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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


17. Chapter 17

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Bella POV

Carlisle and Esme have just come to the heart of the family, who they truly are in my eyes; the heart and soul. Right now there is no sound except our slow rhythmic breathing and three heartbeats which seem to have sped up, and echo around the silence that comes from our own unbeating cores. The only sights I can see is my family's backs or sides; the Cullen boys and Jacob all in a line at the front; Carlisle at the centre, with Emmett and Jacob on his right and Edward and Jasper his left flank, each male protecting their respective mates so my mother, sisters, daughter and I are shoulder to shoulder in a second rank of sorts.

Edward's fingers gently constrict upon my own, our own little sign that something is coming. He told me last night that he would do this once they came into the field of his gift and I was to push out my shield. I use the familiar inner core that I have associated with my gift, pushing from this place deep within. Zafrina had told me when I was learning to control my gift that anger was the key emotion, this feeling would strengthen the shield. However I have found that to push the shield out the main feeling that coursed through me was protection, I always remembered why I was doing so and it was always to protect my family and friends. As I pushed the clear, light film around everyone I made sure that it was molded to each of the members on the edges of the group; whether Jacob's musky, woodsy scent, Carlisle's honeyed, Tanya's sweet or, the closest to my heart; a honey, floral and sun mix that was Edward. Every single one of my family, friends, and our allies scents and specific lights that marked them for who they were; the brightness they exuded; all were under this shield, every mind becoming one as we waited for the people we hated the most.

They came in the same fashion as I have seen twice before; one being through the limiting shadow of my human eyes. The only thing different from a century ago was that when they came last time it was like an unlimited supply of scared or vented vampires, however, it did actually cease this time after the blackness of the cloaks faded to a light grey marking the end of the Volturi guard. My eyes looked over the lines coming towards us. Aro, Caius and Marcus stood in the centre; the heart of the Volturi ran by violence instead of love like my father. They were guarded at the front by the two "body-guard" of sorts who nobody knew their names. They reminded me an awful lot like a security guard at a nightclub, standing with their sunglasses on and arms crossed. Anyway, behind the leaders was the main guard, consisting of Renata, Demetri, Felix, Jane and Alec. Renata's thin face was all that more pinched with the concentration of her gift, protecting Aro. If today came to a fight, like we all knew it would, she was mine, I was the only one that could take her down even though I would pay to see Jane's face contort with pain like she did with Edward. I could and would annihilate this small girl and Aro could then be conquered. Demetri and Alec's faces showed the same blankness as their masters. Felix looked straight at me through Edward's shoulder, with a cocky look on his face; he was the doppelganger of Emmett in my eyes, his strength, his face. However, where Emmett was fun and cuddly, Felix was, to be honest, disgusting. The final member of the main guard, Jane, was the complete opposite to the rest of the faces in the Volturi, she looked downright incensed, her tiny, androgynous face was screwed up and it looked to me that it was taking all her effort not to snarl. Esme stiffened at my right and I looked over to her through the corner of my eye, she was staring at Jane with a look of pure fury on her face and when I looked back to the subject of her glare, I could see why. Jane's eyes flickered from Edward's to Carlisle's and a tiny demonic smile twisted her face making her look more frenzied. That's when I felt it, a sharp pin prick of unpleasantness springing against my shield right above Carlisle's heart. I snarled at her, bitch had just tried to hurt my dad, and her face fell and for the third time that I had seen her she looked pissed off and irritated and I had to just give her a little chuckle, she never learns does she?

When they came to a stop the guard's eyes moved over our line and the elders eyes only concentrated on the centre of our line. They started at him with different looks; Marcus seemed to be staring straight through him, apathetically as always. With Marcus, he was the only leader that I felt any kind of compassion with, he had loved and lost and with me being in that position for a meager six months, I just couldn't begin understand his pain with having to put up with it for over two millennia. Caius stared at him with contempt written in all the lines of his papery skin and his crimson eyes. And finally the "master" Aro was clearly bemused. Neither side spoke and I could tell that we were not the side that was going to break the tension, we knew why they had come but we had to hear it straight from them.

"Carlisle," Aro greeted stiffly, and Carlisle nodded back. It seemed he was trying to be polite but I had knew him for a hundred and three years and there was something more brewing under it which I could see written in the angry look on his beautiful face. We once again lapsed into an uncomfortable silence as the Volturi looked upon our side expectantly, waiting for one of us to say something.

