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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


13. Chapter 13

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Esme's POV

We arrived home the day after we left Dublin and found only two sets of our children back, however, those where the two with the shortest traveling times. Alice and Jasper had arrived first about eight hours prior to our homecoming with Edward, Bella, Jacob and Nessie arriving little over three hours after them. I was surprised as Carlisle and I walked into the family room that it seemed like we were the only ones who managed to get people to come with us as there was no Peter, no Charlotte and no Amazon's, but Edward scoffed. "Do you really think we would come home if we didn't have help?" he had asked when he heard my thoughts. Turns out that my son had successfully got Zafrina, and the rest of her coven, including Nahuel and Huilen to come help.

Jasper and Alice however were too quiet, they spent more time together than before, if that was even possible and as we came through the door and as Edward spoke of getting Zafrina Jasper's eyes narrowed, he was upset about something. Again it turned out that he had successfully tracked down his two friends, and not only them but Mary and Randall which crossed my mind only in the beginning but it seemed to me to be an impossibility to find them, but my two children had managed well. They didn't elaborate more on what happened while they were away but I had a feeling that I feel was shared with Carlisle that we were not getting the whole story, but when I asked Edward he told me there was nothing wrong, so I let it drop.

It was now a day after we arrived home, Tanya called about an hour ago telling us she was coming back from Seattle airport now. And Rose called ten hours ago telling me she had just boarded the flight out of Cairo, so I was expecting my family to be whole within the day. The stress seemed to be doing weird things to the family dynamic as a whole. Carlisle became more protective and concerned about the children but he also tended to shut himself away in his office more than usual, throwing himself into his work so much so that he was suffering himself. The children were also visibly suffering, they were all jeopardizing their "health" for the sake of staying with their mates in the available hours they had left. Edward and Bella hadn't hunted since they left the first night, Alice and Jasper however took most opportunities to get out of the house, I think the obvious stress in the house was putting some strain upon Jasper. And Jacob and Nessie also hadn't hunted since they returned, my newest son Jacob hadn't hunted in about a month. However, after Carlisle had pleaded with him to go hunt, he shunned the idea preferring to drink from a blood bag in his human form. I thought it was weird of him but when Edward had said that he was only doing it so he wouldn't alert the wolves and bring them into it I realized it was the thing which Carlisle tried to do from the start.

"Hey Mom!" I hear a familiar bellow from behind and before turning his big hands are around my waist and my feet off the floor.

"Hey Em," I turned to face him when he let me down and he had a huge smile on his dimpled face, trust Emmett to be the only one of my children to be slightly exhilarated and happy. I looked over to Rose who was looking anxiously around the house biting her lower lip between her teeth.

"Where's Carlisle?" she asked looking up and smiling.

As I went to open my mouth to speak my husband appeared at the top of the stairs, his black eyes flickered around the room resting upon his returned children. He walked past Rose kissing her forehead, clapped Emmett on the shoulder and stopped by my side. "What's up?" he asked.

`"We couldn't get Amun to come," she mumbled, and Emmett muttered something that sounded an awful lot like "asshole."

He smiled sadly. "No matter, he wouldn't fight any way even if he did. You did well," he praised them as they went into garden followed by Eleazer and Carmen. Carlisle took my hand in his and together we walked upstairs, he led me into his office and sat me down upon his lap in his chair. He sighed as he looked out of the window and out into the forest. "Hey Esme. Hey Carlisle," came Kate's shout from downstairs, that meant that all our family were back. "Hi Kate," I called back as I leaned into Carlisle's chest, hopefully no one would come looking for us anytime soon. I pressed my fingertips to the bruised shadow under his thirsty eyes hoping that the love I felt would heal any pain that his thirst or his thoughts were causing him.

Bella POV

When Carlisle and Esme arrived home yesterday I have to say that I was extremely happy. They had managed, just like everyone else had, to pick up some helpers for us. The Irish coven was my favorite along with Ben, Tia and Zafrina. I had a good feeling about Siobhan being on our side, even though it was only Carlisle believed she had a talent, I had to agree with my father. Even though she was not the only talented one in their coven we knew that there was little that Maggie's talent would do for us. We all knew that the Volturi were one to lie through their teeth and we didn't need her lie detecting talent to tell that.

