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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


15. Chapter 15

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Jasper POV

The family's emotions were like a pressing weight upon me at present. You would think that it would just be worry, sickness, angst and the likes that would make me want to journey into the woods and all but close down to my own emotions. But the thing is in a house where the prominent feeling should be apprehension and vexation it was surprisingly a mixture of most emotions under the sun.

Carlisle's emotions had changed a lot over the past few days. He had started determined and then that quickly turned to distress. Out of everyone in the family I think my father's emotions hurt me the most, it was not just a firm sentiment for his wife or his children. No it was for everything. For humans, for his friends and weird enough for the Volturi, I don't know how I know this but I have known Carlisle for a hundred and fifty years or so and his emotions came so readily to me, more readily than most other's. However, when taking into account the constant altering it surprised me to no end to feel what he was feeling now. Once Alice had told us all we had less than a day he picked himself up, considerably. He first felt regret, and I don't know why, then a minute degree of worry took its place to be then completely and utterly overwhelmed with the adoration that flew through him right now. I guessed, and I obviously knew I was right, that Esme was the true reason for such a change in my father.

Coming from the same room as Carlisle, was Esme's emotions. However unlike Carlisle's emotion's my mothers had never changed from concern, I knew, without the use of any gift in the family that she was only worried about Carlisle and us, none of this was directed inwards. However, Esme was always worried, never to the degree she was at this moment, but she was mostly worried. Worried about Carlisle when he's at work, worried about her garden, worried about us, Ness, and even Jacob. My mother was such a lovable person, she was probably the member of my family that was the hardest for me to think of going into tomorrow, well except for Alice. However, Alice had me to protect her as Esme had Carlisle and I knew that Carlisle's mind contained a firm and dogmatic view to protect and shelter his mate from anything this world would ever throw at the both of them.

On the same floor of my bedroom were Emmett and Rosalie, spending time in their bedroom as they were always prone to do. However, even though the feelings that always came from the pair were nearly always completely different and also very hard for me to tune out, today was extraordinarily different. Today no feeling anywhere, not even buried deep within them exuded lust. Sure there was love, but also fear, panic and a slight trace of humor coming from Emmett that didn't lighten the mood anymore.

Moving along the hallway and into our room found Alice sitting at our bay window staring out at the snowflakes that fell past the glass, she had been doing so for about three hours. Not moving, not breathing, not speaking, and not even feeling. My wife was nothing more than a shell at present; empty, vacant and not at all with me. "Alice," I whispered, breaking the silence that had encompassed us after I had finished turning the pages of my worn history book that now sat my side on our bed. The turning of the crumpled pages, however soft and however quiet it was, had given the bedroom a normality that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Now it ceased to occur we were just two scared vampires in an excessively quiet and still room. She cringed a little, even with the softness of my voice, but except that did not acknowledge anything; not the sound, not the words, not even me. Was she going to come back?

Edward POV

The ley lines look good, Benjamin commented to himself from where he sat about a hundred meters away in the very middle of the clearing, his hands pressed into the floor. Bella and I had been in this clearing for about an hour and the only entertainment for the pair of us except each other was Benjamin. He had spent about half an hour standing by a pile of old wood and using his mind to set fire to it, just in case we needed it tomorrow for a quick kill. He had also brought the winds, and as he was doing now sat by himself muttering in Egyptian and also English about things that were far too complex for anyone in the clearing to understand.

The only people in the clearing at the moment except Bella, Ben and I were Jacob and Nessie, who were sleeping in a tent off to the side, well one was sleeping. My daughter's thoughts contained dreams and I liked to know that she was having a peaceful sleep away from some of the dreams that could haunt her. Jacob, on the other hand had a lot of things running through his mind. It was a jumble really, but I could gather glimpses. He was remembering the last time he had slept in a tent, a hundred years ago, he was thinking about Bella, protecting the family and protecting Nessie and he was also worrying about the wolves. Zafrina, Senna, Kachiri, Nahuel and Huilen sat in a gathered circle on the outskirts of the clearing, some nomads were in the forest and everyone else was still either still at home, or preparing themselves in whatever way they chose.

There was also an inner voice coming from inside the forest which wondered the very thing that I had just, why are they with their family? Truthfully, a minute ago I had just asked myself that very question, why wasn't I at home with my parents, and siblings? The conclusion that I had come to was that although I loved Carlisle and Esme more than most things in my life, I loved Bella and Nessie more. I needed to be surrounded by my own little family of three more than my large family of ten. And I really didn't want to have to listen to the thoughts of my family, not that they would be bad, but I knew probably more than anyone except Jasper, that the bad feelings in the house would be unbearable at the moment. If the mess of random stuff that ran through my mind was anything to go by I would guess that I would have a major migraine just listening to my parents worry, theirs always being the worst compared to everyone else.

At the moment Bella sat opposite me, her hands clasped in my own and her eyes were downcast upon them. She had pushed her shield out about half an hour ago, and even though I knew it was uncomfortable for her to do so, she had said that she wanted to be with me alone in our own private world for tonight. She was showing me pictures of her human life she can remember with me and running through the many wonderful moments we have had together since she was turned, and she would occasionally ask questions in between two scenes. A hundred years ago we had spent the night alone together, and the real reason why I didn't want to spend it totally alone tonight was because Alice saw a fight coming, whatever we did made no difference. And if we had been together I would not be able to let her go when the moment came, I couldn't drop her hand, couldn't feel her walk away from me. I needed her more than ever at this one moment but unlike last time it was more mental than physical. I was no longer afraid that she would run away, no longer afraid she wouldn't love me. She loved me beyond all and I didn't need showing just as I didn't need to show her how much she meant to me, not that I would ever stop trying. She was my all and I needed what her thoughts are showing me right now tonight, and nothing else.