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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


16. Chapter 16

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Emmett POV

Weeeeee! I'll tell you, swinging on branches is too much fun. But no one would share it with me, why I don't know. Jasper and Alice left the house early this morning, Edward and Bella were already getting ready, Carlisle and Esme were still in their bedroom and Rose was sitting below my tree staring off into the distance. You know, I probably could guess why everyone was so disheartened, but like every other time, humor goes a long way. Carlisle had his medicine, I had my humor and I would make a lot of difference, I hope anyway.

A hundred years ago I can remember I was just as down as the rest of my family are now, maybe even worse because we didn't have Alice. This time was different; I had managed to live my life to the fullest every day, never regretting it. This time I had properly said a farewell to my life, and my love, and if the end came, everyone would know how I felt, especially Rosalie. I was stupid last time, to put it bluntly. You know, I had never felt weak of sorts, being a vampire and a very strong one at that had never made me felt vulnerable. However, when you see your life being put in jeopardy, joined with those you love, that is a vulnerability that no-one can comprehend. Seeing your dad walk alone to the enemy, hearing your mother's pain, feeling like half of your heart was missing away with your two absent siblings, or much worse was how the most important person in your life, the only reason for the life you have was in acute danger, when all of us are powerless against it. That is not something you get used to.

This time however, we knew that there was something going to happen, unlike last time. And thanks to my sister being present this time, we had all been given the time we needed for a proper goodbye. I had spent every possible minute in the company of my family; we really didn't need to speak. I knew, just as they knew, how much we were all loved, cherished, and no words could describe for me the degree to which we were. This time I had managed to say goodbye to my parents. The only parents I can ever remember, but unlike everyone else in the family Carlisle and Esme were my true parents, they were the ones I loved beyond everything, the two that protected me just like any parents do, possibly even more. And although it pains me to say this when going into this today, they were not my priority. Rose was, I would protect Esme, of course I would, but Rose was my first. However, the love you share with a mate is a completely different feeling to that of the love you have for your children. I know, and I don't mind knowing this, that if it came down to Esme or us; Carlisle would choose Esme and Esme would choose Carlisle in return. As I have just said, we have our priorities! And if anything, this made me love my siblings and parents more because this was showing me that even though we were together they would each endeavor and fight for the person that made their life that much more special.

Carlisle's POV

We were not scheduled to be at the clearing for another few minutes, and I was going to use them. Even though I knew that my children were gathering in the field right now it didn't make me anymore eager to go to them. I knew most probably needed me to be there, but Esme needed me more, and in truth I needed her. Jumping over the river that led away from our house, an hour or so ago, I could not bring myself to look back at the looming house. Not knowing when or if we would return there and if we all would was probably one of the most depressing things you could think about. The children and their mates were tied to each other more tightly than any normal relationship, but probably not as much as I was to Esme. If one were to die, the other would also surely die.

Esme and I were now about a mile out from the clearing; I could hear Emmett's loud guffaw and even that sounded odd; sad. We had just been hunting, the first hunt I had been on in about two weeks, despite the children's and my wife's constant asking. I finally felt fulfilled with blood in my system; it was good to have light back to my eyes. It was true what the children had said; I had purposely jeopardized myself so nobody could see me like that. I always tried to be the calm one, and it even pains me to know that my Esme saw me in that state. I couldn't bring myself to think about what was going to happen in just a few moments. I could not bear to remember the last time they had came, or think about the pain that each of my family would surely feel and also feel the determination that each when protecting their respective mates. I know all of my energy would be focused on my wife.

As we approached the entrance to the clearing were our family already was, I pulled Esme to a stop. I needed her one last time, we would go together and we would die together as we have lived together. However, was this the last time I would see her? See the perfect billows of her caramel hair, see the depth in her butterscotch eyes, see the beauty of her face and smell her scent? My eyes roamed greedily over her form for the second time in a day. I was trying to take in as much as I could, but even this would have no truth to it, nothing even came close to her perfectness. The memories I was taking in at this moment would take their rightful place in the forefront of mind throughout the upcoming situation. I would keep it in my head; I would know who I was fighting for and why I was fighting for her. I was fighting for my life, my soul and my heart; I was fighting for my Esme.

"I love you, so much," I whispered to her, and I knew that even that didn't cover it. I could go on for days about the passion of love I felt for her, but she knew that there was more brewing under this minute declaration of my love, it would suffice because she knew after a hundred and eighty years together how deep my love was for her.

"I love you, too. I always have," she reminded me. Like I needed reminding of a sixteen year old Esme, like I needed a reminder of the love that shone through her eyes once she awoke, or the love that shone out of her on our wedding, and every single day that has followed. I was a lucky man, too lucky, to have a wife who looks at me every day with that much love and that much joy shining in her eyes, just to see me puts a smile on her face, she was my everything.

I took into my arms holding her close to my chest, and kissed her quickly, I tried, with all my might, to say all that needed saying in that one kiss. I placed my forehead against hers and closed my eyes; I could have stayed like that for ever, granted she was with me. As it was we stayed like that for a long time, and I just basked in the heat radiating out of her skin on mine, or the tiny shock that still vibrated through me whenever we came together. I opened my eyes after that moment, finding her pale eyelids fluttering upwards also. I placed my lips to her forehead, savoring her skin on mine, and leaned down to her ear. I kissed it once, while whispering the words which I needed her to know before we went, "Love you, wait for me."

"I know. I will, forever," she agreed, fervently. Hearing this come from my only made me strangely happy, taking into account the situation we found ourselves in. She would wait for me, we could be together once again and we would stay together until the end of time just like we would do on earth. She kissed my nose, then my palm, and intertwined her fingers with mine; we had said all we needed to and now it was judgment time. Sure, we may die but I would take down everyone I could, anyone who entertained the idea of harming my family I would kill, I would rip apart anyone who was there to kill my wife, and with everyone I took down it would mean that there was one less person for my family to take down and if I died I would know that there was less people on the earth to harm my love.

Esme led on first, her fingers still intertwined with my own. We walked through the bracken underbrush, which led to the main clearing. Once we were through I looked around, everyone was here awaiting us and their fate. Most eyes were either looking straight to the north of the clearing, or looking at their respective mates, but all of our family's eyes followed our movements. Edward's shoulders visibly relaxed as I came up at his side to stand in the middle of the grouping, shielding Esme who had just grasped her first, our first son's hand. A hundred years ago I had let Esme go, something I had promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't. I had left her protected behind her children and I knew that this caused her pain being away from me, just as it had caused me physical pain. I don't think that this time I could deal with that same feeling, the emptiness the encompassed me when I walked away from my soul and as I left my heart with her, the only person whom it truly belonged to.

Lead by example, I reminded myself, for one of the many times in my long life. I feel like I could break down at any moment but what would that do to everyone? Everyone needed me; Esme, my family, cousins and friends, they needed a leader. And I would be that leader for them, placing myself in trouble to save them.