Edward and I were in our cottage, when a couple of days prior we would sit in silence and read, now we sat in a comfortable silence, neither of us would talk but he would just look at me as I would him. "Ahhhhhhhh!" came a very excited screech, from a very excited Alice. It echoed from the house, over the river and all the way to our house making the treetops sway and birds fly upwards. I heard Emmett guffaw also reverberating around the forest. I shook my head at my two siblings, and jumped up pulling Edward up with me. We ran through the forest following Em's laugh and a soft chuckle that sounded vaguely familiar. Once we walked into the family room the whole family sat on the sofas looking into the centre of the room where Emmett had his hands around an Egyptian boy in a headlock and this boy's mate looked one from the side. Benjamin and Tia had arrived.

Alice POV

We had five already and we had eleven more to come, twelve if you counted Maria which personally I did not intend to. Mary and Randall were the first to arrive, again they were together. Weird. Maybe it was more out of convenience for those two to come together than anything else. Although they were nomadic like Peter and Charlotte they were more civilized, they agreed with Carlisle's solution to their feeding issue by only hunting far out of state, just like last time, however this time we had to do a lot more pussyfooting around as Jacob didn't want his brothers to be involved in the fight and as a member of our family we had to honor his wishes. Peter and Charlotte arrived a couple of hours after Mary and Randall. Their eyes were a totally un-thirsty crimson which I supposed was their show of trying to get along with our family by not hunting in the surrounding areas. And the final group to arrive that day was the Romanian's; Stefan and Vladimir. They came again with an excited aura that surrounded them which made my Jazz, subconsciously, follow them around when they were near so his spirits could be raised from the tension that you could feel rolling off the rest of the family in waves.

Rose POV

I hated when we had a whole host of Carlisle's weird friends over. Don't get me wrong I tolerated the Irish, Amazons and Egyptians but the Romanians were, and I hate to use Emmett's word, "creeptacular." They seemed too happy about the prospect of this heading into a fight which of course we all knew it was anyway. With those inhabiting our house it made the limited time we had with one another in the family that much less and that much more precious if we could have an hour with only our family with no strangers. We were waiting for five more people as much as the stories of my siblings had told me, two who had helped last time and three who had saved our lives so I would be forever grateful to the Amazonian's, forever and always. They had saved our lives once and with that given us another hundred years to be in the complete family that took up the whole of my unbeating heart. They arrived on a Friday, today, it was not a school holiday but all of us refrained from leaving the house and go to school, even though it would possibly take our minds off the future. I was not, and I knew that my view was weirdly shared with my siblings, niece and Jacob, going to waste anymore time undergoing human pretenses and lose the time with my parents. Even Carlisle didn't go to work anymore, which said something about how he was feeling even though the only people who truthfully knew how he was feeling were Esme, Edward and Jasper. Even though I knew he would have liked to keep it from his two talented sons, he couldn't. I had been with Carlisle too long to not know my own father, 150 years give or take a decade, the amount of time that he had been my dad made me understand his actions a lot more than most other people's. Right now he was doing what he did most of all when he was scared or stressed, he shut himself away from us. It was the same when Edward left us, when Edward was in Volturra, during the Victoria times and a hundred years ago. It was only Esme who could get around to him, but even she couldn't make him hunt. He was purposely jeopardizing himself so we, as he beloved children, could not see his hurt. So yeah the Amazons arrived today and we all sat down and discussed the upcoming event even though none of us knew any date for this. We had an army, and we would go into this unknown fate as one.

There was a knock at the door and I looked around and saw Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Bella and all the Denali's look around at one another also. There was no-one left, everyone we had contacted was either in the sitting room with us, in some other part of the house or hunting. In my peripheral vision I saw Edward nod once to either Alice or Jasper I wasn't sure, but I knew they were keeping something from all of us. I sighed, if no-one would answer the door I would. I threw open the door and looked upon our newcomer, a small Hispanic looking woman, with white teeth that glistened in her wide smile and jet black hair stood just in front of the threshold. I have never met her in all my years, but I knew without a millisecond worth of thought who this stranger was and no way in hell was she allowed on our land. Emmett got up and walked over to me, deciding that I had stood long enough by the door without moving my hand from the door knob, breathing or even speaking. As he reached me he wound his arm around my waist and looked down to her. "No shit," he whispered, at which Carlisle came up and stood in front of the both of us, I heard footsteps but I didn't look around to have to know that my whole family know surrounded the door well except Alice, Jasper and Edward. When my family's eyes landed upon this girls face their mouths dropped and eyes widened. Carlisle and Esme looked at each other and Esme nodded once, Bella gulped audibly, Emmett protected me further, and Edward sighed from where he sat. It had been over two minutes and we hadn't spoken and none of us had relaxed the position at the door. Of course it would be Carlisle who would be first to gather his ever-present composure, "Welcome Maria."