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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


12. Chapter 12

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Jasper POV

I heard Alice gasp at my side, turning to her to see her eyes glaze over only for a moment before footsteps approached from behind. "Hello Jasper," a familiar voice sang, "Peter," the acknowledged my brother. His eyes flickered behind my shoulder and in them I saw rage, more fury than I had seen in anyone's in a very long time. He slipped into a crouch as all of us turned upon this new addition to our reunion both Peter and I crouching in front of our mates and I heard their snarls echo my own.

She stood there as she normally did, perfect, no scars marred her skin as she would let her followers do her bidding. She smiled widely, her eyes only on me, and I felt Alice tense further behind me. Alice was my only. Maria was nothing in my eyes, nothing.

"Maria," I acknowledged stiffly, she smiled wider and Peter's snarls became louder along with Alice's as she began to show her teeth. I turned towards Peter and Alice and sent out waves of calm to the both of them; Charlotte had remained calm even though I knew she felt the same vehemence towards Maria as Alice did. As I was trying to calm Alice down Peter leapt from his position at his mate's side, his eyes only for Maria, his teeth bared. I jumped in front of him so his form rocketed off my chest with a loud bang and he fell to the floor. Peter was one of the best fighters I had ever come across but I was more experienced and with the aid of my gift I could make sure that this didn't turn into a bloodshed. I crouched down next to his snarling body and placed my hands on his shoulder, so much so that he turned and but at my skin, his venom poured from the wound. Alice and Charlotte both gasped but I have had a lot worse, I sent out waves of peace trying to get him to relax and I felt his muscles loosen under my hands until he was no longer snarling but he still had a snarl etched upon his mouth and anger in his darkened crimson eyes.

I finally let him up as he went to stand beside his mate his eyes never leaving his only enemy upon this world. I walked beside Alice and laced my fingers with hers, sending out waves of love, only to my mate. Her worried fingers brushed my new wound which had just heeled and made another scar.

"Jasper," Maria sung once again and she started to walk towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist. Alice tensed further at my side and I squeezed her hand as Maria continued to hug me. "It's been too long."

"Has it?" I responded to which her eyebrows rose. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I couldn't help but hear that you need fighters."

"Nobody wants your help," Peter spat from behind me.

"All the same, Peter," I heard a growl and I suspected that he hated her to use his name. "I can't have Jasper going to face his death without help."

"We have help," Alice responded with venom. "And you don't have to worry about Jasper, his family and I will take care of him. I wouldn't want you to worry."

"Yeah, so why don't you skip along and ruin some other people's lives," Charlotte spoke for the first time.

Maria laughed once again, shrugged and went to turn before adding, "I'll see you in a few days," and she ran off away from us.

"Peter," I spoke turning to face him, "please come." I was worried that if Maria was coming he wouldn't.

"I will Jasper; no little shit will stop me from doing what's right by my brother's new family. I'm sorry I bit you," he added and I knew that since we had left her army we both hated violence unless really necessary.

"Its fine Peter," I smiled and shook his hand once again but his eyes only looked upon the newest scar in my collection. I grasped Alice's hand and we both jogged humanly back to where I had left the car, as we both got in Alice took my hand in hers and placed her mouth upon the scar. I smiled and started the car, "I love you Alice."

"Love you too, Jazz," she sang as I headed the car back home to our family.

Carlisle POV

We landed in Dublin and unlike the children Esme and I could go find Siobhan straight away due to the miserable whether associated with the British Isles and Ireland. Siobhan along with her mate Liam and Maggie lived in a secluded area on the outskirts of Dublin. As we walked up to the house I was reminded of the house I had brought Esme to and the house in which my life had changed. It was the same shape, the same wood and it was bounded by unused forest.

As the house came into view we walked quicker and all movement ceased in the house itself, nobody came to the door and nobody spoke. I rose my hand and knocked once upon their wooden front door, a pair of footsteps approach; they were obviously Siobhan's at they were too even to be Liam's but to loud to be Maggie's. She opened the door upon us and smiled at the sight. "My, my Carlisle, Esme. What a pleasant surprise."

"Hello Siobhan," I spoke as we were welcomed into her home. Maggie and Liam were both sitting around the table in the living room; Maggie smiled brilliantly at us when we came through the door and bounded over to give Esme a hug as Liam just smiled on from where he sat. Siobhan sat next to her mate and looked up at me.

"Well I suppose that without Bella and Edward here this is not for recreational purposes."

"You supposed right, Siobhan," Esme answered. "The time has come again, where..." Esme couldn't finish and she cringed further into my side. I held her closer and placed a kiss to her temple.

