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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


10. Chapter 10

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Jasper POV

I whirled faster than Alice and my eyes firstly landed upon a set of crimson orbs that hung and pierced the darkness. I crouched down in front of Alice, a warning growl building in my chest. Anyone with those eyes who approached you in the darkness was not to be trusted in my mind.

Alice grasped my arm, her fingers constricting slightly. "Jasper, its okay," she murmured, as her feelings went from panic to calm quickly. I crouched down lower in front of her, another bark making its way through my clenched teeth.

"She's right Jasper, it's us," a familiar voice spoke out of the darkness. Of course, it wasn't dark for me or Alice but a voice, that firstly recognizes you in an unfamiliar place, and secondly that sang just like one of our own was enough to forget about that tidbit. My eyes adjusted and I found two familiar faces smiling on from a few meters away. Mary and Randall. I had never thought of these two travelling together, Emmett and Rose had been the ones to come across them a hundred years ago, both living within five miles of the other but they didn't go around together. Times had obviously changed. Randall had his brown hair pulled back off his face but it hung limp around his shoulders, and a light exhilarated look in his crimson eyes. Mary, by his side, was just his opposite, they were like Charlotte and Peter in a way, just taking into account their sizes, however, when Randall looked rough and an adventurer, his friend was conserved. She had her tawny hair pulled out into a light bun and her eyes were blacker than Peter's, where he looked excited she looked nervous.

"Randall? Mary? What are you doing here?" I asked, disbelievingly. Was it so easy? To come looking for two fighters and come across another two who were willing to help a hundred years ago and from the look of Randall, more than eager now.

"Hey, you're on our turf," Randall laughed. "What are you northerners doing here?" I looked down at Alice how best to phrase it, she caught my eye and shrugged. I sighed looking up once again to the pair. "They're coming back, huh?" Randall continued before the words could come out of my opened mouth. I nodded back to him and he smiled, weird. "So, where do you want us?" he asked rubbing together his hands, in a businesslike manner.

"Are you serious?" I asked, this was too easy, not even a day had gone by and we already had two helpers. "You really want to fight?"

"Sure, you're not the only one Jasper, who likes a fight. But I should only speak for myself," he continued looking down upon Mary.

"Must you doubt me so much, Randall?" she asked with raised eyebrows. "If the Volturi are once again abusing their powers and making an appearance once again, it is our duty as much as yours and the others in this world to rectify that."

"Fair words, Mary," Randall teased, and Mary smiled back.

"So you really want to help?" I asked, taking more time that usual to get my head around it.

"Yes, Jasper, Yes!"

"Okay, then. We'll might you at our house in about a week?"

"You sure will, Jasper. Until then? Bye Alice." Randall dismissed himself and Mary and they both started to walk away from us in the opposite direction to that which we were heading.

"Wait up," I called, "have you seen Peter and Charlotte?"

"Yeah, they were in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago," Mary answered and my dead heart did a little back flip. I tugged on Alice's hand running to the car; it was the first time in two days that I felt, along with Alice, hopeful.