital with his super human self control around blood and his supernatural senses, to help him. Esme, his mate, has perfected her self control in the 100 years to not quite Carlisle’s level, but still an excellent stage. She’s now teaching, an old dream she had in her human years, at colleges. She’s teaching her hobby, architecture, and while at home carrying that on by designing and building us more houses wherever we go, from just by Denali, to a mountainous area in Montana. She’s already added a second story to mine and Edwards house here in Forks, looks like Emmett got his way, as usual and she’s built Jacob and Renesmee a similar house just 5 miles out from our cottage. Carlisle and Esme still share the same first love feel about their lives with each other, still finding ways to do couply things like going to their island or others things that take their fancy. It’s nice to watch from an outsider’s view, how even after 180 years together they can still look at each other with the sense that they are all each other will ever want.
Emmett and Rose are being their flamboyant selves as usual. They’ve had another 5 weddings in the hundred years, that’s 4 more than Edward and I, Carlisle and Esme and Alice and Jasper have had in our lifetimes, we say that our love will never change, but that’s just them they do what they want. They spend time away from us as a married couple which is a haven in itself, not having to listening to the cheesy innuendos coming out of Emmett’s large mouth. Emmett is still the big bear of a brother I always wanted and just recently got. He stills sulks when he loses fights with Edward and Jasper; he says Edward “cheats”. Sigh. He won’t fight with Carlisle and Esme or Alice because she “cheats” too. He won’t dare ask Rose because she’s scared she’ll mess up her clothes, nails and hair. So the joy falls on me, as I’m not really that bothered by messing up my clothes, to Alice’s annoyance. I still think Emmett is getting me back for the many arm-wrestling matches he lost during the first three newborn years. Rose is being her beautiful self as always. She’s still only into cars and her beauty, which I swear is getting better through age but Edward, just says that it’s my eyes finally adjusting.
Alice is being her beautiful, bouncing and beaming self. She loves to dress up Renesmee, or Nessie, yes it finally stuck so I guess I’m stuck with it. She loves to go shopping and seek out shopping opportunities using her gift, I swear the other day Esme thought of a new plant she wanted to buy and Alice saw that all the girls were going garden shopping the next day, just a few seconds later. Jasper is being his empathetic self. He still messes with all the emotions in the room, even mine as it can still get through my Super Shield as Emmett calls it. He still calms us down in tense moments and messes with us when he’s bored or feeling mischievous. Even though we don’t have his gift we can feel the love and happiness he exudes when watching Alice, whether they’re sitting together on the loveseat or he’s watching her dancing around the room making it brighter, he’s just happy to sit and watch her. Their love has only ballooned since they first met.
My best friend Jake and daughter Renesmee. Well Jake has went through Renesmee’s earlier life bouncing from one faze to the next. Starting with an overused Nanny, he’s moved to a big brother, to her best friend, to her boyfriend, to her husband in the twenty years it took her to reach maximum growth. Carlisle still researches about the vampire hybrids, we found another child just like Nessie and Nahuel, in a forest in Africa. They apparently have found out that vampire hybrids can have children, which is really good news for Edward and me as we get to be grandparents! Esme’s not very happy about how it will look to be a great-grandma, but we all know she’s ecstatic inside.
Our friendship with the wolves is as strong as ever, much to Rosalie’s displeasure in her thoughts, as Edward tells me when were alone. We lost some of our most loved ones however. Sam and Emily. Sam lived with Emily until the end of her life, and he actually managed to do that which hasn’t been since seen since Taha Aki, he managed to stop his wolf form and died alongside Emily. Leah is being her antagonistic self, as usual, she’s calmed down by the use of meditation and yoga, so she’s much friendlier with us and she also imprinted on a boy named Justin about 10 years ago, so she’s now happier than I’ve ever seen her. Seth is still a younger Jacob. He imprinted too, on a fellow werewolf, Haley, the nice thing is they don’t have to die to be together forever.
Well, most of my human family and friends have all passed on. I managed to see Charlie up to the end though, thanks to Jakes interruption at the beginning. We told Renee eventually, but not the true story just like what we told Charlie, she believed it as well as Charlie and kept it to the grave. I have three human siblings, still alive. Two from Renee and Phil’s marriage and another from Charlie and Sue’s. Yeah, the vampire’s dad and the werewolves mum did actually end up married. My human friends, I didn’t see after just a few years following graduation. I kept in contact with them however, through phone calls, as they went through married life, for Angela and Ben, then, Mike and Jess.
Alice is still looking for the future and for signs that the Volturi will come back for us, our friends or our allies. There was one point about 45 years after the misunderstanding, Caius nearly took it into his own hands to track us down, but Alice’s vision abruptly stopped. Carlisle thinks that Aro must have seen what Caius was planning and stopped it. Just like all the bullies they are still cowards underneath. We’ve been round most of our friends; Jacob, Edward, Nessie and me. We travelled to the heart of the Amazon for two weeks with Zafrina and Senna, we got to feast on Pumas and Panthers, Jasper and Emmett weren’t very happy that we got to live out their dreams. Then we went for two weeks to see Siobhan and Maggie in Ireland.