"What are you here for, Aro?" Carlisle asked and the anger that leaked upon his face was in a higher degree in his voice.

"My dear Carlisle," Aro sighed, and Eleazer hissed from behind me, turning to find him with the same look of anger on his face as Carlisle did. "You know as well as most why we are here." Edward tensed in front of me at what must have just gone through his head as it came from his mouth. "As we told you last time we will monitor the situation."

As he said this all of the Volturi's eyes flickered to my daughter, and I saw Jacob crouch in front of her as I hissed, echoed by Edward. "Aro, you can plainly see that Nessie isn't a danger to anyone, you have to look at her or look into one of our minds to see that she has never killed, will never kill. I think you need to give up this pretense and address why you are really here." I had never heard Carlisle mad before, he was always the calmest of us, the most collected, but I know that having a granddaughter has changed him, possibly more than the rest of us.

Aro shrugged, "So be it, Carlisle. If you want to claim that your granddaughter," he sneered, "is no danger to any of us, to our secret, dear friend it is upon your head. You, yourself have seen what we have done to the immortal children of the past, and you may have heard of what my dear ones and I have done to your friends father," he continued, his eyes finding the other child like Nessie, Nahuel, at the back of our grouping. He hissed and the guard smiled back with triumphant gleams upon their showing teeth. "I wouldn't want to do that to you, or to your talented family."

Here it comes; he had commenced and told us the true reason why they were here. It was never about my daughter, it was never about our family, it was about adding another collection of jewels to their already overflowing crown. "Come to me, my dear friends. We have spaces in our ranks for many of you." His milky eyes flickered to the pair on my left, "Alice, you know how much I would love to have you." Jasper tensed in front of her, a warning growl making its way up his throat and appearing through his clenched teeth. "Ah, Jasper Hale don't think we would forget about you. Bella, Edward, nothing would please me more than sparing you two, think of it. Two pairs of Cullens in our ranking; wouldn't that please your parents?" Esme growled to my left, and Carlisle stepped backwards wrapping an arm around her waist, his eyes never leaving Aro's face. "Eleazer, come back to us. Zafrina, Benjamin, I saw what your talents were last time."

"Hey, Aro." Emmett boomed from the front rank, as Aro continued on his list of desires. "Go fuck yourself," my big brother continued over Aro's request for Kate to join them.

Aro came up short, his eyes and all of his followers eyes flickered to Emmett's, who just grinned back, his dimples showing through in pride. "Hear, hear," Garrett shouts, having heard his wife's name, even over Em's obscene shout, and he slips into a defensive crouch in front of Kate. This may have been the starting point Alice was looking for.

Jared POV

Paul, Seth and I were running perimeters tonight; we got the short straw being stuck with the happy-go-lucky punk that is Seth. Shh, don't tell Leah I said that. I don't know why we are suddenly so eager to run these every night. For the last hundred years we only did so once in a while, there was no vampires, no threat, nothing to make us. If the Cullens were as good as Seth says they are then why should their return make any difference. It wasn't even Jake who told us to do this but a pack vote which told me the majority of the pack hadn't forgot the last time they had graced our home town.

I can see Seth coming up ahead of me, he must have ran his perimeter again, as he passed in order to complete another revolution, a north blowing breeze hit us bringing with it the revolting smell that Jacob always carried with him.

Seth's steps faltered and he came to a stop, sniffing the air, he was the only werewolf that was willing to do so, Paul and I had our noses in the dirt as to not smell that revolting shit. Ugh, guys, what's that?

What Seth, it's a leech. So what? I asked, we had come across that smell for more than a hundred years, once when they first arrived and left us, finally, after they had turned Bella and throughout the years that followed the stale smell would haunt our woods.

No, Jared, it's not the Cullens. Seth thought back. Of course it's not his precious, best friends the Cullen's. They know enough to not run on our land. Seth ran after the smell and Paul and I followed, we may dislike Seth at times but he was our brother, no way in hell would we leave him to run into a trap unprotected. He found a fresh trail as it ran through the woods and into Forks itself before veering to the left and heading further into the woods. Seth stuck his nose to the wet ground that would have been their walkway and I followed him sniffing a fern branch that was laden with about thirty different scents. I had smelt them before.

No shit... Paul thought, his inner voice shocked and disgusted as one.

Um, guys? Seth asked, uncertain, but we all knew what the case was.

I put their thoughts into words; Its the Italian bastards again, isn't it?