"Yes Siobhan, as Esme said we do not come for recreation. The Volturi are returning once again."

Her eyebrows shot up her head coming to rest under the hair that fell into her eyes. "Maggie?"

"They tell the truth," Maggie answered. "Like it would be something they would lie about," she scoffed quietly but she knew that everyone in the room could hear her.

"Okay then, Carlisle. We will come once again and stand aside you, my friend." Esme visibly relaxed in my arms and I smiled at my old friend.

"Thank you Siobhan, sincerely." I raised my eyebrows a bit more thinking back to the joke I had tried to pull a few hours before.

"That won't work Carlisle," Siobhan sighed; we had been friends for too long to not know each other fairly well.

"It may," I countered. She tutted and shook her head so her brown hair bounced around her face.

She decided to humor me, "shall I visualize the outcome I desire?" She asked for the second time in a century.

"It wouldn't hurt," I laughed.

She shook her head once again, before she took Maggie's and Liam's hands and ran upstairs, returning less than a minute later with a suitcase in each hand. "Ready when you are Cullens," Maggie laughed running to their car and depositing their suitcases as Esme and I joined Liam and Siobhan in the car, and drove to the airport. Hopefully hoping would do the trick once again, with Siobhan on our side I was beginning to hope that it would all come out right.

Emmett POV

Damn, this bed is comfy. This is the sort of time that I would be content to fall asleep breathing in the scent of my wife as she cuddled into my side. "Emmett," I heard a voice sound from outside our hotel room. "Emmett," they continued, "have you seen outside?" Rosalie sighed and removed herself from my side going over to open the curtains, the sun had now went down and it bathed Giza in darkness that was only broken by few of the hotel lights which hit the yellow sand.

"Come on Em," Rosalie sighed when I didn't get up from the bed. I didn't want to talk to Amun. She smiled coming over to me and grabbed both hands and pulled me easily to her side and we both walked out of the door coming face to face with Eleazer and Carmen. They smiled with a kind of anticipation but I knew that they were not totally happy with what was going to happen.

When we got outside it was midnight by the clock in the foyer that I checked as we passed, that meant that unless there was many drunken men still out or if people where looking out of their hotel room windows we were as good as alone. We ran for a few moments until as we looked around there was no way any eyes could see us even we couldn't see any human civilization. We ran past Cairo and out onto the Nile river. Finding the Egyptian coven was relatively easy, as with vampires you just had to look in a secluded place that suited its purpose of being close to humans but not drawing attention. The Egyptian's had set up their home on the banks of the river in a secluded area behind a cliff, which seemed to be the place where they hid during the daytimes but this cliff from the outside looked like any other home; like a palace I would say. And if they didn't follow this kind of rule following their scent was easy enough.

As we approached Amun and Benjamin looked up at the same time; their two expressions differing majorly as they spotted the four of us waling into the camp. Benjamin's voice bellowed across the land, "Emmett!" And Amun snarled slightly before running in the opposite direction with his mate Kebi on his heels.

"Hey Ben," I shouted back, as we continued to walk towards them and sat down opposite Ben and Tia on the rocks that were occupied by Amun and Kebi a minute earlier.

"Sorry about Amun, he never has forgiven your father for what happened last time and I'm guessing that he is now suspicious that four of you come back now after a hundred years apart. That is why you're here isn't it?"

"Its fine Benjamin," Rosalie answered. "We knew it was going to be like drawing blood from a stone when we came here, but as you know from the last time we met and I would hope that Amun knows that Carlisle had no intention of bringing his friends into this. But yeah, that's why we are here."

He nodded then looked at his mate, "I don't know. You know I love your family but Amun is my creator and I would hate to upset his judgments however wrong they are."

"Ben," Tia spoke gently, placing her hand on his upper arm. "It was the same last time Ben. They are abusing their powers and if Amun doesn't want to help Carlisle, who is one of his oldest friends, it doesn't mean that we can't."

Benjamin nodded to his mate once again, "Okay, I guess that means that we are in," a boyish grin spreading over his face.

I stood up and beckoned Eleazer to come with me; we needed to talk to Amun. We ran for a little while following his scent until it rounded a corner and we came across them sitting on the floor close together talking. "We know why you're here and I suggest you leave quickly. I will not hear it," he spoke with malice.

"Amun, get the hell over yourself," I spat before turning my back on my dad's friend in my eyes although he was a friend of my father he was no friend of mine. I ran back to Rose and Carmen, thanked Ben and Tia as they promised to be on a flight out of Egypt in the next few days and we left hoping to get the next flight home.