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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


11. Chapter 11

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Bella POV

We landed in the airport of Iquitos, Peru about an hour ago. We have only been here once before, but thanks to our infinite memories we didn't need telling twice how to get to Zafrina. Once we had landed we walked straight out into the humid air of Peru, thankfully the sun had just went down. I realized why we lived in colder areas more than others; I used to think it was just that colder areas were more associated with rain and snow. However, the humid temperatures bathed us and made me at least feel like I was back in a sauna in my human body, except no sweat would come. Landing within a couple of miles of the Amazon River had its advantages. We walked calmly towards a boat upon that river, making sure we looked as much like humans as we possibly could, then we careened further into the dense green of the rainforest which demolished the greenness of Forks, hands down. We reached a spot where no wandering eyes could find us, no matter how hard they tried, and we ran, following the curve of the river on our right, running until we came across any sign of vampire life.

Edward slowed to a stop at my side and I copied him and heard Nessie and Jake do the same behind me. He must have heard something that neither Nessie, Jake nor I could. When I raised my eyebrows he smiled, and squeezed my fingers lightly, his hand never having left mine, this light pressure still showed me that he was still beside me. We walked on, and rounded a bend and come across the regular hide out of the Amazonian's. It was a weird place for them to live, but it did seem useful. It was within ten miles of Iquitos which had the largest population out of every other town within the boundaries of the Peruvian rainforest.

We walked into their camp of sorts, even though we didn't need home comforts as vampires, every coven I had ever come across except the American nomads had a kind of house. However, it was no way near what Carlisle and Esme provided for us, but it suited its purpose and didn't attract any attention. There was three wooden huts surrounding a fire, these huts containing nothing but personal items; books, pictures, ornaments and such; a chair and nothing else except the bare minimum. I knew one belonged to Zafrina, as the leader of the coven she had the biggest, one belonged to Kachiri and the other Senna. Nahuel and Huilen didn't live with this coven but came to visit many times, luck was with us that the two in question were surrounding the fire along with Zafrina as we walked into their camp.

As we walked into camp the footsteps of the four of us crunching upon the twig ridden floor, echoed around the quiet atmosphere. Of course with vampiric hearing two out of the three heard our advances and Nahuel looked up when the other two did so. Zafrina's face split into a huge grin at the sight of us four, yet she had a mistrusting look in her widen eyes.

She stood and pulled Nessie and I into bone crunching hugs, and beckoned her sisters from their respective huts. She offered us to sit and started to speak. "Well dearest Cullen's, I suspect that with the look on each of your faces that this is not purely a pleasant visit?"

"You thought correct, Zafrina," Edward answered from my side on the log we were sitting on facing the fire. "The Volturi are once again moving upon us." Zafrina's eyebrow's moved a fraction up her head, and the other four hissed, but said nothing. "When I say us; I mean my family and I, yes. Now you know Carlisle, as an old friend, would never want to get you involved into this fight. You know it's never been his intentions but we as a family thought best to come and "enlighten" you to what are once again happening in the vampire world."

"Well I don't see why you are speaking so distrustfully Edward," Zafrina laughed. "You came, you spoke, we listened, we fight!" she bellowed in her loud, gravelly, clearly accented accent. I looked up to my left and my angel's face it was shining with triumph, but I knew as well as him that their support was only to be expected.

"Thank you, so much," Edward spoke gratefully, and Zafrina nodded her head once. "We will now take our leave, sorry to come and go so quickly but as you will know there is much to be done."

"Of course, dear one's. We will see you soon, I suppose." We all nodded and left, running the way we came to the airport and hopefully finding a quick flight out of Peru and back to our family. Our first job was over, and I hope that the other's are having as much luck as we are. Our second job would come much later; for Edward and I. Our second job was to protect our daughter, and our family as both would protect us.

