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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


14. Chapter 14

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Edward POV

Having all of Carlisle's old friends, Jasper's friends and the family in our house made the air surrounding all of us feel more urgent. However, nobody within our ranks knew how long this urgency would last, we were all awaiting some kind of sign, and we didn't know which form this sign would come in. When I first saw Alice's vision the weather was sunny, the sunny days had been, she had a second vision just when Bella, Jacob, Nessie and I returned and the weather was raining and since then it Forks has been sunny. This either meant the Volturi were starting to doubt their decisions and they would bring it back a day at a time, or, they were just getting held up. Personally I hoped for the first option.

We were all sitting in the living room; well the Cullen's were anyway. Rosalie and Emmett sat at the back window with a chess board laying forgotten in between the pair, Jacob and Nessie and Alice and Jasper sat watching the television on one sofa. Carlisle and Esme sat on the floor by the sofa occupied by Bella and I, these two were not paying attention to the television, their thoughts both echoed each other's, both firmly fixed on their mates, unwavering in their determination. And I was in a mood where I couldn't care a less. I would much rather hear my parent's thoughts at present than try to understand the mess of my own thoughts running through my brain every minute or so.

All is quiet, except Nessie and Jacob's heartbeats, the rest of us breathing and the low hum of voices on the television. Until I hear a small gasp and the constant breathing that surrounded the room stopped as I am pulled into the world my sister is now in. It's the same vision I have seen twice, this time being the third. I can tell Alice is trying hard not to be taken further into the future, she and I do not want to see what is coming up, and the only visible difference that I can see is the coloring. I have seen it bright, I have seen it grey now it is white, it will snow. The snow will land and they will come. Alice's vision abruptly stops and my ears adjust to the silence in the room as opposed to the rustle of leaves I have just heard. Everyone's eyes were on Alice, hers only on me.

Edward, look outside. My sister thinks and I follow her eye line as hers flash from mine to the window at the back. It was sunny but with small specks of something drifting slowly past the window. I narrow my eyes and zoom in on these specks; white and six pronged. Snowflakes, instantly landing on the dry ground.

"No, no..." my voice whispers without any recognition on my part.

Edward it's time, Alice thinks once more.

"No, no..." I'm not, we're not ready!

Esme's POV

So this is it? Was my life and everything that made my life what it was going to come to an end in under a day? You would think that we would be used to this sort of feeling, but it was never something that you got used to. The wondering, the worriment, the love and the regret are the feelings that pulsed around my system like the venom in my veins. A hundred years ago I had been foolish enough to forget that we are not invincible and we could surely die. Not this time. Edward had given us less than half a day and my God was I going to use that!

At the moment our visitors had made themselves scarce, most hunting. Nobody knew where the Denali's had gone, Emmett and Rose and Alice and Jasper were in their respective rooms, as Carlisle and I were. Edward, Bella, Ness and Jacob were already at the clearing; they had set up a tent for Jacob and Nessie and Bella and Edward were dragging the Volturi there, even though we all knew they would go there anyway. However I knew my son well enough to know he had left to give us and himself some peace and I was surprised that Jasper hadn't left the house also with the amount of stress that I could visibly feel rolling off us.

Right now Carlisle and I were on our bed, Carlisle had a book, which lay forgotten, in his lap and from the corner of my eye I could see that he only had eyes for me. I looked up to him and was suddenly shocked by the fierce resolve present in his black eyes, and as I watched, his eyes minutely moved from my nose to hair, then forehead. He was memorizing me. I smiled and watched his eyes move down to my lips and continue to my jaw, I used my time to memorize him. Whether his blonde hair that was usually in a uniformed state but tonight hung perfectly messed around his angelic face, or his crooked nose that was perfectly centered upon his face, his long eyelashes, the impeccably angular jaw, the arc of his neck or the soft curve to his flawless lips, everything about him was beyond perfect, and he was mine. Which God had I pleased?

Even though it was a comfortable silence that enveloped us I felt the need to break it, I had memorized his face and I would continue to do so until the last possible minute. And now I felt the need to memorize his voice; whether the unblemished chime his voice held or the lilt of his old native English accent that some words had, even though he was over four-hundred years old this inflection along with his brilliant voice coming out of him was extremely endearing and it felt right. "What are you thinking about love?"

He smiled down at me, his teeth, perfectly white and straight, shining through the darkness and leaving me temporarily speechless. "You," he whispered. "Now may I ask the same of you my darling?" he continued. I looked up at my whole life, would I really be able to live through losing him? I just shook my head, not wanting to add to his pain and at the same time not really trusting my voice to come out steadily. "Esme please," he pleaded, rolling over so he was balanced over me. I joined my legs with his as he let the tip of his nose touch mine and our breathing became mingled together.

"Do you think I can live through losing you?" I decided to voice the very thing that had just gone through my head, ending it with an audible choke.

His eyes softened and his body began to tremble on mine, I had made his pain worse. "You won't have to, Esme. I will be beside you forever, I promise you. I am forever yours, when you need me, when you want me I am there."

"Forever and always," I added, that's how long I wanted him, even more but no words in any language could express my need for him.

"Well then, you have me, you have always had me, you always will. You don't know how long I waited for you, and I have you, there is no way upon any world that you are being taken from me. No way could I live through losing you, I won't let you slip out of my grasp, not again." His eyes searched into my own, looking for something that I didn't know existed in myself, but he knew my better than I knew myself. He lifted himself off my nose preferring to nuzzle into the crook of my neck, kissing just below my jaw, I felt his lips lift into my skin. "I love you," his breathing tickling my neck as he spoke. "I need you," he continued, his voice thick with the emotion that I could hear poring through him, and there was the accent that I loved oh-so-much. His lips captured mine quickly and we became a pair once again, as his lips molded to mine I forgot everything that the next day would bring.