We still play ball in the thunderstorms. I finally was able to join in with my family about a year after my vampire birth. My team won, obviously. But it’s been more matched since my strength and speed decreased to Carlisle’s level. I’m still finding little traits in my personality that still remind me of my human life, which is a lift once one comes along. I still read... a lot but I’m now reading about ten books to the one I could read in the same time when I was human so I’m always looking for new material. Edward is still composing and playing music, but now Nessie has about reached his level he has someone to compose with. He also has completed three more medical degrees, I think Carlisle was very happy about it but Edward wouldn’t tell me.
“Welcome Home, Sleeping Beauty.” Edward startles me, by stooping down and gently kissing my forehead. I didn’t realise that the greenness of Forks had been replaced by the inside of our garage. I look up at Edward with an accusing look in my eye..... We can’t sleep and he knows it. He just grins back his crooked grin back. It’s funny, the reaction his smile got when I was human, even though I was limited by the shadows of my human sight, but even though it’s impossible I can still feel the invisible Goosebumps along my arms, the tell tale beetroot flush creeping up my face and the hammering of my still heart.
I look out of the Volvo window, and see Esme and Carlisle holding hands while walking away from his Mercedes with a look that echoed what Edward said before, “It’s good to be home.” Emmett and Rosalie are just getting out of her BMW, as I’m watching Emmett throws a glance around the garage, looks longingly at his Jeep and runs over to Rose who was waiting impatiently and gives her an enthusiastic kiss. Alice is perched lightly on the hood of her yellow Porsche, with Jaspers arm around her waist pulling her closer, just now I see Alice look up at Jaspers face, shake her head minutely and stick out her tongue at him. It’s nice when they have their silent conversations, it’s like they don’t need Edwards gift to know what each other are thinking. I look in the rear view mirror and Renesmee and Jake aren’t there, they must have jumped out. I look over Edward out of the open garage door and they’re there running around, Jake chasing Nessie, looking just like a wolf running on all fours after her with Nessie giggling in front of him. I jump out of the car and go and rest at the back end of the car, Edward comes round next to me and holds my hands. Looking around my garage at every member of my complete family, it’s funny how the actions of all the couples scream back different versions of the same thing. Whether it’s Carlisle and Esme’s first love manner, Emmett and Rose’s flamboyancy, Alice and Jaspers softness or Nessie and Jacobs’s playfulness, every one of their actions scream out LOVE and the looks on each one of their faces says: “This is how life and love is for me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.”
Edward grabs my hand quickly and pulls me from the garage, once outside he pulls me onto his back in the normal way that he did when I was human, even though I can run fast now, maybe not as fast as him but still relatively fast. I kick my legs around his waist to hold me there and rest my head on his shoulder breathing in his loveable scent. And he’s off, running with the enthusiasm as always. While he’s running I smell the air, the smell of a big, strong buck that I haven’t come across for about 10 years. I jump straight off his back and sprint quickly in the stag’s direction, giggling at the normal way my body moves, it’s still taking some getting used to. Without telling Edward what I’m going to do, I spring at him pushing him to the floor. I feel him chuckle somewhere underneath me, “You haven’t changed at all, have you?” He teases kissing my neck. I quickly jump up and pull him up with me, “Nope”, I reply shaking my head.
After we’ve feasted he throws me on his back again and runs east, he runs for about 10 minutes then runs through the sheltered opening to a field and there we are. Our meadow. We walk into the centre and fall synchronized to the floor he encircles me into his arms and holds me to his side, while looking up at the slowly darkening sky. In the 100 years since we’ve been here we’ve come across other secluded meadows but none as beautiful as our meadow. We lay under the sky watching the ever darkening sky, when it reaches the time just before twilight, my new favourite time, he picks me up for the third time tonight and runs north, back home, by the scents drifting in the air.
We walk through the front door, hand in hand, while inside we look around. Carlisle and Esme are sitting on one of the loveseats, Carlisle reading a big medical journal, held in one hand, his other arm draped securely around Esme’s shoulders, Esme’s sitting to his right with her hand pressed firmly into his thigh and gazing at the television. Alice and Jasper are sitting on the other loveseat, Alice on Jasper’s knee, watching the same movie Esme is intently on low volume. Rosalie and Emmett are nowhere to be seen, but I don’t need Edward low groan beside me to know that I’m better off not knowing where they are and what they’re doing. I look to my left up at Edward who’s closed his eyes firmly and pinching the bridge of his nose tightly with his free hand. Jasper looks away from the TV and up at Edward and gives him an understanding nod, then turns his attention back to the movie with a very determined expression of someone who is trying to leave the emotional climate he is feeling from upstairs far behind. I can hear Jake and Nessie in the kitchen making cookies by the sound of their teasing tone, “No, Jake.... They’re not cooked yet. Leave them! Hey! MOM!” she screeches in a tone I would take when I wanted my own way. I squeeze Edward’s hand which is still in mine and feel him chuckle silently beside me. He pulls me over to the loveseat occupied by Esme and Carlisle. Esme moves her arm from the chair and drapes it over my shoulders in her motherly fashion. Carlisle looks up from his book and gives me a fatherly smile, then turns his attention back to his book.
I lean back against the sofa and think about what a life I have. I think about being back in the place I love, the home I love, the life I love, going back to the school I love in a week, being with the siblings I adore, with parents who I love and love me in return, the best friends, the most wonderful daughter and husband anyone has. Life couldn’t be better!