Alice POV

Wow, I really didn't see that one coming. Mary and Randall? We didn't even set out to find those two, but the more the merrier. I had a vision about two minutes ago which told me that Edward was successful with Zafrina's coven, so at least we had four to go with the five Denali's and ten Cullen's. Jasper was very sure we would add another two to that in a few moments, and having known Peter and Charlotte for over a hundred years I have to agree with my love. Jazz drove to Santa Fe, which we are now in, like a maniac, I think he was in some exhilarated rush. I know Edward and Bella would so not have of approved of his speed, but I liked it.

I felt so useless having had that vision and brought depression down on my siblings, niece, husband and parents, but to not be able alleviate that somewhat and show us what we are up against or how it would turn out was depressing. Carlisle had told me in private that it wasn't my fault, and like he said always my visions are subjective and it is the Volturi's fault that I couldn't find anything out and not my own. How I loved my father. However, using this normal excuse made me feel all that much worse, it was always the same. I was the one whom these visions come to, not Carlisle, not Edward and whatever they would like to think it is not easy to see your family killed, or fighting and not being able to do anything about it until it actually arrives. Jazz, squeezed my hands, looking over from the driving with raised eyebrows and I felt waves of love, tranquility and tenderness wrap around my form and raise my spirits a little higher, and although it only lasted for a moment it was what I needed. He smiled wider at me and turned back to the road. "It's not your fault, Alice," he spoke gently, breaking the silence for one of the first times since we got into the car in Salt Lake City.

As we came into the boundaries of Santa Fe city itself, I thought that it was an unusual place for vampires to live. But I think I have been living with Carlisle for too long to think that anything except the family I have surrounding me is normal. It was not like Salt Lake City, which by the looks of things Randall and Mary centered themselves around these days. There was less people, less shelter and as every town in the southern part of America they would only be able to walk around during night. As I was thinking of this Jasper parked the car next to a coral looking building and jumped out and came to my side offering me his hand once again. Him and his old fashioned actions. I took it and he placed my hand around his own as we went further into the town searching for Jasper's closest friends in this world except for our family. It was past midnight thankfully which would make looking for two a lot more easy than if it had been hours earlier, the only people who roamed the roads now were drunken men walking from pub to pub, or couples walking home.

As we walked past Santa Fe plaza, in the middle of the town we spotted a couple sitting on the grass. One had silvery blonde waist length hair, the other shoulder length brown hair, undoubtedly Peter and Charlotte. Jasper went to pull me away from them and continue looking but I stopped him pointing to the couple on the lawn and he chuckled. "I knew that," he admitted. I laughed and playfully hit his arm, "silly." We walked on and I bounded over to Peter placing my arms over his eyes so he spun and sank to the floor for only a fraction of a second before he stood up straight his eyes finding mine then Jasper's and his smile became even more prominent.

"Jasper, my brother, how are you?" Peter asked walking over to my husband as Charlotte and I embraced. Once we had broken apart she looked towards her mate and I looked over too. They stood off to the side, close together and Peter was widely gesticulating with an angry look upon his face. Charlotte sighed and spoke only to me, "does this mean what I think it means?"

"If you're talking about the Volturi then yes," I whispered back just as both Jasper and Peter beckoned us to their sides.

Peter sighed when we over to them and Charlotte looked up to her mate, "Peter, are you even considering not helping?"

He widened his eyes at her tone, "Of course not. But Charlotte-?" he beseeched.

"No Peter, I know you love me, I know you want to protect me but I can protect myself. If Alice and Jazz are fighting along with Carlisle and the others then I'm in also."

He sighed once again and searched her eyes, and she just looked back unwaveringly. "Then I fight too, Jasper. Your family can count on Charlotte and I. I will fight alongside my brother and his new family, and protect them also."

"Thank you, Peter," Jasper expressed shaking his hand and also hugging Charlotte. A second vision slammed into my head and I was seeing just what was coming true.

"Hello Jasper," someone sung from behind me. "Peter," they laughed, and everyone of us turned and snarled.